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5 great reasons to visit Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The pristine Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc (pronounced Foo–Kwok) lies off the Cambodian coast in the Gulf of Thailand. Long one of the country’s best kept secrets, recently tourism has begun to boom here. Still quieter than most island paradises in Southeast Asia, the time to discover Phu Quoc is now. Here are five great reasons to book that flight. 1. A stay at JW Marriott Emerald Bay JW Marriott Emerald Bay picked up the title of Asia’s Leading New Resort at the 2017 World Travel Awards, and for good reason. This is no mere resort: this is essentially a small town that will stretch the very boundaries of your imagination. Designed by the famed Bill Bensley and costing an estimated $250 million, it’s safe to say no expense was spared; even the most discerning of travellers won’t have seen anything like this before. The resort comes with its own elaborate imagined backstory. As legend has it, the hotel was built on the campus of the fictional Lamarck University, which was abandoned during the wars last century. The resort sticks to its theme steadfastly and has a lot of fun doing so: you can sip cocktails at the department of chemistry, work out in the department of physical education, skim through countless old books on display, and admire old sports trophies and historic school photos. The attention to detail is truly awe-inspiring, and it all feels so real you’ll forget that the university never actually existed. A fantastical place, the resort feels as though you’re falling into a grown-up, incredibly stylish rabbit hole (something the resort probably knows, since the theme of the spa is Alice In Wonderland). Possessing unsurpassed style, beauty and elegance, it really is one of a kind and needs to be seen to be believed. Go now before the masses flock there. 2. Kick back on the beautiful beaches Phu Quoc is home to the best beaches in Vietnam, and despite the growth in tourism many of them remain wonderfully unspoilt: think long, breathtaking stretches of white sand beaches set against wild jungle and swaying palms. Bai Truong – Long Beach – is the jewel in the crown, a 20 kilometre stretch of sand that runs down the west coast of the island. It’s the busiest beach on Phu Quoc but still retains a relaxed ambiance, and there are plenty of places to eat, drink, or have a massage. Other lovely beaches worth visiting are Bai Ong Lang, a serene sweeping bay, and Bai Vung Bau, a small cove that’s perfect if you’re looking for a quiet place to kick back on the sand. Bai Dai Beach might be the prettiest on the island, with its clear turquoise waters and powdery golden sand, and is a great spot to enjoy some snorkelling too. 3. A day trip to the An Thoi islands Let’s face it, Phu Quoc is island paradise, but to get a taste of real tropical remoteness, you can escape to the An Thoi islands for a day. Just off the southern coast of Phu Quoc, the island archipelago has all the merits of Phu Quoc – white sand, crystal clear waters, a coral reef teeming with life – but there’s one distinction: there are no people. You can book a day trip via a charter company, but for a truly special experience, hire your own boat and explore the islands at your leisure. Make a day of it and bring your own picnic – you can buy food and charcoal grills at the market to cook your own al fresco lunch. You’ll feel as though you’re on your own private tropical island. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear! 4. Visit one of the legendary fish sauce factories Admittedly, visiting a fish sauce factory might not be one of the first things you think of doing when visiting a tropical island, but at Phu Quoc it’s almost a must. Aside from its gorgeous landscape, Phu Quoc is most famous for producing an extremely high quality fish sauce that’s exported globally. Popular throughout Southeast Asia, the fish sauce here is totally unique. All across the island you’ll see racks of drying anchovies, which are the special ingredient in Phu Quoc’s famous sauce. Over 12 million litres of fish sauce are produced here each year, and it’s a major contributor to the local economy. Visiting one of the many factories on the island is far more interesting than it sounds, and it’s great to see how such an essential part of Vietnamese cooking is made. You’ll never look at fish sauce in the same way again! 5. Explore Phu Quoc National Park Phu Quoc National Park covers over half of the island, and walking among its many forests is an ideal way to escape the relentless midday heat. The park is made up of mangrove forests and wetlands, coastal greenery and jungles sprawled across rocky mountains. Nature lovers will be in their element, as 208 animal species are found here: 28 mammals, 119 birds, 47 reptiles and 14 amphibians, 19 of which are globally endangered. Plant enthusiasts will be equally entertained as they try to spot the 23 beautiful orchid species that grow here. You can hike through the park – the best trails are just before Ganh Dau, where the shade from the trees will keep you cool and the views are impressive – or alternatively, you can hire motorbike on your own and explore the northern parts of the island, where the road cuts through the park.

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  1. Breathtaking, Pho Quoc is the perfect hideaway for honeymooners and individual travellers wanting to just get away from it all

  2. Exactly Phu Quoc is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. We went there for honeymoon 7 years ago and that’s still the best beach trip we have done so far. Don’t miss the grilled squid dish at some restaurants by the beach.

  3. I would rate phu quoc amongst the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. When i traveled here i had a chance to see the turtles babies split their eggshells and reach out the beach, It’s so adorable. Also i dived under Phu Quoc beaches and was overwhelmed by the colorful coral reefs. Besides sightseeing here is also exiting trip to visit Phu Quoc national Park.

  4. Vietnam is such an authentic travel destination with so much history behind it. JW Marriott Emerald Bay looks absolutely amazing – the very best and well worth a visit. The history behind the building is compelling. Those beaches look amazing too – and there is so much wildlife in the area and fantastic snorkeling. Not to mention fantastic food! I’m looking forward to going back there one day.

  5. Vietnam is so high up on my list, it’s such a beautiful place. I really would like to come and visit this place before it comes super popular like the rest of Southeast Asia. I’m loving the sculptures outside the Marriott hotel – such gorgeous decor. I feel as if whenever a place has an archipelago… it’s worth going for me! And although I don’t eat fish, I have definitely heard of that fish sauce brand!

  6. My (soon to be) husband and I are currently looking for somewhere to honeymoon that is not a usual destination. Vietnam is in the mix for me for the great history and culture, and of course the beautiful scenery.

  7. I’ve been to Vietnam but haven’t visited Phu Quoc yet. The Marriott hotel looks like a beautiful luxurious place to stay. The National Park also looks like a great palce to visit!

  8. Vietnam looks and sounds stunning. I would love to stay at emerald bay it looks so luxurious and perfect for relaxing and taking in some real beauty and rest. I love little adventures like the fish sauce because it’s something that is so used in Vietnam and it can be so interesting to find out more.

  9. Nice article! I’ve lived in Vietnam for 2,5 years (Saigon) but never visited Phu Quoc. I guess it’s time.
    Thanks for sharing the hotel recommendation I will check it out!


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