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Finding the perfect holiday shot

Photographs make for the perfect holiday souvenir, where you can capture the moment to look back on in years to come and to be treasured forever. We’ve compiled a list of exciting photography opportunities for your next adventure, whether you’re venturing to the coast or the countryside. Switching up your commute in the Isle of Wight Ah, the Isle of Wight. Jaw dropping scenery, plenty of adventure and rich heritage awaits you. The Isle of Wight is synonymous with the Needles and the best way to see them is via the chairlift, with its gorgeous panoramic view of the coastline and the opportunity for a leisurely boat trip to view the Needles up close…once you get down to the bottom. With professional property photographers, lifestyle photographers and landscape photographers, we regularly send our team out to scope out the fun and exciting new shots. And the picturesque Island is an oh so wonderful place to find the perfect photograph. Our landscape photographer, Mike Searle, described his experience of getting this shot: “The experience of the Alum Bay chairlift is different from those in the mountains: you start at the top and go down. The feeling as you plunge, feet dangling, is exhilarating. All of a sudden, the sparkling blue sea comes into view with The Needles in the distance, boats bobbing, people playing on the beach far below. It all went in a blur as I frantically fired off a few frames, trying not to drop my camera in the process. “At the bottom boats wait to take you round the bay to see the Needles. You can choose a fast speedboat or a more sedate tour. On the way up we enjoyed spotting items that people had dropped accidentally from the chairlift: lots of odd flip-flops, sun hats and buckets. I wonder how many kids limped back to the car with a flip-flop on one foot!” Spotting jellyfish in Beer, Devon Sometimes, the perfect shot is completely unexpected, and that is certainly true of this drone shot! What was meant to be a simple shot of a boat in the ocean turned out to be something a little more unexpected when we spotted multiple jellyfish. Wow! And if you don’t have access to a drone? Well, Beer is a picture-perfect village, ideal for novice and experienced photographers, providing you with the opportunity to photograph colourful boats moored on the shore, picturesque white chalk cliffs and the gorgeous coastal path. Setting up the self-timer in Cornwall Set up the self-timer and get ready for action! Place the camera on a steady surface, select how many seconds you need and go…! Action shots like this one are the perfect way to capture holiday fun, whether it’s jumping into the sea, getting a group shot or photographing the sunset without missing it yourself! Cornwall is in the perfect location for those active shots, with gorgeous varied landscapes, including jaw-dropping coastal views, golden sands and those turquoise waters. Get close to nature in Dorset Channel your inner David Attenborough and keep a look out for wildlife. You may need to wait a while to get the perfect shot, but patience is key when it comes to photographing wildlife. They make for amazing photographs to show off to your family and friends when you get home, but don’t forget to keep a good distance, you don’t want to frighten them! Dorset is a wonderful place for wildlife, with plenty of fascinating species, including squirrels, hedgehogs, deer and hares. Getting seasonal in Cornwall The beautiful poppies in this photo were captured in early summertime in Cornwall, and photographing seasonal variations always makes for stunning shots, whether you’re visiting in time to see the lambs and daffodils in spring, the gorgeous autumnal colours or perhaps even the snow in the winter! Simon Tregoning is the Chairman at Classic Cottages. Classic Cottages have an exclusive portfolio of places to stay, handpicked in the best locations from the tip of far west Cornwall across the south of England and over on the Isle of Wight. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Simon Tregoning

Simon Tregoning is the Chairman for Classic Cottages. Classic Cottages has an exclusive portfolio of places to stay, handpicked in the best locations from the tip of far west Cornwall across the south of England and over on the Isle of Wight. Classic Cottages find holiday cottages that make you say wow. From bijou fishermen’s cottages on a harbour’s edge, to sprawling country pads, we’re picky about what we offer so you can be sure you’re always getting the best. Holidays with hot tubs, properties that welcome four-legged friends and homes set up with babies in mind all feature in our eclectic mix of home-from-homes.

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  1. A nice collection of shots. At the moment with temperatures soaring and threats of industrial action at Britain’s airports this little portfolio is a timely reminder of the many charms of the British coast and countryside.

    1. They certainly are Maggie! It’s lovely to have a reminder of all the beautiful places within the UK. Do you have any UK trips planned?

    2. There was a time when I got into the trap of thinking that a holiday had to begin with a flight or a ferry crossing. These pictures are a reminder of what a great place Britain is for a holiday. You don’t have to queue for baggage drop, then security and then wait in a departure lounge for your flight to have a great holiday. For those of us lucky enough to live in Britain there are plenty of great attractions on hand.

  2. Twenty years ago you would have been carrying around a big bag of photographic equipment to take good quality photos. Then if you wanted a break from being a weightlifter and the opportunity for a good picture turned up you would have missed it. With a smart phone in our pocket we can all be great photographers 24 / 7. As these photos show you can get on with enjoying your holiday in beautiful landscapes and then whip your phone out if a good photo opportunity should happen to present itself.

    1. I agree Rob, with the quality of cameras on phones getting better and better, it’s easy to get great photos from your holiday to look back on!

  3. One of my friends heads off on holiday armed with her digital camera and always aims to create a calendar from their main family holiday. When she’s away for 2 weeks it is fairly easy to get 12 great pictures.

    Then when she’s back home it is relatively straight forward to download the best 12 shots into one of these commercial software offerings that creates a calendar for her. A few days later a wonderful calendar, a real stash of memories, arrives through the post.

  4. I’ve never been on one of their chair lift type things at resorts or mountains. Doing that one at Alum Bay, top to bottom, sounds interesting, but maybe best to take your flip flops off first! My ex’s friend is a photographer, mostly as a hobby but he’s fantastic at it and I remember seeing some of his wildlife shots a few weeks ago. I’ll have to send him this post, give him a little inspiration and some new ideas of what to check out. Dorset, Devon & Cornwall are all quite popular for UK staycations, and it looks like there’s plenty of opportunities for some great snaps, no matter your skill level.
    Great photos, I especially like the pretty poppies.

  5. As I’ve lived in England for all of my life I’ve visited all of these destinations at some time or other. Admittedly I haven’t been to the Isle of Wight for a long time. I had some great family holidays there as a child, in fact I think there was a post on The Isle of Wight on A Luxury Travel Blog about a month ago and I made a mental note that I must get back there too.

    Although Olde England cannot quite compete with New England when it comes to spectacular autumn foliage there are a number of spots where you can get some fantastic autumn pictures. I’ve always liked to get a cottage for a week in autumn to do some walking and enjoy the colours.

  6. Do it for the gram! A lot of people these days are fond of taking “instagram worthy” pictures to make their feed aesthetically pleasing and creative as well. Back then, we used to take pictures of people or ourselves then print it out and put it on an album. However, a lot of things changed throughout the years and technology made things different. People tend to take pictures of food, places and dress up to make sure that their photo will match their feed. These places are surely instagram worthy! If I were to choose places where I would love to take photos, it would be at Dorset and Cornwall. I bet the sunset looks amazing there and it is a very nice place to relax and be close to nature.

  7. This was enlightening to me, I wasn’t aware of these places really. A village called Beer in the south of England? I’ll have to check that out someday. Some great shots in this post, inspiring to take more photos while traveling.

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