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5 reasons why private jet charter is perfect for business travel

For anyone who travels by air for business, it’s well appreciated that the actual flights are often simply a huge inconvenience. It frequently turns what should be a straightforward meeting into a completely unnecessary ordeal. Waiting around in lines before the flight, long winded security checks and the inevitable delays that occur at all the wrong times mean you are wasting valuable time that could be far better spent. If you’re a frequent business traveller then you’ll know all too well that the flights get very tedious very quickly. Business travel is the main sector within private air travel and for good reason – it’s convenient, efficient and can also be surprisingly cost effective. Fly on your schedule Perhaps the biggest benefit of chartered flights when it comes to business travel, is doing it all on your own schedule. You choose what time you take off and what time you return so you don’t have to worry about not making your flight, or having to wait around for hours to catch a scheduled departure. There are no tailbacks to get into the airport and there’s no searching around to find a parking spot once you finally arrive. You can turn up moments before you’ve arranged to take off without fear of missing your flight. It also works really well if you have multiple appointments in different places in the same day, allowing you to easily jet between them. private jet charter Hold full business meetings on the go Business travel is often done in groups and chartering a flight can be a great solution to make the flight as productive as possible. On an ordinary airline it’s virtually impossible to hold a business meeting on the go, but on a private jet it’s not only possible but an excellent use of time. A chartered flight affords you the space, freedom and privacy to discuss sensitive and important topics, prep for an upcoming meeting and use all of your electrical devices as you wish. Add to this the fact that it can actually be cheaper to charter a jet than book a number of business class seats when you take into account all factors, and you’ll understand why it’s such a common practice. maximise your time Maximise your time Flying in and out of the closest and most convenient airports means that you are able to reduce the amount of wasted time spent travelling to and from out of town runways. There is also no need to go through the laborious check in process and security pat downs, or navigate your way through huge commercial airports. You can often drive straight onto the landing strip and be on your plane in minutes allowing you to carry on working seamlessly and ensure you don’t compromise your productivity. fly on your schedule Stay comfortable It’s important when you’re doing business to feel at your best, and flying privately takes out any of the inconveniences and annoyances that can occur when flying with an airline. Your comfort is the main concern of the crew and pilot and there are no other travellers vying for their attention. You can choose what kind of catering you require and when you want it rather than waiting for an in flight meal to be served. You have the space and freedom to do exactly what you wish whenever you wish and really make yourself as comfortable as possible. hassle free Keep it hassle free Chartered jets are far more reliable than standard airlines and delays are extremely infrequent, so you can all but guarantee you won’t be late for that important meeting. You can use your phone, have access to uninterrupted wifi and generally enjoy a completely office like setting. By eliminating all of the hassles that are associated with airlines you know you’ll have only one focus and will arrive in the right frame of mind when you step off the plane. Gayle Anderson is Sales Director at Prestige Jets. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. You got my attention when you said that flying privately takes out any of the inconveniences to ensure your comfort. This is something that I will share with my aunt who wants to visit her daughter who lives in a different state. She mentioned that she wanted to ensure that her travel is going to be fast, easy, and convenient. Additionally, she does not prefer flying with an airline, so I will ask her to consider renting a private charter.

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