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Delicious drives in Germany: Kurhaus Binz to Stralsund, via Middelhagen

Rested and energised, I prepared for my third and final day with Hertz by the Baltic Sea. After breakfast at the hotel I headed off in my Ford Mustang hire car to the Villa mit Sonnenhof. On my way there, I discovered a small wood shop called Holzkunst nach Wunsch, and decided to stop for a break. holzkunst-firstwithHertz_altb holzkunst-eule-firstwithHertz_altb At Holzkunst nach Wunsch, Mirko Quade uses a chainsaw to carve skilfully-crafted figures, furniture and signs out of different types of wood. You’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces here – and the craftsmanship is truly impressive. Visiting with a car is easy so I was glad to be in my Mustang, but it’s tricky to reach on foot as there aren’t any buses or trains nearby. holzkunst-hund-firstwithHertz_altb villa-sonnenhof-schild-firstwithHertz_altb I reached the pinnacle of my road trip at the Villa mit Sonnenhof in the Baltic resort of Göhren. villa-sonnenhof-mustang-firstwithHertz_altb The proprietors, Peter and Christina Knobloch, offer a selection of spices, vinegars, sauces, jams and many more culinary delicacies crafted with love and care in the farmyard kitchen. villa-sonnenhof-kueche-firstwithHertz_altb villa-sonnenhof-japanischer-pfeffer-firstwithHertz_altb The Villa mit Sonnenhof is also home to holiday apartments and a cooking school.
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The listed villa, built in a spa style, is located in the quiet, residential district of the Baltic Sea resort on the island of Rügen. Loaded with spices and energised by a delicious piece of cream cake, I journeyed onward to Alt Reddevitz. villa-sonnenhof-kuchen-firstwithHertz_altb After a quick stop at Am Wasser, an idyllic restaurant in Alt Reddevitz on the small peninsula of Mönchgut, I ran over to Moccavino, the café directly opposite. am-wasser-restaurant-firstwithHertz_altb cafe-moccavino-mustang-firstwithHertz_altb I couldn’t resist another piece of cream cake before continuing on to the Rügener Senfmanufaktur in Garz where they make mustard. senf-manufaktur-haus-firstwithHertz_altb senf-manufaktur-bruchetta-firstwithHertz_altb The mustard factory is also known for its unfiltered Rügener Knall Rülps Furz Bier – a unique drink made of hops, only available here. I obviously couldn’t miss out on a bottle of this extraordinary beer, which I bought together with some speciality mustards. senf-manufaktur-bier-firstwithHertz_altb senf-manufaktur-regal-firstwithHertz_altb senf-manufaktur-bier-autositz-firstwithHertz_altb From the island of Rügen I headed to the Hanseatic town of Stralsund and the Romance-era Scheelehof Hotel in the centre of its old town.
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This historic superior-4-star hotel impresses with its five historic buildings, each from a different century. I spent my final night at the Baltic Sea in one of the hotel’s 92 unique rooms, each of which offers its guests a different experience. scheelehof-hotel-rezeption-firstwithHertz._altbjpg To end my trip, I indulged in yet another culinary delight at Speicher 8, a restaurant in the harbour town of Stralsund. Right in the harbour, the restaurant offers excellent hospitality and a range of delicacies prepared with regional ingredients. An excellent end to another good day. Feeling refreshed after a substantial breakfast, I got back in the powerful Mustang to begin my journey back to the Ruhr. Before setting off, I couldn’t resist a short detour to the Stralsund marzipan factory in Jungfernstieg where the master confectioner creates marzipan specialities, exclusively from fresh, specially-selected, preservative-free ingredients. With a sweet treat in my suitcase, I returned to my Ford Mustang to complete the journey. stralsund-marzipan-firstwithHertz_altb stralsund-marzipan-herz-firstwithHertz_altb stralsund-marzipan-marzipantafel-firstwithHertz_altb Ending my road trip with Hertz  was a breeze, as I simply dropped the keys back into a designated safe. As I parked at Dortmund Airport with more than 1,700 kilometres on the speedometer, I said farewell to my faithful companion. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hertz.

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