The 5 best beaches in Curacao

When you set Curacao as your vacation destination, you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time on the beach. But with so many beaches and so few vacation days, you need to make the most of your time during this vacation getaway. To help, here are the best beaches in Curacao you absolutely need to visit.

Playa Grandi (and Playa Piscado)

These two beaches run together, so if you visit one you’ll end up on the other. Whichever you end up on make sure you rent out snorkel equipment as this is by far the very best destination for swimming with sea turtles and other marine life. The water is a brilliant blue with excellent visibility. Just make sure to invest in an underwater camera become you come because there’s so much to see under the surface.

Grote Knip

This is the kind of beach you go to when you want to show off to your friends back home and make them jealous. The baby blue water laps gently against the white sandy beaches. You can rent out a cabana, soak up the sun on the sand, and you’re always just a short walk away from delicious refreshments. So snap up the pictures and get ready to share your posts on Instagram, Snapchat, and all your other social media accounts.

Playa Lagun

This beach takes a bit more to get to. In fact, it is nestle in between two large rock formations, giving you more of a cove front experience than an expansive beach. However, it is this small cove that makes it that much more tranquil. You won’t have many other beachgoers to deal with. All the while you get to soak up some of the best water and sand in the Caribbean.

Playa Santa Cruz

Here the beachfront is picturesque. You have private cabanas, and the tall grass surrounding the sand makes it feel like New England beachfront meets the Caribbean. Of course, it’s also exceptionally elegant as you can get a massage right on the beach!

Playa Porto Mari

If you’re looking for a popular beachfront destination this is it. Don’t worry, it’s not too busy, but you’ll have more people around. You’ll also have wild pigs that love to soak up the sun. If you’ve ever wanted to swim with pigs, Playa Porto Mari is calling your name!

Each of these five beaches offers something a little different from the next. So whether you want to break free of the crowds or you’re looking to party it up, there is a beach for you in Curacao. Just make sure to get out there and have fun on your laid-back luxurious Curacao holiday.

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Comments (7)

  1. Dick says:

    “New England beachfront meets the Caribbean“. Private cabanas too. Can it get any better than that? Playa Santa Cruz could be the place for me!

  2. Kirsty Emerson says:

    Until now I just thought Blue Curacao was a drink. I suppose I should be ashamed of my lack of geography education but I didn’t know that it was a place as well. And what a place! I’d like to be sat in a bar, sipping a Blue Curacao with plenty of ice, overlooking one of these beaches.

  3. Mo says:

    Had a short stay in Curacao a few years ago. Yes, it was amazing. It’s even more beautiful than it looks in these pictures. Lovely people, relaxed Caribbean vibe and beautiful beaches. I wanna go back.

    • Julia Harper says:

      It’s hard to imagine Curacao being even more gorgeous than in the photos! I can see why you want to go back. Do you have a favourite beach from when you visited? I think I’d be hard pushed to pick where to go.

  4. Attesh Patel says:

    Turquoise seas, clear waters for the turtles, white sand beaches and cooling breezes rustling the palm trees – you get the sense of all of those in the pictures. Curacao is typically and wonderfully Caribbean. I am a lucky man in that I usually have a couple of business trips a year to the region. If all goes to plan I can sometimes sneak an hour on the beach just before the sun goes down.

  5. Kenny Ralph says:

    Beautiful. Makes me want to reach for my tropical pattern T-shirt, Bermuda shorts and flip/flops. Oh yeah, sunshades too.

  6. Julia Harper says:

    The beach at Grote Knip is the sort of place that always looks Photoshopped, it’s like it’s too good to be true. That’s my dream destination right there. I’m also quite tempted by Playa Santa Cruz as I love the sound of a massage on the beach. How idyllic!

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