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The 6 most luxurious casinos in the world

We all like to play some of the casino games from time to time. But some of us prefer to enjoy the real experience, and these are the most luxurious casinos in the world to spend both your cash and your time. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore This casino doesn’t really need any introduction. This landmark has been the main attraction of the Singapore skyline since it was built. And while it has a massive casino boasting 2.300 slot machines and 500 gaming tables, it is probably best known for its luxury hotel with the rooftop infinity pool which has one of the best views of Singapore. If you don’t like to get wet, there’s also a beautiful museum and great theatre shows. Of course there is also a huge shopping mall located underneath which might be a good alternative if you want to go all in. Sun City, South Africa Located only 2 hours away from Johannesburg, this casino gives you a true African experience. Right behind the casino is Pilanesberg, one of the most amazing national parks of South Africa, giving you the chance to view the big 5 and lots of other amazing animals. And if you are bored at the casino or going on game drives in the park, there are loads of other things to keep you going. Other main attractions are the Valley of the Waves where you can find a giant wave pool and an amazing golf course. Bellagio,Las Vegas Being one of the most luxurious hotels and casinos in one of the most famous cities in the world, the Bellagio deserves its place in this top 6. It was featured in the blockbuster “Ocean’s Eleven” which gave it even more of a boost to become one of the places to go when visiting Sin city. Surely everyone knows the dancing fountains in front of the hotel. But also inside you’ll be blown away by the beauty and elegance. The perfect example of a luxury casino. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco This casino doesn’t need any introduction, and it is probably one of the most exclusive casinos out there. Located in the center of Monte-Carlo, this epitome of luxury is the perfect habitat for the high roller. The history behind this amazing building, the elegant interiors and the Mediterranean flair all give it something “je ne sais quoi”. If you are more into luxurious cars, this is also the place to be as all the latest and fastest models line up in front of the building on a daily basis. Just take a seat on the terrace, order a glass of bubbly and enjoy the luxury lifestyle taking place in front of you. The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, Germany While this is in theory a spa resort, it also boosts one of the oldest casino’s in the world. It began to achieve its international fame around mid-1830’s, when Las Vegas wasn’t even existing and Macau was still very much in Portuguese hands. It was called “the most beautiful casino in the world” by Marlene Dietrich, and for good reason. The rooms are decorated with beautiful chandeliers which light up all the gold and red furniture. It’s one of the smallest casinos in this list but often true luxury comes in small packages. The Venetian Macao, China Located in Macao, the famous gambling neighbor of Hong Kong, the Venetian is a massive 546.000 square feet of pure gambling pleasure. It has replica’s from several Venetian landmarks and inside there is even the possibility to go for a boat ride on the canals. There are around 3.000 gaming machines and a total of 870 table games to enjoy. Enough to keep you busy for a while. And don’t worry, your brain isn’t letting you down. There is indeed also the Venetian in Las Vegas which is almost identical, so I understand the confusion. Also don’t worry to bring the kids, as there is a kids arcade located within the casino. Talking about the perfect family escape! Have you been in any of these casinos, or do you know of any other amazing ones which should make it on this list? I would love to know.

Kristof Eyckmans

Kristof Eyckmans is a travel writer from Antwerp, Belgium. He’s been living all across the globe and while he loves wildlife and nature, he can still enjoy a good urban jungle.

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  1. My reluctance to put my hand in my pocket or buy a round of drinks is legendary amongst my friends. Casinos are not my natural habitat and I am never going to risk my hard earn money on the spin of a wheel or turn of a card. Having said that I love the grandeur and opulence of the architecture of casinos.

    1. Agreed. You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy the grandeur or the architectural opulence of some of these casino’s.

  2. Take another look at the picture of the Kurhaus at Baden Baden. For me it just sums up the glamour of the casino. I think that the rich grandeur of the settings is all part of the pull. For most of us, living in our small flats and houses, for just a few hours, a casino enables us to escape into something of a fantasy world.

  3. Casinos are great for people watching. With all the stunning even gowns, glittering jewellery and dress suits it’s like being on the set of an 007 movie. I keep expecting to look up and see James Bond strolling in with a glamorous companion.

    For all the poker-faces and people keeping it under control you can really feel the drama and tension as people gamble. It’s like a night at the theatre but with high stakes and real life drama.

  4. When we were growing up as children we had fairy tales of magical palaces in wondrous lands. Then of course Disney’s animation brought all these fairy tales to life in cartoons. Then as adults we still need to escape to fantasy lands. When you look at all of these amazing casinos you can see that the fantasy lives on. Of course we all hoping for the magical spell at the roulette wheel of black jack table that will instantly deliver a Prince or Princess’ lifestyle to us,

    1. It will always be a gamble, but remember, in the end the house always wins

  5. Out of these casinos on the list, I’ve been to the Bellagio in Las Vegas, famous for its dancing fountain, and Venetian Macao. Both are truly luxurious with large marble baths, walk-in closets, and superb services. But then, I also love to go to Caesars Palace because I love sports betting and their rooms are also large and offer great views. They have good food and the services are also on point.

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