Why I would like to be in the Canadian Rockies right now!

First of all, the sun is probably shining as you read this whereas in London, the sky is grey. Secondly, I could be outside enjoying a good meal with a backdrop of amazing scenery and doing all sorts of exciting activities. Thirdly, I could be watching an elk strolling across a grassy meadow or a black bear at the side of the road causing a bear jam.

Coouple at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Here are just some of the outdoor activities I, and you, could be doing.

Lake Louise

To enjoy the scenery, you do not have even have to be energetic, a stroll along Lake Louise or a visit to the Glacier Skywalk will get you reaching for the camera and exclaiming “oh look at that”. The colours of the lake, the ancient glaciers and the jagged peaks of the mountains are all jaw-dropping amazing

glacier skywalk

To get the adrenaline going, I think we should look at some of the activities that be enjoyed in the Rockies.  There are so many but my favourite would certainly be riding.  There are some great opportunities to put on your cowboy hat and ride across the countryside.  You can choose between an hour or two strolling along the Bow River or a three or five day backcountry ride either camping or staying in rudimentary lodges up in the mountains.  Both are suitable for first time riders.


If you are prepared to get wet and have a really good laugh, there is no better way than a whitewater rafting trip.  Again, there are choices.  Gentle rafting along the Kananaskis River or a high energy rush down the well named Kicking Horse River. No experience is necessary but for the Class III or IV rapids you will be moving pretty fast and it can be quite bumpy and energy sapping.


Any fishermen out there?  Grab a rod and go for one of the many streams and lakes to find a variety of trout. Check locally because you will need a licence but once in the possession of that you can fish just about anywhere.  Even if you don’t catch a lot, just the scenery should keep you entertained. This picture was taken on Lake Minnewanka on which you can also take a boat cruise.


Walking, hiking and cycling are everyday activities taken up several notches.  A gentle stroll around Moraine Lake or a helicopter assisted hike in the high alpine. Both these extremes and quite a lot in between are all possible.  Similarly, rent a bike and pedal along the back valley road or use one of the ski lifts for some totally awesome mountain biking.  An oft used phrase, but there really is something for everyone in the Canadian Rockies and I, for one, would love to be there right now.


Sandra Potter is Founder of Frontier Travel.

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  1. Francesca Andrews says:

    I’ve seen pics of the Skywalk before, it’s so cool! I assume you have to pay to go up there? Although I’m not one for too adventurous sports I do enjoy hiking and the views around the Rockies would be incredible. I would definitely want to sketch out an itinerary for visiting because there’s so much to see and you’d want to explore as much of it as possible. There are events around the Rockies as well aren’t there, like the ice festival, something like that? I think I’d rather visit in the June to September period for the weather but I imagine winter would be pretty beautiful too.

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