Who actually flies by private jet?

It’s a common misconception that private jets are reserved for the exclusive use of celebrities, multi millionaires and royalty. While these groups do make up a section of the regular private jet customer profile, it’s actually a relatively small one. Even though most are certainly luxurious, the reality is that a lot of private jets are essentially air taxis, small capacity craft used for quick, short distance journeys. They’re also chartered by a wider range of clientele than many people would ever imagine and on the whole used for much more practical purposes and run of the mill reasons. Here’s who actually flies by private jet. Companies and business people Business people make up the biggest proportion of private jets users by far, often chartering flights at short notice to travel short distances but allowing them to utilise their time far more efficiently. Many corporate companies own their own private jets, or even a fleet of them that are used for various purposes. But it’s not just bigger businesses that make use of private chartering, as many smaller businesses find it’s an efficient and cost effective way to move their employees from place to place. The opportunity to waste as little time as possible by being able to drive right up to the aircraft, fly into more convenient, non commercial airports and even work uninterrupted and confidentially during the flight is why private flights are so popular within the business community. Business Flights Families Flying with a family can be extremely stressful, particularly if you have a large number of family members or young children. Transporting everyone’s luggage, getting all of the kids through security checks and standing in long queues for extended periods of time is not much fun at all. If you’re going on a vacation, the travel experience with a regular airline may just be enough to put you off going away forever. As a result a growing number of families find it far easier and more convenient to charter a flight instead of going on a regular flight. The benefits are huge and wide ranging, but the main thing that families are swung by is the ease. To be able to skip all of the time consuming, troublesome bits that can usually cause a real hassle proves extremely appealing. Families Pets Perhaps surprisingly, pets are often moved from location to location on chartered flights. Though more often than not they’re accompanied by their owners, in some instances the pets are the sole passengers on the flight. The reason for this is that on a commercial flight, pets are ordinarily required to go in the hold, and though it’s usually quite safe, it’s not the most comfortable of environment and can lead to some animals becoming distressed. There is also far less scrutiny on a chartered flight, particularly if you are flying internationally. Though you’ll always be reminded of any local regulations and vaccine requirements for pets by your private charter company, it’s far easier than moving them on a regular flight. Pets Luxury leisure fliers Leisure flights are also a popular reason for chartering private jets, particularly over the summer months when people tend to go away on holiday. These tend to be people who are really searching out the ultimate in luxury and want to make their flight as comfortable and memorable as possible. Thanks to the wide range of private jets available to charter on the market the choice is virtually endless. It’s possible to have practically any configuration on a private vehicle from beds to tables and everything in between. There are also a wide range of catering options available so you’re guaranteed to get the VIP treatment. Luxury Holiday Gayle Anderson is Sales Director at Prestige Jets. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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