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Active luxury in Norway

As a whole, Scandinavia offers some of the most incredible scenery in the world, and Norway is no exception. For those in search of luxury with a taste of adventure, a private yacht charter here will deliver an unforgettable experience: the unrivalled ability to access so many natural bounties with ease is the real deal. There is no excuse to stay indoors here, with unlimited active pursuits on tap; the essence of this outdoor playground implores visitors to explore and have fun. Sailing the fjords is the definitive opportunity to enjoy ease of access from the water, not to mention engaging the expert local knowledge of your captain and crew. The summer months bring seemingly endless daylight; adrenaline seekers can fill the hours with everything from canyoning, hiking and fishing, to kayaking, rafting and climbing. Those searching for privacy will find true peace gliding through glassy inlets, binoculars in hand, scanning the shoreline for whales, eagles, Arctic foxes, reindeer and seals, all who call this polar paradise home. At the end of the day, a soak in an on-deck Jacuzzi is the perfect way to unwind. Where else can you plan to join an organised whale-watching expedition one day then hike to the top of a rugged viewpoint the next, all whilst cruising at leisure past cascading waterfalls and picturesque villages, enjoying top-level service from your dedicated crew and private chef? Add in the bonus of time spent together which, thanks to the midnight sun seems boundless, and it’s a winning formula. 43m motor yacht DAYDREAM offers week-long private charters throughout the fjords, as well as a unique 3-day “Taste of Norway” short break experience around Stavanger, designed to deliver exclusive time away from the crowds with a focus on regional highlights and culinary delights. Here are our top 5 active pursuits in Norway: 1. Today’s catch Norway is a fisherman’s paradise, providing over 20,000km of diverse coastline packed with angling opportunities and this popular family activity is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Surrounded by spectacular fishing opportunities, this wealth of choice affords wide levels of participation. From fly-tying to bait making, gentle fjord casting to heavy sea action, diversity offered in Norway stands in a class of its own. Try something new on your charter together: salmon fishing in free-flowing rivers or fly fishing for speckled brown trout in pristine mountain lakes: the choice is yours. Deep sea or shore, coast or sheltered fjords – no matter what you choose, the pervasive scenery simply adds to the appeal – while overall results it seems, do not disappoint. 2. Paddle power The land of outdoor happiness, Norway is the place to experience aquatic bliss and the best watery pursuits. Embrace the beauty of nature on a family expedition: glide silently through tranquil fjords by kayak and get breathtakingly close to the exceptional scenery. Mountains are mirrored, and enchanting coastal villages pass by with the splash of an oar – relish the warm sunshine and long evenings of summer months on the miles of calm water in this lightly populated country. 3. Rafting around Perfect for active families, especially those with teenagers, expect an action-packed experience as you raft bands of water amongst spectacular surroundings. This can be a great introduction for beginners – or equally for those who have rafted previously – covering the full spectrum of ultimate adventure. Drift calmly through the wilderness on a relaxed sightseeing trip or opt for turbulent foam on an adrenaline-fuelled mission. Promising plenty of fun, the Valldøla River flows through extraordinary settings, with sections to cater for every group, complete with an area of white-water rapids. Jump in the calmer water for free-floating down river: it is exhilarating, if a little fresh! Stop for a local snack on your way, recommended is a local “svele” pancake, topped with delicious local strawberries freshly picked from the valley. Early summer is the best time to go rafting, with lots of meltwater filtering down from the peaks and swelling the river so it flows even faster. 4. Cool canyoning The option to try new water sports is an inherent part of fun on board a Norway yacht charter, and the chance to go canyoning should not be missed for avid adventure seekers. An exciting canyoning (or juving) experience is a brilliant rush – this hybrid sport involves an intoxicating mix of scrambling, climbing, abseiling, swimming and jumping along the route. There are numerous professional companies offering arranged expeditions and can be set up by your knowledgeable captain and crew in advance. Disembark your yacht and make way to the rendezvous spot – get your wetsuit ready, switch the helmet Go-Pro on and check the rope at your waist. Your guide will lead you along a forest trail; at a bedrock canyon opening carved by rushing water, get ready to leap from stone to stone and start exploring the amazing environment. Sliding down boulders, carried by the foaming meltwater, rappelling through waterfalls and discovering deep rock pools along the way makes you feel truly alive. 5. Blazing a trail Hiking is a national pastime in Norway and will activate an unashamed love affair with nature. Alight at remote destinations you never imagined visiting, explore to your heart’s content and plan with your captain how to access the best points for your chosen trek. Let your feet take you to staggering views and prime photo spots, whilst making extraordinary memories to last a lifetime. From popular marked trails to wild landscapes, the reputation as a major hiking destination of great variety and beauty is well-deserved. Not everyone wants a full-on uphill glacial hike that takes a long time, so there are countless stunning and achievable treks, according to levels of fitness and tailored to individual or group requirements. For relaxed activity, the Briksdal Glacier in Stryn offers a gentle uphill hike taking in exceptional views of meltwater rapids and icy lakes galore whilst viewing the blue-hued glacier. Alternatively, hardy explorers will relish the opportunity for a guided glacier hike, trekking to the blue ice of the Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedalsbreen with informed narrative about the history and science surrounding this natural spectacle. For those looking for a taste of adventure in spectacular surroundings this summer, then Norway can certainly deliver. Nicholas Dean is Managing Partner of Ocean Independence. Ocean Independence is a global leader in luxury yachting, providing a bespoke experience across yacht charter, sales and management. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Nicholas Dean

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  1. A holiday cruising Norway’s jagged fjord coastline certainly looks both uber healthy but very luxurious at the same time. Catching your own fish puts some nutritious options on your plate and you are going to keep fit with kayaking and rafting. Personally I’d be hiking up some of those hills for the fantastic views looking down over those deep blue fjords.

    1. Thanks Dan, indeed Norway is a mecca for all outdoor lovers. The hiking and trekking available is outstanding with so many paths allowing individuals to discover incredible views – all at their own pace. A land of sublime beauty, exploring by yacht offers increased opportunity to soak up the scenery and enjoy activities in a relatively short space of time.

  2. This really is a magical combination in the land of the midnight sun. I get the impression that at times you can be quite remote from civilisation which is going to give you more chance of spotting the wildlife. For me spotting an arctic fox, I’ve never seen one in the wild, would be a real highlight, my very own Attenborough moment.

    1. Thanks Ben – indeed the wildlife in Norway is captivating and chartering a yacht ensures maximising chances of seeing a range of animals along the way. You may be exploring remote territories but the comfort and luxury on board Daydream means it always feels like home.

  3. nice post i loved it thank for sharing this This really is a magical combination in the land of the midnight sun. I get the impression that at times you can be quite remote from civilisation which is going to give you more chance of spotting the wildlife. For me spotting an arctic fox, I’ve never seen one in the wild, would be a real highlight, my very own Attenborough moment.

    1. Indeed Ishan, there are definitely some isolated and remote places where wildlife thrives and it is thrilling to observe animals going about their day to day routines. Yachts definitely help access all manner of exciting ventures in Norway with ease, it’s an ideal way to holiday in the land of the midnight sun.

  4. You have made a good plan for the visitors. Norway is a good tourist spot and also you are making it enjoyable. You are offering a luxury destination for visitors. You have been taken to care for every leisure facility.

  5. Yes, I’m an active outdoorsy girl at heart and I love water sports. But I can only be wet and tired for so long. I need to recover in the shower. Also I’ve got to have comfort for an essential 8 hours sleep so private yacht charter seems like the perfect formula for me. Oh and I need plenty of healthy nourishing food too.

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