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5 of Rome’s most romantic spots

The city of Rome, with its scattered remains of ancient history, abounding sunshine, cobblestone streets and incandescent fountains, is the perfect setting for love. Whether you are in the mood for a sitting over a morning cappuccino, climbing to captivating city views, or lingering in a small secluded piazza, these places will most certainly elicit romance. View of Rome 1. Altare della Patria This astounding monument in Piazza Venezia goes by many names, such as the monument to Italy’s first king, Victor Emmanuel, as well as being referred to as ‘the wedding cake’ because of it’s gleaming white marble. But by any name, it would be as sweet and is the perfect place to be thinking about a wedding. The top of the monument affords the most spectacular views of the entire city, with a clear perspective of the ancient city and Coliseum on one side, and St. Peter’s dome and all the city’s hundreds of church tops fading into the distance on the other. Wedding Cake 2. Il Fontanone on the Janiculum Hill This is arguably the most beautiful and spectacular among the 2,000 fountains in Rome. Located on the Janiculum Hill with views of the entire city and its seven hills and mountains in the background, the Baroque masterpiece was built by reactivating an ancient Roman aqueduct. It is the perfect place from where to watch the sunset or sit under the stars, with the sound of cascading water behind you and the whole city in front of you. Il Fontanone 3. Fontana della Tartaruga in the Jewish Ghetto This fountain tells a very romantic story. Legend has it that in the 16th Century, a famous Duke had gambled away his fortune and was at the risk of losing his fiancee. To convince his future father-in-law that he could be a reliable and dependable husband, he promised to build his daughter a fountain overnight. The next morning, the future father in law caught sight of the fountain from a window in his palace and the wedding was confirmed. 4. Bramante’s Cloister This cafe is the finest example of Renaissance harmony and elegance in Rome. Tucked behind and adjacent to the church of Santa Maria della Pace the cloister was built in 1500. Access to the cafe is reached through a courtyard with beautifully symmetrical Corinthian columns and a worn out stair case that has been used for over 500 hundred years. Benches that were once used for prayer are now cafe seating with views of medieval rooftops and fresco paintings. The perfect place for a peaceful cappuccino, light lunch or evening cocktail. Bramantes Cloister. 5. Tiber Island The oldest bridge in Rome dating back to the 1st Century B.C. leads onto this island. On this tiny island in the middle of the river that is shaped and sized like a boat you will find an outdoor cafe, a hospital, and a gelato shop. Historically it has been a bustling center for commercial trade along the river banks between Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto. Now it is a peaceful artery connecting the two neighborhoods. Tiber River Island Greg Grant is Owner of Hosted Villas. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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