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Top 5 villas for practising wellness

For most people, every day life can be stressful. A holiday should be about relaxing and reconnecting with yourself. Wellness holidays are on the rise, but what better way to unwind than in your own private villa with no one to interrupt you? Sungai Bali’s Villa Sungai is a five star traditional village escape, and whilst the property offers easy access into the wonderful sights of Bali, it is also the perfect place to relax. De-stress with traditional Balinese healing and enjoy massages and beauty treatments. The beautiful natural surroundings of Sungai are a wonderful setting in which to immerse yourself in a range of revitalising body treatments and yoga classes in the villa’s private spa. Bali is a centre of wellness with staff delivering a range of treatments such as Balinese baths, scrubs and healing wraps in order to nourish and revive your mind and body. Treatments can be taken poolside or in air-conditioned double treatment rooms. Chalet N Surround yourself with the nature of the Arlberg and enjoy and exceptional luxury experience at Chalet N. Discover the power of peace and escape from daily life at Chalet N’s stunning spa and wellness area. Experience the hay sauna, Finnish sauna, or salt-cave steam bath before enjoying the peace and quiet that awaits you in one of the quiet rooms. Guests can relax their muscles in the pool area and whirlpool, or for those wanting to give their muscles more of a workout, they can try the fitness room which is the cherry on top of the wellness facilities within Chalet N. Louiza Estate A luxurious estate boasting three stunning villas, Louiza Estate overlooks the Ionian Sea. Featuring high end facilities, this property is a fantastic retreat for those wanting to better themselves. Home to a certified organic farm with an impressive selection of vegetables, fruits, herbs, olive oil, wine and honey, guests have the change to dine healthily and harmonise with the surrounding nature. The impressive grounds make the estate the ideal location for a wellness retreat, whether you are travelling on a corporate even or with family and friends. The private pool is treated with natural chlorine from salt electrolysis, the spa offers massage and beauty treatments, and there are an array of activities within the grounds on offer to allow guests to reconnect with nature. Such activities include horse riding within the property as well as along the sea shore personal training sessions, tennis, cycling and helicopter rides for those wanting to view Greece from above. Upni Duniya Upni Duniya is set along the golden shores of Thailand, with views spreading across the ocean, the villa is oozing in tranquility. Step into a world of serenity and indulge your senses in the selection of world-class spa treatments and yoga sessions, all tailored to your personal needs. The dedicated team can book you into any facilityyou like, on the entire island of Koh Sami, or you can choose to relax with a treatment in a beachside cabana within the grounds of your villa. Thailand as a destination is world renowned for its spa facilities and traditional treatments, offering anything from pampering to medical spas, health retreats and life changing philosophies. Thailand is the ultimate place to go when searching for a programme to help you detox, destress, or maybe just relax. Commenda di San Calogero Time stops in this part of Sicily, so you don’t need to rush. Set amongst 110 acres of beautiful nature, Commenda di San Calogero boasts extensive gardens and small hideaways to bring you privacy and peace. Close to the salt water pool, the onsite spa offers a stunning marbled steam room, a sauna, and a long list of relaxing treatments. Guests can take a piece of San Calogero home with them in the form of their homemade delicacies. Orange blossom honey is produced in beehives within the villa grounds, extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed from the estate’s olive groves, and tasty marmalades are prepared using traditional family recipes and citrus fruits taken from the grounds. Every part of San Calogero is drenched in serenity and calmness; located close to various natural sites you may find peace even when leaving the villa grounds. Retreat to one of the villa’s Turkish baths, situated closely to the perfumed gardens, all helping you to pamper all your sense. Paolo Macchiaroli is CEO of My Private Villas.. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. These all look divine. There is nothing as relaxing as a wellness escape. As a big fan of yoga and of Thailand, Upni Duniya sounds beautiful and relaxing. Being on the beach also offers me the ultimate relaxation – as nothing is better than looking out over the ocean.

  2. Would love to go on some sort of wellness, or yoga retreat one day – I bet it’s such a great experience. I’ve wanted to take a holiday of that sort ever since I read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ hahaha. The Sicily villa looks gorgeous, I’m instantly drawn in by that one – perhaps it’s the hundred acres of nature that surrounds you! Sounds beautiful

    1. Interesting reaction to “Eat, Pray, Love.” It’s a film that everyone wants to watch, especially if they are a keen traveller.

      Also more and more of us are leading such busy and hectic lives that we are desperately in need of some “Me Time” and a lot pampering.

      The film’s visually stunning but the characters and the plot just don’t work. Once, whilst I was working, I played it with the sound muted, just so that I could look up every now and again to enjoy the travel shots.

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