Top 10 contemporary travel hits

Traveling often entails big chunks of down time, whether you are transporting from place to place or mapping out your next adventure. Why not fill those quiet moments with lively travel tunes that will leave you inspired and excited about the road ahead? The last few decades have produced some great travel tracks. Here are some of our favorite contemporary travel songs from 1980 onward: top-contemporary-travel-songs “Road to Nowhere” The Talking Heads released this anthem in 1985, and it serves as the perfect tune for wanderlust travelers. Whether you have a destination in mind or you’re on a journey with no rules and no limits, this song is a great sidekick. “California” While Phantom Planet never made it big, their 2002 hit “California” was featured as the title song for the TV Series The O.C. and quickly made it into the hearts of those headed for the Golden State. “Holiday Road” You might recognize Lindsey Buckingham’s 1983 song as the theme of “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. Whether you’re loading your relatives into the Wagon Queen Family Truckster or crossing the country solo, sing along to your own theme song as you adventure on the open road. “On The Road Again” If there was ever a song perfectly written for a road trip Willie Nelson’s 1980 folk tune would be it. Not only is it the perfect soundtrack for any wayward road tripper, but if you aren’t currently on the road it will make you want to grab your pals and a Volkswagen van and start rolling from town to town. “I’ve Been Everywhere” Johnny Cash’s 1996 cover of Geoff Mack’s timeless tune makes you feel like you’re on a chugging locomotive headed out west. As he rambles city after city you can’t help but want to have been everywhere too, man. “Vacation” Whether you’re suffering heartache or just need a break from the daily routine, you can sing along to this famous song by the Go-Go’s as you pack your bags for your next get away. “Holiday” Featuring an addictive bass and synth combination, this early 80’s Madonna tune summons images of summer with best friends. Whether spending the month in Europe or heading out on a weekend getaway, celebrate with this danceable track. “Around the World” Chock full of throwback beats and synths, “Around the World” by French electronic duo Daft Punk will make you want to get up and move! Picture yourself dancing in a European night club, or anywhere else in the world where you can party like its 1997. “American Boy” This 2008 collaboration between British rapper and singer Estelle featuring Kanye West will have you setting off with your favorite travel companion. This breezy disco-funk pop hit will make you want to explore all that American cities have to offer. “Come Away With Me” This soothing 2009 tune by pianist and singer Norah Jones is the perfect song to help you unwind after a long day of travel or revel in among stunning scenery. Lars Condor is the Managing Director of Passport Premiere. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Indeed, music and travelling are like cheese on toast. They blend together in a way that makes them part of the experience like no other.

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