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Secrets of Spain: magical Miravet in Catalonia

A mystical mist enshrouds the magical Castle of Miravet, wafting over the little Catalan town that clambers its way up the hillside. Miravet overlooks the River Ebro, with narrow streets, that ooze character. Although it only has a population of around 770 inhabitants, it boasts a Renaissance Baroque Church, a Jewish quarter, and an interesting medieval river mill. miravet-tarragona-catalonia A very special place Miravet is a very special place that makes the 2-hour trip from Barcelona well worth your time. Or better still consider flying into Reus, in the province of Tarragona, where you can take in the wonderful architecture of Reus first, before moving on for a few nights to the outstandingly interesting city of Tarragona – where you can see so many different periods of culture and architecture, including an amphitheatre right by the sea. miravet-castle-and-town The Castle of Miravet Some consider the Castle of Miravet to be the most important example in the Western World of Templar construction. A monument of Cultural Interest, the Castle of Miravet was built on the remains of an Islamic fortress. The Knights Templar converted it, during the middle of the 12th century, into a Castle Convent. miravet-castle-spain Miravet old town Characterised by gorgeous porches and narrow streets, the old town of Miravet has Moorish roots. The contrast of the old town streets and architecture with the surrounding landscape is truly spectacular. Make sure not to miss a meander along the red rock which is where you’ll find the Castle. The old town has its own Jewish quarter, a Renaissance Baroque Church, a Moorish Mosque and Arch, plus the last remaining shipyard of the River Ebro. miravet-town Don’t miss the boat trips Typical to this area traditionally were boats, pretty much like punts, which the locals used to cross the river. Today there are only two of these remaining in the area, one of which is located in Miravet. Another picturesque boat trip, is the ferry that goes from Miravet along the River Ebro to another lovely nearby town of Mora de l’Ebre. This is in service from the end of June until early September. miravet-ebro-river Beautiful ceramics Ceramics have been a traditional craft in Miravet dating back to Moorish times. Today you can buy beautiful ceramics, as well as enjoy seeing the potters working away at their craft. miravet-ceramics The route of the 3 C’s Explore the route of the 3 C’s either by car of by mountain bike. The route consists of the Castle of Miravet, the Cathedral of Wine-Pinell de Brai and the Cave Wonders of Benifallet. benifallet-part-of-route-of-the-3-cs Miravet cherry festival If you’re partial to a few cherries, then try to visit the Miravet Cherry Festival which takes place in June, on the second Sunday of the month. There’s plenty of cherry delicacies including liquors, and a good fiesta atmosphere. miravet-cherry-festival And if you like Templar Castles & Games of Thrones …. If you like either the Game of Thrones or Templar Castles, then the drive of 114 km to Peñiscola is a trip worth taking. Here you can see a striking Templar Castle overlooking the sea, with wonderful narrow, cobbled whitewashed streets adorned with cute shops and restaurants. Game of Thrones was filmed there in autumn 2015. peniscola-templar-castle-looking-over-sea Jackie de Burca is Co-owner of Catalonia Valencia. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to be captivated by a Templar Castle, especially when shrouded in a mystical mist! Definitely worth taking a day trip if you’re in Barcelona, I’d say.

  2. A wonderful post and fab photos. Just when you thought you had seen Spain! You have provided an intriguing proposition for another trip! Thanks. Wilbur.

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