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10 of the best hotels for vegan luxury in Thailand

We’ve been visiting Thailand for nearly 20 years, it’s the kind of country that’s easy to fall in love with so it’s no surprise that we find ourselves wanting to go back again and again. The ‘Land of Smiles’ has it all; beaches, islands, national parks, beautiful temples, modern cites, bustling markets and some of the best food in the world (yes, even when you are a vegan). Vegan luxury travel is a serious business in Thailand and there are numerous places to stay where you can enjoy the best of Thailand vegan style. Veganism is about adopting a lifestyle that does not exploit animals or their by products for food, clothing, entertainment or anything else. It’s kinder to your health, to the planet and to animals and it’s a trend that’s on the rise (a 360% rise in the last 10 years to be precise). Vegan luxury travellers like to enjoy the best parts of high end travel like everyone else and we’ve made it our mission to find the best hotels, restaurants and things to do for those, like us, who love vegan luxury travel. Here’s our list of 10 of the best hotels for vegan luxury in Thailand, tried and tested by us to ensure they tick all the boxes for some perfect vegan luxury travel. 1. Evason Hua Hin Although reachable by car in a just a few hours from Bangkok, Evason Hua Hin feels like a million miles away from the fast paced buzz of Thailand’s capital city. You’ll get sea views, a huge free form pool to relax by and the chance to experience ‘Blue Lotus – The learning center of plant-based cuisine’. Learn how to cook in a professional level cooking school which is integrated into the hotel (we did a vegan raw food course). The breakfast offerings are one of the most vegan friendly we’ve ever seen with a separate ‘Vegan Food’ station as well as fresh juices, nut milks and homemade jams. Evason-Hua-Hin-Pool Evason-Hua-Hin-vegan-food_4902 2. Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Four Seasons Resort Chiang Maiis one of those beautiful places where you can truly lose hours of your life in absolute heaven. Located in the Mae Rim Valley overlooking the Doi Suthep Mountain Range around 20 km outside of the the central ‘Old City’ area, this stunning luxury property gives you a real taste of Thai culture. Set in lush rice fields, there is a daily ‘farmer’s parade’ where the staff who have been working in the rice fields all day sing traditional songs, dance and play music as they leave for the day. Four-Seasons-Chiang-Mai_207 The resort’s design is reminiscent of a traditional Thai village with pavilions set around the rice terraces which combine perfectly with the Lanna Kingdom styled features found elsewhere throughout the resort. The pool is near perfection as is the food served in the Terraces restaurant which overlooks the rice fields. Vegans can enjoy eating locally grown organic ingredients created into delicious traditional Thai food or excellent quality Italian dishes. There is also a fully equipped cooking school where you can learn the secrets of making Thai dishes which are famous in the region. Like the rest of the resort the cooking school is totally first class. Four-Seasons-Chiang-Mai_5956 3. Kata Rocks Kata Rocks, located overlooking the popular Kata Beach, is a real beauty of a modern designed beach resort. The super-sleek design will make you dream of living aboard a super yacht with striking white, shining clear glass and bow shaped canopies strutting out towards the ocean below. Kata-Rocks-1-Bed-Ocean-Loft-Sky-Villa-Pool-Sunset As the name suggests, it’s built on rocks which stretch all the way down to the sea below. Enjoy stunning views where the clean modern design contrasts against the rugged natural beauty of the area. The villas are high end luxury defined; our ‘Ocean Loft Sky Villa’ even had a fully equipped high tech kitchen where we were able to arrange a personal vegan cooking class with the chef. Not only did we eat delicious vegan food but we were able to learn how to cook it in the comfort of our own villa too. KATA-Rocks-1378 4. Mercure Koh Chang Hideaway Located on the busy island of Koh Chang, this luxury Thai beach resort is tucked away in a peaceful bay meaning it really does live up to it’s name. It’s a laid back resort with little to do but relax on the beach or relax by the pool. Mercure-Koh-Chang-Hideaway_Lobby_4 One of the best features of the hotel for vegans is the food which is some of the best we found on the island. Sumptuous Thai curries filled with tofu and vegetables, tasty noodle dishes, soy rich mushroom sauces ladled over perfectly cooked broccoli, Thai favourites like spring rolls and mango sticky rice; the list of vegan friendly food is endless and all delicious. Mercure-Koh-Chang-Hideaway_2375 5. Paresa Resort Phuket Located in Phuket on the prestigious ‘Millionaire’s Mile’ this luxury option on one of Thailand’s most popular islands let’s you have a taste of heaven with a team of ‘Angels’ to make you comfortable, a golden infinity lawn and some of the most breathtaking sea views around. Vegans should visit during the annual Thai ‘Phuket Vegetarian Festival’ where many residents choose to follow a vegan diet for 10 days as well as taking part in some unusual ceremonies which involve a shocking but culturally rich display of ritual self-mutilation. Paresa-Bird-Eye-View-2 Don’t worry though, any shock will be soothed on return to Paresa Resort with delicious Thai vegan food, sunset’s to die for and a dip in the starlit pool. The in-house cooking school is also top class. Paresa-Resort-Phuket-7 6. Shangri La Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is another of Thailand’s regions that is well visited by tourists from all over the world and the Shangri La Chiang Mai is an excellent luxury option. It offers the world class Shangri La service paired with an excellent location near to both the airport, the old city and famous night bazaar. Shangri-La-CM-3 Imagine beautifully manicured gardens, an inviting pool set amongst green lawns, lush tropical plants and pretty lotus ponds and you’ll start to understand why this place is a wonderful escape from the busy city outside. For vegans, breakfast time includes some traditional Thai staples of noodle soup and rice congee plus endless fruit, juices and coffee but also some must try Thai dishes like a perfectly cooked vegan ‘Pad Thai’. Vegans should also take the opportunity to dine in the Shangri La’s ‘China Kitchen’, the only Chinese Szechuan restaurant in the city. Shangri-La-Chiang-Mai_5972 7. Six Senses Yao Noi A combination of the highest levels of luxury and a commitment to sustainable, environmental friendly tourism sets the Six Senses brand aside from many other operators in the region. You’ll find Six Senses Yao Noi in Phang Nga Bay, reached by private boat transfer from Phuket. Built on the site of a former rubber plantation, the resort is surrounded by plants and local fruit trees to encourage wildlife. Six Senses Yao Noi villa Dining in the Hilltop Reserve overlooking the magical infinity pool and breathtaking sea views beyond, the memorable and delicious vegan Thai food we ate was one of the highlights of our stay. However, vegans will also be delighted with the complimentary ice cream parlour which had a huge array of vegan sorbets to eat until your heart (and stomach) is content. Six Senses Yao Noi vegan food_3745 8. Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Resort Home to Thailand’s largest hotel swimming pool (it’s blissfully huge), this great luxury option in Krabi lets you explore the beautiful surrounds including stunning beaches (right nearby), the famous scenic limestone karsts of the area which are perfect for rock climbing as well as nearby islands. Or relax in the comfort of the resort with its 7000 square metre lagoon style pool or well kept 9-hole golf course. Sofitel Krabi pool There is a breezy colonial style to the hotel, mixed in with classic Thai design. Vegans can eat tasty Thai dishes like tofu stir fried with holy basil or exceptional Indian food (the cauliflower and cashew filled kofta was amazing). Sofitel Krabi _3504 9. Sofitel So Bangkok This ‘design hotel’ is a wonderful mix of upbeat city energy with the calmness of nature, reflected well in areas like the outdoor infinity pool that looks out over the iconic Lumpini park. You’ll feel relaxed and at home, whilst at the same time feeling you are right in the centre of one of the world’s liveliest cities (which you are). Sofitel-So-Bangkok-Infinity-Pool-02 The spa is a cut above the rest, offering a bespoke service where you can choose your treatment, music and even flavour of tea served afterwards. Treatments (using vegan products) are thorough and will take you to new levels of relaxation and wellness. Being vegan at this luxury property is particularly easy because of the personalised, consistent and proactive service. Specially made vegan food, showcasing the delicious cuisine of Thailand, was served to us every morning, alongside being able to select vegan items from the buffet. Sofitel-So-Bangkok-vegan-food_0518 10. Soneva Kiri Koh Kood is one of Thailand’s best kept secrets, a beautiful island which is a stones throw away from Bangkok which has escaped the mass tourism of other Thai islands. It’s also home to Soneva Kiri, one of the world’s best luxury resorts, located on a palm fringed beach with a backdrop of pristine rainforest. This is eco-luxury at it’s best, where the very best doesn’t cost the planet. Soneva Kiri Vegans will be well at home here with afternoon teas up in the rainforest canopy, delivered by zipline, a complementary chocolate room and ice cream parlour with plenty of vegan options, delicious food on the menu in each of the resort’s restaurants including one of the best meals we ever ate in Thailand at the riverside ‘Benz’ restaurant. Soneva-Kiri_7203 Tempted by our 10 of the best hotels for vegan luxury in Thailand? Well the good news is that Thailand is such a vegan friendly luxury destination that there are more. We’ll keep exploring this beautiful, culturally rich and diverse destination to bring you more of the very best in luxury travel that is suitable for vegans. Paul Eyers is Founder of Vegan Food Quest. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Paul Eyers

Paul Eyers is co-founder of Vegan Food Quest who write about luxury hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia with a focus on sustainable travel, eco travel and vegan travel. Currently based in Malaysia, Paul also writes about sporting events and some of the finest golf courses throughout the region.

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  1. I’ve had afternoon tea at the Four Seasons in Chiang Mai and they made a real effort to give me a delicious vegetarian version. Unlike the most famous luxury hotel in Chiang Mai which made no effort at all!

    I’m staying in Kata Rocks later this month, glad to hear I can look forward to great vegan food their too.

  2. Dear Candice

    Thank you for your comments; it’s good to hear you enjoyed your experience at Four Seasons Chiang Mai, it really is a special place!

    Kata Rocks is different on so many levels but is an amazing property with sleek modern villas affording breathtaking ocean views, i’m sure you will love it.

    We had a fantastic veggie cooking class in our own villa which was a great experience…

    If you would like me to connect with Kata Rocks on your behalf prior to your check in i am more than happy to do that? I am in touch with a number of the team there who i’m sure will make sure your stay is memorable :)


  3. Hi there, We just booked the Six Senses but were very disappointed when informing about our dietary requirements that they were not able to cater for this on trips or even in the hotel – they replied that they could offer us salad and would have to prepare almond milk in advance. They are not very vegan friendly from what we have now experienced and we are contemplating changing our reservations as we dont want to pay 400 GBP/night to eat salads and be left out on excursions and trips.

  4. Dear Frederik

    Thank you for your comment and i must say i am very surprised at the response you have received from Six Senses as all of their resorts have been very vegan friendly when we’ve stayed…

    If you would like to send me an email with further information about which resort and when you are due to stay i would happily take this up with them on your behalf?

    I am presuming something has been lost in communication…


  5. Thank you for offering to take this up, Paul… I was quite surprised to see that comment also. I’m sure that’s not normal policy and, if anyone can get to the bottom of it on Frederik’s behalf, I’m sure it’s you!


  6. Hi Paul & Paul,

    We are already in touch with them, however this is just to point out that your post is not spot on and you may want to change it. The reply we had is that they can provide non-dairy milk if we advise one day in advance, cereal and fruit. So cereal and fruit are the breakfast options at this five star resort. For midday food they have suggested we eat salad. Alternatively we can eat some of their THAI dishes without meat. For the wine tasting they asked if we could accept no food pairing (instead of just making something easy to pair).

    In essence, a 5 star hotel claiming to focus on health, environment and well-being have no real options or knowledge about simple vegan dishes. We are not very difficult, but to recommend them as a vegan hotel in Thailand is a mistake.

    We have raised this concerns already and awaiting response on this part, hopefully they are able to be a bit more creative with their solutions. It is however not a good start to any experience to feel left out and that we are the problem due to choosing not to eat or drink animal products. I am sure you agree.


  7. Hey Paul

    I will help Frederick however i can as I know how important the environment is to Six Senses and how they go above and beyond to ensure their guests are treated equally no matter what their dietary requirements…


  8. Hi Frederik

    Again, thanks for your messages…

    Our post is based on our experince and i am truly sad to hear you have not received the level of service that we received and you have of course expected.

    Please feel free to email me Paul@veganfoodquest.com and i will help however I can.

    I know how much Six Senses care about ensuring their customers all receive the same level of service / product no matter what their dietary choices.

    I am heading out for the evening now so may not see your reply immediately but will deal with it upon return.

    All the best,


  9. Hi Paul,

    I appreciate your quick response to this. In terms of contacting Six Senses on my behalf this is not needed, if they are not able to assist us with the simple task, we will opt for another hotel instead. It is however strange that you had such a good experience there when the reply we received seems like they have no knowledge of vegan diets and what it entails. I will keep you posted in case our experience will differ after our visit (if we end up going). Thanks

  10. OK Frederik I understand your concern and hope wherever you choose offers you everything you want and more!

    Have a great trip…

  11. This article is a sort of treasure trove for vegans like me. I always take extra caution when dining on vacation since you never know what would be served on your plate. I have seen on the internet hotels and restaurants in Southeast Asian countries serving all sort of weird dishes that are out of our imagination. I try to stay miles away from eateries. Thankfully, I am a vegan and you have provided me with best sources to take care of my stomach.

    1. I am glad to hear this is helpful Priya! Eating vegan food in SEAsia is getting easier all of the time and these hotels certainly delivered for us!

  12. Hi I am looking for best lower price Vegan hotel if you could suggest & travelling from 9 May 2019 to 12 May 2019

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