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A guide for a luxury weekend in Rome

Millenary, historical, elegant, heritage and, eternal; There are not enough adjectives to describe Rome, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Whether you’re looking for history, churches, luxury, nature or art, Rome has something that will attract every luxury traveler. I recently spent a long weekend (3 days) rediscovering the eternal city, and today we collect our impressions in this practical guide to travel in luxury to Rome and what to do in 3 days. Buon viaggio! Lets begin with my favorite luxury hotel so stay in the city center. Located in the heart of the old city of Rome, very close to the Spanish Steps, the Hotel Eden is a luxury establishment whose beginning dates back to 1889, but which has been recently renovated to provide it with modern comforts. Thus, the hotel offers an unforgettable stay in its 98 rooms and suites, elegantly decorated with a classic Italian style and with details of craftsmanship. The rooms have full marble bathrooms full of amenities. In addition, the establishment has more details for its guests, for example, they can consult the daily press on paper or access through their terminals to newspapers and magazines courtesy of the hotel. Highlights its restaurant spaces with two restaurants and a lounge bar. La Terraza offers a gourmet menu, Michelin Star, with unique views of Rome; Il Giardino Ristorante has Italian dishes and La Libreria offers snacks, salads, tea and cocktails in the evening. In addition, guests will find more luxury spaces such as the 24-hour gym, 24-hour reception service, and an exclusive urban spa, with the possibility of submerging in private Jacuzzis.   What to see in Rome during 3 days? What you want. Really. Rome is one of the cities with the greatest wealth in the world, and not even a year would be enough to visit every church, every square, every historical ruin. So the best advice we could give is to visit what you are most excited about. As an example, visit the Colosseum, and visit the Sistine Chapel in private, unique experiences we recommend you plan before you arrive with your travel agent or consultant. Of course, never leave Rome without flipping a coin in the Fontana di Trevi. Surely this monumental fountain is not as big as you imagined, and it will be difficult to make your way through the crowd. But, even so, the Fontana di Trevi is a must, and they say that if you flip a coin in the water of the fountain, you will go back to Rome. Although you’ll come back anyway, sure. Visit it at night, when it empties almost completely, and feel like Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni in La dolce vita. Two or three days are few to run from one attraction to the next and, in addition, in Rome you can enjoy walking, losing and letting yourself be surprised. For shopping lovers: Walk through Via Condotti. This street, which opens in front of the Piazza Espagna, houses some of the most exclusive shops in Rome like Prada or Gucci, Visit Rinsacente, the best of what you can wish for shopping, under a single roof. An offer that is continuously renewed, signed by international and local brands… and do not miss their rooftop terrace with a stunning view of the city. You will be able to enjoy a glass of Prosecco after a long morning shopping. Regarding restaurant recommendations, here are my personal favorite: La Pergola, located in the Rome Cavalieri hotel, of the Waldorf Astoria chain, is the only restaurant with three Michelin stars in Rome. Entering Imàgo, located at the Hassler’s 6th floor panoramic Michelin starred restaurant in Rome with its unique view over the city. Dal Bolognese is an elegant restaurant in Rome, preferred by important politicians as well as executives and artists. We recommend to book in advance. At Michelin starred AROMA at Palazzo Manfredi, you will find Rome reflected in a menu of classic Italian dishes on a picturesque outdoor terrace offering an unparalleled Colosseum view. The Ristorante Alla Rampa for over 40 years offers dishes from ancient Roman cuisine, right in the Spanish Steps, here you will find a non-touristic Italian restaurant with great seafood and other Italian dishes. I hope this guide of Rome has been useful for you; Rome is known as the “Eternal City” because in it time seems to have stopped for centuries. Its monuments and the remains of imposing buildings make a walk through its streets a journey in time to the peak of the city’s splendor. When are you planning to visit Rome again? Carmen Caballero is Founder of Exotik Traveler. Exotik Traveler is a luxury travel design and consultancy firm which creates unique experiences for luxury travelers, tailored to their needs. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Carmen Caballero

Carmen Caballero is the founder and luxury travel consultant behind Exotik Traveler, a luxury travel design and consultancy firm which creates unique experiences for luxury travelers, tailored to their needs. Globally-based in Madrid, Spain, and about 7 years of hard work developing her company, Carmen has worldwide loyal clients and is grateful to have a growing clientele that proudly recommend her services and repeat. Carmen focuses on the design of luxury travel experiences around the world, maintaining high quality standards for demanding worldwide customers and servicing above their expectations. Carmen has traveled notably, and currently continues her way with over 315 luxury hotels and over 38 countries, and continues to follow her passion which is to travel, and curate luxury experiences for her clients. Moreover, with over 70.000 followers in Instagram, Carmen helps some businesses in the luxury travel industry enhance their social media exposure. Her personal experience has taught her how to grow clientele in social media, conscious of how important brand image and first impression are in social media channels. Carmen knows in depth the needs and demands of the luxury travel industry and of high-demand clients.

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  1. Totally agree with advice to take private tours – you can waste a lot of time queueing to get into attractions such as the Colosseum and the Vatican. It’s great to be able to skip to the start of the line.

  2. I think you are being a little optimistic to try to do Rome in a weekend. My advice would be not to rush it. Wait until you can give Rome the four or five days that it deserves. I have a friend who had lived there for a couple of years and she is still finding places and activities that fascinate her.

    1. Elizabeth you are totally right. It would be tragic just to spend two days in Rome. To get the full flavour of Roman life you need much more time. It is a place for lingering at a museum or gallery and taking your time over an alternative fresco lunch. Also you should set aside some time for an opera or concert in the evening.

  3. The last time I was in Rome was when I was backpacking. It would be a very different experience to have private tours and go to a three Michelan star restaurant

  4. I am bookmarking this post! I’d love to visit Rome on my future interrailing plans but for somewhere that’s so famous for its history, I think this post proves that Rome can be quite luxurious too! If I’m going to be slumming it for most of the trip, I’m going to want to treat myself to some plush places every now and then and I think Rome is going to be my top priority! The restaurants sound lush too – I’ve got to make sure I indulge in some delicious traditional cuisine!

  5. The Hotel Eden sounds like a great location nearby the Spanish Steps. My brother went to Rome the other year and absolutely loved it, but I have no idea where he stayed. It certainly wouldn’t have been a place anywhere near as luxurious as any of these places. I’ll have to send him this, see if it makes him want a return trip one day, perhaps when he’s feeling flush! I know he did all the main tourist hotspots. He’d certainly like the idea of a 24 hour gym and somewhere with interesting menus and Michelin Stars.

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