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The top 5 beaches of Buzios

Surrounded by 23 gorgeous beaches, this chic fisherman village, Buzios, is a paradise beach destination – mother nature’s true masterpiece. Búzios is a sought-after resort peninsula in Brazil, only a short drive, just 80 miles north, from the city of Rio de Janeiro. A city where Brazilians and foreigners live together in harmony, enjoying the great blend of culture and flavors. Its unique architecture, luxurious boutique hotels and extraordinary crystal-clear beaches put Buzios on the top of everyone’s must visit places in Brazil. Geriba Beach The long and wide strip of white sand beach known as Geriba is a focal point in Búzios and is a gathering spot for the young crowd that packs the inns and vacation homes. The beach is ideal for sports such as surfing, body boarding, foot volley, windsurfing and stand up paddle, in addition to flirting! Lots “beautiful people” are everywhere on the beach looking and wanting to be looked at. geriba The hot spot is in front of the Fishbone Café and oficina do Guarana on the right corner, which features a bar, restaurant, pizzeria, fish grill and lounge where electronic music is played on holidays and during the summer, especially in late afternoon. Those traveling with the family of younger children will find calmer seas on the left side, where it’s nicer to swim with the kids. The restaurants feature the local seafood cuisine which is always a good catch. On the left side of the beach there is an easily accessible trail that leads to the hidden sands of Ferradurinha beach. Not to be missed: the late afternoon at the Fishbone for those looking to have some fun. What you will find here: good waves for surfing, a wide strip of sand for walking, and fun for the young crowd. Brava Beach Beautiful and wild, Brava beach is divided into two parts: on the first part, there are kiosks and restaurants with beautiful views of the sea. Walking on the rocks you will reach the other side which is quieter and less crowded. From there you will find a trail leading to Olho de Boi beach, a nudist haven. It’s also a place where local fisherman ‘s catch their fish in the morning. brava Make sure you save some time to enjoy Rocka Lounge Restaurant a favorite place where you can try some amazing sea food, delicious and refreshing champagnes and an incredible view of the beach. You also may walk to the nearby rocks to see the beautiful work of nature, a big heart sculpted on the rocks with the waves always filling the heart with the ocean water. Top tip: relaxing on the lounge chairs and enjoying the beautiful view. The beach offers: gorgeous views, nature, waves for surfing, a bar and restaurant. Tartaruga Beach I heard the story from my Mom that a fisherman found a huge turtle at the beach when Buzios had only about 500 fishermen families living in Buzios. Many turtles would come to the beach to lay their eggs. The beach has calm waters that are usually the warmest in the region, since it’s not bathed by the cold currents from Antarctica. Take some time to snorkel along the cliffs on the right side. tartaruga Along the long stretch of sand, kiosks for all tastes and styles place tables, chairs and loungers around for your pleasure. The Brazilian Music soundtrack ensures total relaxation. Don’t leave before sunset. Tartaruga beach is a famous wedding destination and many couples from all over the world pick this beach for a luxurious wedding ceremony. On one side there is a long stretch of sand with restaurants and kiosks. A big rock divides the beach. The other side is smaller and with less people so take your pick according to your mood. If you continue walking past the rock you will end up on the Virgen’s beach where a small stretch of sand between the rocks forms various beach areas. Top tip: swimming and enjoying the sun, calm water and especially on the deck of the Tartaruga restaurant. What to bring: mask and snorkel for a dive along the cliffs. The beach offers: kiosks of many varieties. João Fernandes Beach Skirted by inns, hotels and luxury condominiums, the beach has calm waters perfect for kayaking, as well as cliffs to practice snorkeling. Not by chance, it is a mandatory stop during schooner rides. The beach is surrounded by beautiful hills where you can go over the top for a magnificent view over the beach. There is a viewpoint over the beach where you can take awesome pictures and videos. joao-fernandez The beach is a favorite of foreign tourists – especially the Argentinians – who enjoy the good infrastructure of bars and restaurants that serve snacks and dishes with lobster and shrimp. The kiosks sit on a plateau, but usually tables and chairs are scattered on the sand. If you would rather get away from the crowds that can often take over the place, walk to the right corner, which is a little quieter. Important tip: kayaking and swimming in the crystal clear waters What you will find here: good bars and restaurants serving local seafood. In the middle of the beach at Cuca’s Tent you may rent kayaks, snorkels, paddle boards or take a diving course and get your international certificate. In the left corner you will be able to climb the rocks and take pretty pictures of the beach. You ca also visit a cave transformed into a guest house by Call, a tourist who chose to live in Buzios many years ago. Azeda Beach The Azeda beach has calm and clear waters and is accessible by a cobblestone street from Ossos beach. There are two ways to get there. I suggest you walk from Ossos Beach until the end of the right side to reach Azeda where you will be able to see an amazing view of the whole Azeda beach when you reach the top of the hill leading to Azeda. To return, you can catch a water taxi and enjoy the water and the brisk sea touch on your body. You will also get a different view- the land from the sea. Azeda beach is one of the most charming beaches in Brazil. azeda-beach The beach is divided between Azeda (the larger) and Azedinha beach ( Azedinha means small Azeda). Just walk to the right corner at the end of Azeda beach and you will be in a small Azedinha. It is beautiful to climb the rocks on the right corner of Azedinha and see the beach from up that vantage point. Included among the most beautiful and charming beaches in Brazil – surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush vegetation- the beaches are an Environmental Protection Area and the idea is to keep as it is without restaurants and bars. You will find couple paddle fisherman boats selling tropical drinks, a small umbrella renting masks/snorkels, kayaks and umbrellas and chairs. During the summer and on holidays it is important to arrive early because in the afternoon the beach is very busy and it becomes hard to find a space on the small strip of sand. Not to be missed: if you are on foot, stop and enjoy the view from the top of the hill before you go down the steps to the beach. If you take a water-taxi, enjoy the beautiful ride. The beach offers: crystal clear waters, beauty to spare, small shaded areas and cliffs for snorkeling among the fish. Luiz Alegre Silva is the Founder at See You in Brazil. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. When would you recommend the best time to visit? I know the temperature range over the year is not very big but is there a best time to avoid busy periods, insects, etc?

  2. I am here in Buzios in May – so late Autumn for the southern hemisphere – and it’s a week of rain and somewhat chilly temperatures, hoody and anorak weather. The sea is warm enough to swim in, but only just, and most people are avoiding it at the moment as high winds have whipped up a choppy sea.

  3. João Fernandes Beach reminds me a little of Hanauma Bay is Hawaii. It very similar in that it’s also surrounded by hills. However, Haunauma is more for snorkelling than bathing. Looks like Buzios has a lot of beautiful beaches travelers can explore. Hopefully, we can all escape to one soon. I’ve been missing the beach and sand and getting tired of traffic and concrete buildings.

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