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New luggage that can actually climb stairs… and a whole lot more besides!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? A piece of luggage that will actually easily travel up stairs. But that’s exactly what the new TraxPack case does. Launched on Kickstarter by good friends Naisha Joseph and Richard Braddock, TraxPack is set to revolutionise the luggage industry. No more struggling with awkward, heavy cases – difficulty navigating stairs with your luggage is set to become a thing of the past. Thanks to the case’s Track system, which has been likened by some to the treads you’d find on a tank, and a handle that can be both vertical and tilted, going up stairs is effortless. TraxPack for her And it doesn’t just stop there – going down stairs is just as easy too! So instead of this… Carrying luggage down stairs …you can be doing this! TraxPack downstairs Even navigating on the flat is simple thanks to the TraxPack’s handle and 180-degree wheels. TraxPack on the flat And the many features of the TraxPack don’t stop there. Here are just some of the other features to note for this luggage that is available in black and cream: In-built scales Getting to the check-in desk and finding you have to pay for excess baggage, or that you need to move some items from one bag to another, can be a real pain. Sure, you can lift your case onto your bathroom scales, or dig around your drawers for that luggage scale you once bought, but it’s so much easier if it’s all built in, and with the TraxPack it is. TraxPack scale Dual battery charger When you’re travelling, you invariably don’t have sockets as easily at your disposal as you would at home or work, so having a dual battery charger integrated into your luggage is another bonus offered to you by the TraxPack. Tablet stand We’ve already mentioned the tilting handle and how this helps with the case’s maneuverability, but did you know it also doubles up as a stand for your portable device? A great dual purpose if ever there was one! TraxPack device Proximity sensor and BPS Finally, heaven forbid that you should ever lose or temporarily misplace your luggage, but the case comes with its own GPS, or rather BPS – Baggage Positioning System – that allows  you to track its precise whereabouts, wherever in the world that may be. That can also be useful when you’re waiting at the luggage carousel at your arrival airport – you don’t need to crowd around like everyone else, as you’ll know when your bag is about to emerge. All these features are best demonstrated by a video so head for the Kickstarter page to see the case in action. Image #2: Shutterstock Disclosure: This post is sponsored by TraxPack.

Paul Johnson

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  1. This looks like a case that is able to solve many problems and it weill therefore make tarvelling so much easier

  2. I love the built in charger and built in scales – have thought they should have them in (should have patented it!)

  3. TraxPack will surely make travel more comfertable features like Charger, Scale and BPS makes it sound like a Gadget

  4. Not sure if it would work if it was REALLY heavy but I’d try it out! Like the scales and the charger is very useful.

  5. how handy is this xx i’d love one of these,where i stay in protugal,its full of hills/steap steps xx

  6. Love the idea of scales (I carry one with me now) & charger but not sure about the stair thing. Wouldn’t it scrape the bag?
    I’d love to have one of these bags that have a brake on them – would be very handy when storing bags in luggage compartments on trains etc.

  7. Look forward to purchasing this luggage -as a constant traveler- this luggage would make my life easier.
    Additionally, I would like to contact you to discuss promotion marketing services
    Thank you-

  8. What are the dimensions, including wheels? What is the weight? Will it come in more than one size? Will it be offered in different colors? Can we see the interior?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Laurie,
    For the carry-on the dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 and approx. 8lbs. For right now we have the size I mentioned above. Also, we will have it in 2 colors, black and beige. The interior of the bag is very modular because we provide packed cubes so that travelers can pack their bags with their own preference in mind. Please check https://1efndto.traxpack.com to see the interior as well as more information about the bag. We will have pre-order options within a day or 2. Thank you for your interest. :)

  10. WOW, Wheelie cases revolutionised travel, well for those of us with dodgy backs! This case looks like the next generation! At the moment I carry a set of luggage scales with me, so they could go for a start🙉 and if these go up & down stairs as they appear to well I’m off travelling!! 🛫

  11. I hope the handle is durable enough that it won’t bend climbing up and down the stairs on a heavy load.

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