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Tom Marchant is a co-founder of the award-winning tour operator Black Tomato, a luxury tailor-made travel company organising bespoke experiences round the world.

Charleston South Carolina

5 luxurious ways to experience Charleston

Charleston is in the midst of an exciting cultural renaissance with an exploding culinary scene bringing new life to neighbourhoods. Add to that gorgeous colonial mansions to lounge in and hip boutiques to explore and you’ve got a recipe for some seriously luxurious living. From oyster bars to champagne-fuelled helicopter rides – we’ve picked out […]

Top 5 sustainable hotels around the world

Top 5 sustainable hotels around the world

Travel sees a plethora of trends which come and go, but one that’s firmly here to stay is sustainable tourism. More than ever before, travellers are seeking hotels that are fully conscious of their impact on their surroundings. From guest experiences that protect local wildlife and celebrate indigenous culture, to ‘green’ operations or fostering ties […]

Bhutan's 5 best luxury hotels

Bhutan’s 5 best luxury hotels

Though five-star luxury may not be the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Bhutan, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ does offer a selection of stunning hotels, strategically placed around the country so that every corner has somewhere that offers a sophistication and elegance of accommodation to match any other country in […]

Hakone, Japan

Japan’s best otherworldly landscapes

It is no exaggeration to describe Japan as an otherworldly place; getting lost in translation in its eclectic culture or submerging yourself in its myth-rich hinterlands is part of Japan’s draw for the curious traveller. Add to that rare culinary delights and out-of-this-world hotels, and that draw becomes irresistible. Here we’ve picked our favourite places […]

Sunset view, Los Cabos

On land and sea in Los Cabos

It can be rare to find the kind of escapism that affords you the luxury of genuinely beautiful beachside lounging and truly exhilarating activities. In this respect, Los Cabos has it all. Retreat to this Mexican outpost on the Baja Peninsula, and by all means choose a sunspot and relax – but for the moments […]

Miraval Arizona,Tucson

6 of Arizona’s top luxury spas

Think of Arizona and you’ll probably picture sweeping mountain ranges, glowing sandstone, Cowboy culture and expansive desert. Arizona does boast all of this rugged beauty, yet this fascinating Southwestern state has a softer side too. Luxury and comfort might not seem to fit the natural Arizonan aesthetic, but dig deeper and you’ll discover that there […]

Paddle boarders Botswana

7 alternative safaris to take you off the beaten track

To come face-to-face with the incredible wildlife that walk this planet is surely one of the greatest adventures. But there’s more than one way to enjoy a safari these days than just sitting on a jeep. If you’re looking for a real heat-thumping wild encounter that gets you closer and takes you off the beaten […]


5 ways to get your creative fix in Jordan

A fast-evolving creative scene in Jordan is turning this county into a rare haven for artistic minds. A land where the landscapes are epic, the culture is rich, and the people welcome you with open arms means inspiration is easy to find. Add to that a swath of galleries, exhibitions and local talent filled with […]

7 extraordinary ways to enjoy a luxury adventure in Iceland

7 extraordinary ways to enjoy a luxury adventure in Iceland

Extraordinary landscapes have already cemented Iceland’s place as an adventurer’s paradise. But while plenty of countries have glaciers and mountains, or even active volcanoes, there are few destinations that can boast as many incredible and rare experiences, all in one place. From heli-hopping across unreachable mountaintops or walking in lava chambers, to diving between tectonic […]

The Palm Beaches 4 ways

The Palm Beaches 4 ways

Blessed with year-round sunshine, brimming with wildlife, teeming with art-galleries and packed with restaurants; it’s no wonder Palm Beach County is no longer just a playground for the wealthy, but a glistening getaway for all adrenaline junkies, nature enthusiasts, food fanatics and art aficionados alike. Here’s how to do The Palm Beaches, four ways… For the […]

7 ways to get off the grid in Chile

7 ways to get off the grid in Chile

Home to an exquisite mix of vibrant culture and film-worthy terrain, Chile houses enough adventure to satisfy the most intrepid of explorers. We’ve put together our top seven ways to leave your busy schedule behind and get off the grid in Chile. Star-gaze in the Atacama Desert and Altiplano With no light pollution and sprawling […]

Sustainable Travel, Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodation

7 principles of sustainable luxury travel

Sustainable travel is a hot topic for 2017. The ethos has made leaps and strides over the last few years, and the UN has even announced this year as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. Now is the perfect time to explore how you can embrace sustainability on your luxury getaways. Here are 7 principles […]

Zurich - the ultimate all-rounder

Zurich – the ultimate all-rounder

In recent years Zurich has grown out of its original corporate typecast and into a city of split personalities. Despite remaining a destination for bankers (and chocoholics), this thriving Swiss city is a destination with something for everyone. From hipsters to eco-lovers, Zurich continues to lure in types from across the spectrum with its up-and-coming […]

Experience the real America in Tennessee

Experience the real America in Tennessee

Nestled between eight different states, Tennessee is the epitome of ‘the real America’, influenced no doubt by its neighbours, whose attitudes, beliefs and cultures seep in through its borders. It’s here that you’ll find hearty and delicious food, popular music and stunning natural vistas. It’s little wonder that Tennessee has become the ultimate location for […]

3 reasons you need to visit Botswana in 2017

3 reasons you need to visit Botswana in 2017

Botswana continues to set the bar high in the world of luxury travel. Where else in the world could you spend your mornings tracking endangered rhinos across the Okavango River Delta, your afternoons perusing the wooden crafts made by the Hambukushu people and your evenings watching a spectacular sunset over the Boro River from the […]

Geisha in Japan

12 of the most exclusive experiences in Japan

Steeped in tradition and culture, Japan is a country with lots to offer—especially when it comes to one-of-kind experiences. From forging your own samurai sword or going behind the scenes in a sumo stable, to learning the craft of calligraphy from a master, we’ve rounded up our favourite bespoke experiences that get you away from […]

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