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Best 6 Things to do in Hamburg, Germany on Vacation

The city of Hamburg is located in the northern part of Germany just on the Elbe River. It’s easily the country’s largest port and commercial centre, and one of the busiest and largest in Europe and the ninth largest in the world. Hamburg is the next highest populated city after Berlin. The people of Hamburg have consistently maintained its individual characteristic culture. The city has over time kept its culture undiluted and true to its self in these times of vast standardization. Hamburg is home to approximately 1.8 million people. The official name for Hamburg is the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg, in German, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg. A visit to Hamburg won’t be complete without these experiences; 1. A stay at the luxury Park Hyatt Hamburg The Park Hyatt Hamburg is located on the famous Monckebergstrasse at the centre of Hamburg. The fascinating thing about this hotel is that it is located close to all major points of interest in the city. Park Hyatt Hamburg is a luxury 5 star hotel. It’s located in the historic Levantehaus that houses a shopping arcade with numerous restaurants, shops and boutiques. Park Hyatt Hamburg houses 283 luxury guestrooms including 21 suites and 31 apartments all elegantly designed with high-class materials and modern furniture. It also guarantees the best rates you can find anywhere, coupled with the high-speed internet access both wired and wireless. The innovative regional cuisine is one that is unbeatable, they make dining an artistic experience. Park Hyatt, Hamburg 2. A visit to the city of warehouses – Speicherstadt The Speicherstadt houses the world’s largest warehouse complex and is located in the port of Hamburg within the Hafen City quarter. A city in itself, the district extends over 26 hectares and comprises of 17 building complexes, each seven to eight stories high, with more than 300,000 square meters of storage area. These warehouses have held high- value goods such as cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, maritime equipment and electronics. The buildings are literally standing on timber pile foundations. Waterways and bridges functioned as offices. It was built in 1883 five years before Hamburg received its port. Opportunities to see one of the world’s greatest landmarks should definitely not be overlooked. Speicherstadt houses, Hamburg 3. Discover the Blankenese Treppenviertel This used to be a village in fact best known for fishing located on the West of Hamburg just on the Elbe. It’s now a popular destination for the wealthy and influential citizens of Hamburg. It’s made popular for having one of the most beautiful hiking trails starting from the banks of the Eble River. It has a Mediterranean feel to it, with an almost fairy tale like landscape cascading the houses that are closely knit together in addition to the winding stairs that seem to go on forever. It’s simply a great place to take a walk with a priceless view of the Elbe as it flows out of Hamburg. It’s serene and your visit to Hamburg would be incomplete without discovering the Blankenese. Blankenese Treppenviertel, Hamburg 4. Experience exquisite taste at the wine bar Kleines Jacob This is one of the amazing places in Hamburg that you should certainly visit if you love to experience new tastes and are partial to great wines. The chef of the wine bar restaurant, specializes in giving simple dishes a magical touch that makes them absolutely amazing. The Kleines-Jacob wine bistro and bar also has a large collection of wines from all of Germany and Austria. The wine on the menu is changed every four months depending on the region the wine is imported from. Due to the practice of changing wine selections, patrons are given the opportunity of tasting various wines from different regions at specific times of the year. The warm décor and cozy ambience makes it impossible to want to leave in a hurry. The staff is highly knowledgeable, being young wine growers and they are as efficient as they are friendly. Overall, the experience is one you must not pass up if you are ever in Hamburg. Weinwirtschaft, Hamburg 5. Visit the luxury Hamburg shopping area A luxury vacation in Hamburg would be incomplete without a little shopping, seeing as central Hamburg offers great variety for shoppers. The main shopping area is located on the lake of the Alster River, called the Binnenalster while the entire strip is filled with shopping malls and departmental stores. Other well-liked shopping areas in Hamburg are Innenstadt, Eimsbüttel, Eppendorf, Schanzenviertel, Altona, Univiertel, and Altstadt. These are great places to find the best boutiques selling designer products, food stores, restaurants, cafes and shops offering local products. the shopping experience in Hamburg can best be described as being faced with multidimensional shopping haven and having free rein to choose. There are many options to choose from and window shopping is simply impossible, you will find a lot of things that will captivate you. However, it is important to bear in mind that the stores are usually closed on Sundays except for the special shopping Sundays that are officially set. Altstadt luxury shopping, Hamburg 6. Have a night at Staatsoper Hamburg with The Hamburg Ballet – John Neumeier The Hamburg State Opera, called Hamburgische Staatsoper in German, is a leading opera house in Germany. It has hosted many brilliant performances of the works of masters in the art like Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Wagner, Baroque, Händel, Telemann, Strauss, Tschaikowsky and many others. The universally renowned Hamburg Ballet under the directive of John Neumeier performs productions of modern and contemporary pieces to the delight of an enthralled audience. In addition, the Hamburg State Opera also offers visitors rarities of contemporary music theater. After a long day of touring the city and shopping, a night with the Hamburg Ballet is the perfect way to wrap up a memorable stay in Hamburg. Hamburgische Staatsoper, Hamburg Olivier Templar-James is Chief Editor at Luxury Travelers Guide. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. So many lovely p[laces to visit it is difficult to deciode where the next holiday will be. I think I will just throw a dart at a map

  2. Dear Richard, Hamburg is a wonderful city and you got the best food that you can find in Germany. I will advise you to have at least 3 days to visit it. By the way you got a bar where the Beattles young began to play.

  3. I would love to visit Hamburg, especially the city of warehouses. Would also like to go hiking as the views of the city and River Elbe would be very good.

  4. The city of warehouses is really impressive to see and do a boat tour on Elbe is a nice idea. I will recommand to go to see also the so nice Blankenese prticularly in summer or september when the sun shinning. You can go here by road or by boat.

  5. Vacation in Hamburg..ahh..reading this makes me plan for a vacation stay at the Luxury Park Hyatt. A nice win e time evening @ Kleines Jacob to njoy best Wines form Germany and Austria.

  6. Park Hyatt is a good choice even if the sun shinning try Apples restaurant , really good cooking. At Hotel Louis C jacob you will like the wonderful view and good traditional food with wonderful wine bar for german and austrian wine lovers. For more posh diner they have also an other restaurant Jacob’s 2 stars in Michelin.

  7. We stayed at the Park Hyatt and it was fabulous. The breakfast buffet was amazing and we had an incredible dinner in the main dining room. There is also a beautiful botanical garden in walking distance from the hotel.

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