Travel video of the week: Discover Spain's culture

Spain‘s cultural richness is unique, brilliant and diverse. A luxury for the senses! Where to begin? In Spain you’ll find unique monuments, as well as outstanding museums and masterpieces of universal art. You can stroll around cities that will transport you back to past times, and choose from an exciting array of cultural events…

2,000 years of history make Spain one of the best places to discover art and culture. From prehistoric remains to the presence of the Romans and Moors. From great Gothic cathedrals to Modernism. From the most classical museums to the Valencia Arts and Sciences Centre. You’ll see it all in this beautiful timelapse video presented by the Instituto de Turismo de España.

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  1. Tim says:

    Spain draws you back time and time again. Few countries have such diversity of culture. The Moslems brought the amazing architecture of Cordoba over a millennium ago: sunrise among the columns of the Mezquita is a travel experience not to be missed. Perhaps nothing sums up Spain more than haughty Flamenco: often a dance of both passion and regret. Although bull-fighting is in decline the Bull-fighting Museum at Ronda, the mountain town with that stunning bridge, is a reminder of a cruel but elegant sport which often brought “Death in the Afternoon”. Interestingly reports of bull-fighting were recorded in the Arts pages of newspapers rather than in the Sports Section. Those of us who watched Barcelona thrashing Spurs last night know that Spain sometimes elevates football to the status of an Art too.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Well put, Tim… I have to say Spain is an easy go-to for us here in the UK. It’s not far to travel, almost always guarantees sunnier weather than home and invariably means good food (we loved the cuisine in the Basque region) and a relaxed culture. I missed the match but saw the scoreline… the last 5 CL finals matches have been won by Spanish clubs (once by Barcelona and four times by Real Madrid), and two of those even saw Spanish runners-up as well! (Athletico both times) It seems we have a lot of catching up to do in that regard!!!

  2. Carla says:

    Bull-fighting aside, I love the Spanish culture also. The number of anti-bullfighting seems to be growing so progress is thankfully finally being made in that regard.

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