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7 ways to get off the grid in Chile

Home to an exquisite mix of vibrant culture and film-worthy terrain, Chile houses enough adventure to satisfy the most intrepid of explorers. We’ve put together our top seven ways to leave your busy schedule behind and get off the grid in Chile. Star-gaze in the Atacama Desert and Altiplano With no light pollution and sprawling cloudless skies, the Atacama Desert is considered one of the best places on earth to stare up at the night sky. By day the volcanic landscape set against piercing blue, scattered with geysers and thermal pools, is enough to have you philosophising about our place in the universe; but when the sun goes down and you make out the pale mist of the Milky Way dotted with millions of brightly burning stars, it’s hard not to be humbled entirely. Add to that a crackling fire and the local tipple of pisco sours and you will feel utterly invigorated. stargazing Wine tasting by the Maipo River Chile is blessed with fertile land and the perfect climate for an abundance of beautiful and varied wines. Travelling down the Pan American Highway to Buin you’ll reach a wealth of extensive vineyards, grand estates and cellars to embark on the most authentic of wine tasting experiences. Buin is part of Greater Santiago and only an hour away from the dazzling city, yet home to some of Chile’s finest wines – the perfect place to quickly escape and indulge. winetasting Exploring Chiloe Located off the coast of Chile is the island of Chiloe. The picturesque coloured huts and houses and the buzzing culture set the backdrop for some of the best adventures around. From horse riding and biking to canoeing and trekking, there is a huge amount of nature to be discovered and intricacies to be explored. Considered accessible yet secluded, Chiloe enjoys the best of both worlds. A place for you to make your own way and discover as you roam, completely off the grid. chiloe Road tripping down the Carretera Austral The Austral Route is considered the southern highway of Chile, bisecting picturesque Northern Patagonia and stretching 1240 kilometres. Despite taking 20 years to build, the varied condition of the road and remoteness of the location make the trip a fulfilling challenge for any traveller. The breath-taking surrounding landscape of ice-tipped peaks, dense forests, glacial streams and powerful rivers provides an exceptional opportunity to experience awe-inspiring nature. Trek though the Andes in Hornopirén National Park around the active volcano, fly fish in Yelcho Lake and white water raft in Futaleufú. austral-route Ice kayaking in Torres del Paine As one of Chile’s most iconic destinations, Torres del Paine provides a setting nothing short of epic. Located in the country’s southern-most region, kayaking here is an experience like no other. You’ll glide in-between looming icebergs in the open ocean as views of ice fields meeting mountains set a jaw-dropping background. Take a trip out on the crisp blue waters, paddle between the glaciers and let your mind drift. kayaking Hot air ballooning over the Atacama The Atacama is undoubtedly stunning from the ground, but from the air it takes on a completely different feel completely. Spanning for as far as the eye can see; looking down upon these dramatic and sparse landscapes from the air will prove to be a truly incredible experience. Appreciate the silence as you float gently above the world, looking out across Chile’s famed, ancient desert. atacama Witness iconic Easter Island When visiting Chile, it’s almost a prerequisite that you grab the chance to discover the iconic Easter Island. Stranded in the middle of the ocean, you’re as ‘off the grid’ as you could be anywhere else on earth. The fact there’s evidence of ancient civilisations makes the island extra special, and you’ll relish the opportunity to switch off from the modern world. easter-island Tom Marchant is Co-founder of Black Tomato. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Tom Marchant

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