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5 breathtaking activities to experience in Malindi and Watamu in Kenya

Kenya coast is one of the most sort-after vacation destinations in the world; it scores high on world travel awards as a frontier beach destination due to its clear and clean white sandy beaches. The warm climate there attracts lots of travelers during winter seasons. Luxurious accommodation around this area include; Lion Under the Sun, White Elephant Resort, Seven Islands, Ocean Sport Resort, Medina Palms. The most sort-after beaches are to be found north of Mombasa, particularly Malindi and Watamu and apart from walking and sun-bathing in the beaches, there are several other activities around these areas that one can indulge in: Big game fishing Watamu, being a tropical warm area on the Kenyan Coast, attracts some of the bigger fishes to be found in warm oceans. The clean and clear waters in Watamu Island are famous for three types of Marlin fish: the Blue, the Black, and the Striped Marlin. Other types of big fish are the giant sword fish which can weigh up to 700kgs and attain up to 5m in length. Watamu is the perfect scene for doing sport fishing. And while at Watamu, one can spend nights at the luxurious Ocean Sports Resort. Big game fishing Birding adventures at Mida Creek and Arabuko Forests Birding activities for bird lovers can be done at the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. Being one of the indigenous remaining forest, it protects many endemic animal species. With over two hundred birds species, one will be at home watching the birds in their natural environment. On the same corridor with Arabuko forest is Mida Creek: a mangrove forest that is an important breeding ground for a lot of migratory birds. While on the bridge (creek), one will have a very good bird’s eye view of the mangrove forest and the ocean below. Mida creek watamu Wildlife safaris at Tsavo East National Park With the nearby Tsavo East National Park, those who would like to venture into the wildlife side can visit the park. At 100kms from Watamu, the park is easily accessible by road and one can opt to do a day trip and return to Watamu by evening or do a multi day safari and in that case spend the nights in one of the luxury camps inside the park. The park is home to all the big 5 and they can be spotted easily. The red elephant call this place home. For people who are attracted to beautiful sceneries, Tsavo is simply breathtaking. tsavo east elephants Water spots The Kenyan Coast is not widely known for water sports, but it has some of the best water adventures for those looking for that bespoke water adventure be it kayaking, windsurfing, standup paddle boards, jet skiing, speed boats, whale and dolphin watching. All these can be found at Watamu, which is additionally also regarded as kite-surfers’ paradise. Water Sport1 Marine wildlife conservation Unknown to many, Malindi and Watamu has some of the best conservation efforts to marine life. Watamu Marine Nation Park situated in Watamu has more than 300 species of fish and over 100 other sea animals. The coral reefs form the physical and biological back-bone of the area.  Watamu is also a migratory corridor for humpback whales when they travel from the artic hemisphere to South Africa to breed. The whales can be easily watched from the decks. Other notable conservation efforts in these areas are the; Bio-Ken snake farm, the Kipepeo butterfly project and the Watamu turtle watch. Marine conservations Duncan Wairimu is CEO at Elite Kenya Luxury. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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