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Top 5 things to do in Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Towering medieval buildings meet warm Adriatic waters, it’s no surprise Dubrovnik has become increasingly popular for luxury travel. For those looking to plan a trip to The Pearl of the Adriatic, the evocative old town is by far the most attractive draw of this beautiful city. Narrow cobbled streets and impressive medieval buildings are enclosed by huge stone walls. Remarkable preservation has endeavoured to keep everything from the cobbles on the street exactly as they would have been. Below we have selected 5 of our favourite things to do in Dubrovnik old town. Walk in she shoes of famous film sets and explore the city’s charm It’s easy to get lost in the charming streets of mystic ancient stone. Discover romantic city lanes and breathe in the city’s aromatic smells. Although there are lots of historic sites to see, part of the allure is simply the dynamic feel of the city. Simply walk through the city and catch the charming chatter of locals and the sunlit squares. Discover Gothic churches, impressive monasteries and sturdy stone houses. It’s easy to lose yourself in the ‘olde worlde’ charm of Dubrovnik old town. Now famous for more than its history the old town has made its appearance on several film sets including Game of Thrones, Robin Hood and more recently Star Wars VIII. Walking tour, old town Dubrovnik Visit Onofrio’s fountain Long and dry summers in Dubrovnik meant the city needed a better way to supply water.  In 1438 the 16 sided Onofrio’s fountain was constructed as part of an intricate water supply system. The 16 sides are richly decorated with unique stone carvings, which are different on every side. Unfortunately an earthquake in 1667 damaged some of these so the appearance today is somewhat rough around the edges. You can find the fountain on entrance to the city gates from the west. Onofrio's fountain during Star Wars VIII filming Take a refreshing dip on the city’s edges When thinking of Dubrovnik, beaches don’t really spring to mind but swimming certainly does. Surrounding the city walls the rocky cliffs are a popular hangout for sunbathers and swimmers. It’s always a good idea to wear your swimsuit wherever you go in Dubrovnik, so you can grasp the first opportunity to jump in and cool off. In several places there are pool ladders so you can gradually enter the water, but you’ll see a lot of brave tourist’s dive bombing in as the water is deep. Perched on these cliffs you’ll find bars that provide a ‘hole in the wall’ to the inside of the city. Old Town Dubrovnik, Adriatic Sea Tour the old city walls The walls build around the old town were constructed to protect the city from pirates and unwelcome guests. These walls are by far the city’s most famous attraction. Ranging from 3-6 metres wide and 25 metres high, you can walk along these walls and gaze upon the city’s fascinating orange rooftops. Take the 1,940 metre walk along the walls and gaze out to the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Tour the city walls, Dubrovnik Shop on Stradun, the popular main street The main shopping street in the old town is a bustling scene to behold. Multiple restaurants, bars and cafes stand out proudly against the old fortified walls of the city. The 300 metre street stretches from east to west, attached to a lovely square with an impressive bell tower. On Saturday there is a market with local foods and Croatian souvenirs, giving the impression this street is never quiet. A popular tourist haunt there are street entertainers, luxury boutiques and art galleries, providing a beautiful contrast to the medieval buildings. Stradun, Dubrovnik old town Nick Munday is Managing Director at Classic Collection Holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Oh my! I wish I had time to book a holiday soon! The place looks just like my kind of place..not your typical tourist destination

  2. I’ve heard good news about Dubrovnik from people at work who’ve been there but I didn’t realise how well-preserved the old town was until I saw these pictures. I am planning a self drive tour for next summer. After reading this I think I’ll park the car up in Dubrovnik – to explore and as a break from the driving for a day or two more – than originally planned.

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