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I want to… discover my perfect holiday destination

Seeking travel inspiration can often be daunting and is dependent upon countless factors. Focusing on the absolute basics of what you really do want to do can lead to discovery of the best opportunities. Here we explore some key destinations that, quite simply, hit the spot.


The spot: Southeast Asia

To truly get lost, take a dip in the Andaman Sea. From the Malaysian archipelago of Langkawi to Phuket in Thailand, floating fishing villages hover on turquoise seas, dramatic rock formations plunge from jungle-clad hills and deserted beaches rival any in the world. The best part? You are likely be completely alone.


The spot: Ibiza

Drop anchor in a deserted cove by the magical Es Vedra rock. Hike up to the Se Pechera fort, taking a gourmet picnic. Enjoy some sundowners at Café del Mar before heading to Ibiza Old Town for an atmospheric dinner.


The spot: Grenadines

The Grenadines are totally tropical, from lush landscapes to velvet beaches. Spend time sailing remote anchorages and hidden coves, hopping between breath-taking isles. Wander through verdant rainforests, where banana and coconut palms sway in the breeze. Swim with turtles, sunbathe on sandbars and let life lilt along on Caribbean time.


The spot: Ile de Porquerolles, French Riviera

While many head to the French Riviera, the Ile de Porquerolles is a place apart. Enjoy peace at secluded Plage de Notre Dame, backed by oak forests, lavender bushes, and olive, fig and pine trees. Have impromptu seafood barbeques, swim, dive and end the day with beach games and chilled rosé at sunset.


The spot: Florida & The Bahamas

Between the sparkling glamour of Florida and the remote, unblemished beaches of the Bahamas, it’s only 100 nautical miles to sail. Ideal dual destinations to indulge a multitude of senses: from the gorgeous Abaco Islands to the vibrant nightlife at The Ocean Club. Start and end your yachting adventure in Florida to combine bustling marinas with superlative shopping and indulgent spas.


The Spot: St Barts

With an exceptional landscape bursting with natural beauty and stunning beaches combined with luxurious amenities set in a chic, relaxed environment, St Barts still retains commensurate exclusivity. It’s reputation as a prime Caribbean party hub is due somewhat to the many prestigious events that take place here but also to the outstanding nightlife hotspots offering anything from stylish entertainment to a rockstar vibe.

Have fun

The spot: Mykonos, Greece

Where glamour meets the simple life, visit the boho-retro beach at Agios Sostis, with icing sugar sand and impossibly clear water. A lunchtime barbecue at the hidden gem of Kiki’s Taverna is compulsory while boutique entertainment comes alive at sunset. Make way to fun-packed Super Paradise Beach Club or head to Matogianni Street in town for guaranteed dusk ’til dawn action.

Enjoy watersports

The spot: Sardinia

Kayak from Cala Gonone beach and paddle the coastline’s secluded beaches. Appealingly inaccessible, beautiful Cala Luna is one of the best snorkelling beaches in Sardinia, dedicated kite and windsurfers will enjoy the wave-strewn double bay at Porto Pollo and great surf breaks at Villasimius keep boarders busy.


The spot: Tahiti

Dive clear, shallow lagoons flanked by dolphins or mysterious sunken vessels with walls of rainbow coral. Try your hand at deep-sea fishing for Blue Marlin and Mahi Mahi or hike into the mountains for a jungle-framed picnic. Nothing says exotic like the heavy-scented breezes of the Society Islands.

Just “be”

The spot: Hvar, Croatia 

Unspoiled Sveta Nedelja, nestled on Hvar’s rugged south shore, enjoys scenic views across the Adriatic. If you are a wine lover, take lunch at Plenkovic Vineyard with exceptional choice from the underwater cellar… And don’t forget to admire the incredible sunset as evening arrives.

Take time to discover new destinations, experience local culture and become inspired by fresh surroundings. Your journey starts here.

Nicholas Dean is Managing Partner of Ocean Independence. Ocean Independence is a global leader in luxury yachting, providing a bespoke experience across yacht charter, sales and management.

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Nicholas Dean

Global full-service superyacht brokerage company Ocean Independence specialise in yacht sales, charter, new build and management. One of the fastest-growing companies in the luxury-yachting sector, Ocean Independence operates the largest crewed charter fleet in the world and a team that combines more years of marine expertise than any other brokerage company globally. Founded in 2005, Ocean Independence now has approximately 115 employees, operating from 15 offices around the world, speaking 24 different languages.

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  1. I think “my perfect holiday destination” is a constantly moving feast. What would have been a great fun and friends location in our early twenties just wouldn’t do once you’ve got the needs of children to think of. It’s great to have pieces like this to make you think about what you are looking for.

    1. Surprisingly my husband and I are getting more adventurous as we get older. Our attitude now is very much “seize the day” if we don’t do a trek or go sailing or do a zip wire now then in a few years it might be too late. There’s also a sense of freedom that the kids are grown up and independent. It wouldn’t matter too much if our catamaran capsized and we were lost at sea. In fact they’d get their inheritance earlier than planned.

  2. I totally appreciate the encouragement to be inspired and try new destinations. I really don’t get it when people say,”This is our 23rd year at this hotel and for the last 17 summers we’ve had the same room.” There’s a whole wide world out there. Go and discover it.

  3. Surprisingly some of the best holidays that I have ever had are the ones where I didn’t really want to go there.

    Often I have travelled reluctantly when my wife and her best friend have planned and booked a holiday. Then much to my surprise we’ve had a great time. The lesson is keep your mind open and try anywhere and everywhere.

  4. Oh wow, such an incredible round up of gorgeous destinations! I must admit I don’t really think of Southeast Asia when daydreaming about holidays, but I definitely will now.I actually find he idea of the quietude and being alone quite appealing. Being somewhere that’s populated is great for the tourist experience and energy and vibrancy, but somewhere quieter should be a nice way to enjoy the undisturbed area and recharge your batteries on holiday.

    Ibiza is one I’ve always only really associated with partying. Places that get those kinds of connotations then get overlooked so people don’t always know about the beautiful scenery, like the Es Vedra rock and the Se Pechera fort, which is a shame.

    I would love to go to Florida and the Bahamas and soak up the warm weather and gorgeous beaches. I would also love to be able to visit the French Riviera at some point. Then again, I’d happy go to any of these places, right now. I think I’m already ready to pack a suitcase!

  5. I think having the perfect holiday really depends on what kind of vacation you want to achieve and finding the perfect place that suits your expectations.Tahiti and Sardinia are the perfect holiday destinations for me. Personally, I like spending vacations in places that are close to nature since I live in a city. Rich culture, beautiful architecture, and amazing food are some of the things that I look for in a country. I’m really excited to go here soon and experience the perfect vacation.

  6. You’ve hit upon a really important question here. How do we decide on where we want to travel?

    I worry that we are quite heavily influenced by the media. Recently, I asked a friend why she and her family were going to New York and why they had chosen that particular hotel. When she replied that she’d read a piece in a well-known daily national newspaper it struck me as making a decision on very limited information.

    Has the time come for us to tell Travel Professionals what we want and then listen to their suggestions of places that fit the bill? After all they know what new destinations are appearing and what the latest trends are.

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