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Top 5 St. Tropez beach clubs

My blog post last month was about beach clubs in Ibiza and it sparked a healthy debate, here and elsewhere, about Tripadvisor. The take away for me was suck it and see, for yourself. It’s like reading reviews of a film you’d like to see, the reviews universally panning said film and then you walking away after viewing and wondering where the reviewers heads were at; it was a winner for you. Of course every establishment should take a bad review seriously, if they care enough, If they don’t they’ll soon go out of business. Anyway, this month’s blog is about the joys of beach clubs in St Tropez and I dare say some of these have been shot at from the people who contribute to Tripadvisor. A day at a beach club can offer you comfort and great food, in a stunning location. Why not be pampered and looked after? You’ve earned it. Here are five venues in and around St Tropez that could just be the perfect day and in some cases, the night at the beach. Go, and make up your own mind! Pearl Beach Pearl Beach is a beautiful restaurant by the sea in St Tropez. The views are stunning and so are the sunsets. The staff are super friendly and helpful and the food is great . It’s not fine dining but it hits the spot. Behind its sculpted doors the ambience is timeless. The teak floors are reminiscent of Asia and the Palm trees offer shaded areas if you need to cool off from the heat of the Mediterranean sun. In the relaxing setting of Pearl Beach, you can indulge in the St. Tropez Wellness Spa which offers a variety of unique treatments and services. It’s a one stop shop to provide you with everything you need for a fabulous day of relaxation, in a great setting. Pearl Beach is away from the port which is more expensive and the setting here slightly out of town on the quiet beach is much better. Nikki Beach Nikki Beach is a brand and can be found in some of the most fashionable hot spots around the world. They have clubs in Koh Samui, Dubai, Santorini, Miami, Mallorca, Ibiza and Barbados. That list is not exhaustive. It goes without saying that they have perfected the brand. At any Nikki Beach resort you can expect great food, fabulous decor, a vibesy ambience and five star service. The St Tropez Nikki Beach is stunning and you can expect to rub shoulders with the jet set and international celebrities. Nikki Beach is probably at the top end of the budget but here you get what you pay for, class! Nikki Beach is big on events and there’s usually something going off most of the time in the summer season. From top international DJ’s to culinary evenings in the company of top class chefs. Club 55 Probably the most famous of all the St Tropez beach clubs. Surprisingly enough Club 55 opened it’s doors in 1955. It gained a lot of traction when it was used as the catering venue for Brigitte Bardot and the crew filming ‘And God Created Woman’ a film which well and truly put St Tropez on the map. Miss Bardot fell in love with this exquisite place and bought a house not far away, in the seaside resort of Saint-Tropez. Club 55 has been charming visitors with its shabby-chic restaurant and stripy blue parasols since it’s inception. Fast forward more than 60 years and the hugely popular Saint Tropez beach club still hosts some of the biggest names in Hollywood, who flock to Club 55 for its low-key dining and privacy behind a row of Tamarisk trees. Club 55 is a true St Tropez legend. Club 55 is in Ramatuelle, just outside St Tropez and can get very busy. A reservation is a must. Pictured is Patrice de Colmont, the proud owner of the legendary Club 55. Tahiti Beach Club In 1952, Felix and Marie Palmari acquired land near Ramatuelle on the Côte d’Azur. It was a beach of pure white sand, pristine and deserted. Developed slowly and carefully, without compromising the integrity of its perfect natural beauty, Tahiti Beach has been one of the best beach clubs since opening and it is also the oldest. Nine years before Club 55 opened its doors, Tahiti Beach had already established itself as the place for locals to come and relax on Pampelonne beach; where they could eat, drink and laze under the St Tropez sun. Feel the true spirit of the French Riviera as you relax with a cocktail and take in the unspoilt haven that surrounds you. Tahiti Beach remains a hideaway, in an exclusive and peaceful garden. More than 60 years after its creation, this unspoilt paradise is an institution; a legend that continues to attract a holidaymakers who come to enjoy a private beach that is amongst the best to be found on this most beautiful of coastlines. LouLou LouLou is a newcomer and it’s really too early to consider it for the best of anything, but having said that, it’s made a promising start. Designed by Officine D’Architecture, LouLou is the French Riviera sister restaurant to the the original LouLou situated in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Executive chef Benoit Dergere has out together a menu of French and Italian fare. Think antipasti, salads, raw vegetables, pizzas, pastas, grilled meat and fish. LouLou was designed as a chic homage to the bohemian Riviera of the 1950’s. The colour palette is a mixture of white and creams and looks resplendent against the azure of the sparkling sea and the deep blue sky. Very fresh looking, coupled with simple food, great views and a fabulous location, I can only see LouLou becoming a future favourite for visitors to St Tropez. Danny Frith is Director at SkiBoutique. SkiBoutique is a luxury ski chalet agency based in Switzerland. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Dan Frith

Dan Frith is the Owner of SkiBoutique and SunBoutique. SkiBoutique was founded in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength. SunBoutique opened its doors for business in 2019. Dan specialises in high-end, luxury ski chalets in the Alps and luxury villas in several locations around the Mediterranean. Dan also ski guides in Zermatt, his winter home. Dan spends his summers in Mallorca so it’s fair to say he has his finger on the pulse of both winter and summer destinations. Dan is very much hands on with his clients and quite a few have become close friends. Dan is always looking for new properties that meet the high bar he has set for both winter and summer accommodation.

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  1. There’s probably an art to interpreting what one reads on TripAdvisor and turning into useful data to help you design the perfect trip – but I’m afraid that I don’t know what it is!

    I certainly wouldn’t go on the statistical data. Last week I stayed at a hotel averaging a healthy 4.6 rating, however the service was abysmal. When I looked back at TripAdvisor I saw that the last two reviews had commented about poor service. I suspect there has been a recent change of management.

  2. If I’m only going to be in St Tropez for a long weekend I can’t really go for the “suck it and see” approach! My days of annual leave are precious, which is why I’m an avid A Luxury Travel Blog reader. I rely a lot on other people’s reviews and info, I don’t want to waste a day in the sun – so thanks for passing on your comments here.

    1. I rely quite a lot on reviews, but I do take them with a pinch of salt. You can’t fully rely on them but it’s always good to get a snapshot of other experiences and especially recommendations from the pros and other travellers like on here. As you say, our vacation time is precious so we want to make the best choices with the information we have available to us to guide our decision making. Hopefully that way we get better experiences more often than not!

    2. Although online reviews have many failings I wouldn’t want to go back to the dark days before we had the internet. Back then you had very little info to go on for hotels, restaurants and clubs. And as a consumer now you’ve got a voice to to express your complaints or praise, and businesses know it too. Usually you only have to mention that you are going to write an online view and miraculously the service improves immediately.

  3. I totally agree, you have to take reviews with a pinch of salt as every experience will be different and people have their own expectations and preferences. You won’t really know what something’s like until you try it for yourself. When I saw the title of this I was expecting clubs like dance clubs and I picture drunken tourists, loud music, sweaty people and everything I feel too old for. It’s good to know there’s a good range of places to go for a little music, entertainment or pampering that’s suitable for a wider audience. I prefer the calmer, higher quality vibe and I love the sound of Pearl Beach, that’s definitely my kind of club scene!

  4. It intrigued me that Nikki Beach is an international brand. Interesting to know if they adapt their offering to provide some local character and colour or is it reliably Nikki Beach whether you are in Dubai or Koh Samui or wherever? Do the punters just want a product they know wherever they go? Though the picture of live music suggests that they can customise according to the location.

  5. It’s hard to imagine anything in St Tropez being anything less than 110% pucker. They’ve got a very discerning clientele willing to pay top dollar but only for the very best of anything. I would guess that the real question is more about the ambience and style as it varies from one Beach Club to the next. Nice “First World Problem” to have, which Beach Club suits you?

    1. I have to disagree. From my experience St Tropez attracts an odd mix of two distinct categories; 1) transient wealthy/celebrity types disembarking as part of a broader itinerary, 2) a torrent of associated people watching/wannabie types trying to hang on to an aspirational lifestyle.

      They say money doesn’t buy class, and St Tropez is the epitome of that expression. It is full establishments offering limited menu choices, at incredibly poor value for money.

      Service is beyond abysmal – expect 15-30 minutes before you’re offered a menu, another hour before you get to place your order. Factor in 3-4 hours for meals.

      Club Tropicana is appalling, incredibly loud music, overfilled beach beds, bad food, horrible service. Sleazy customers, witnessed young bargirls being touched up and having their hair rearranged by aged fat men.

      Club 55 is more towards the acceptable end. Even still, at 55 you can expect sub-standard menu choices, extremely simple dishes poorly presented. Their food quality is beyond terrible -considering it is the south of France.

      Everywhere is phenomenally overpriced – expect to pay Michelin Star prices for the most average of restaurant fare.

      Irrespective of price, the wealthy set understand quality, it’s clear why so many choose to eat on their yachts rather than run the gauntlet at the almost unbearable beachside establishments.

      Avoid ST at all costs, it is the epitome of nouveau riches, low class with zero taste. Unless you’re stopping off to fuel up your super-yacht, skip it. There are a ton of gems up and down the French Coast.

  6. As I’ve still got snow on my back lawn it seems a long way to go before I’m sunning my self on a Mediterranean beach. I’m still very open minded as to which Med beach it will be for 2020. I would imagine that these St Tropez Beach Clubs are so upmarket that the admission fee would be pretty high. Every now and again you have to treat yourself and I find that those are the treats that you remember for the rest of your life. We all need some luxury to keep us going.

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