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The top 5 honeymoon experiences in Africa

Nothing is more special than falling asleep to the wild hum of the African bush; couple this with a honeymoon and you have yourself the most romantic adventure this world has to offer. Any experience in the African wilderness is sure to be wildly romantic, but I have compiled the very best honeymoon experiences across the continent which will kick off married life in style. Sleeping under the stars in The Selous, Tanzania Safari camps come in many shapes and sizes, from solid brick structures, to the classic tented yet very spacious under canvas experience. One adventure which takes you back to the basics of safari magic, is a night sleeping out under the stars in your own private “fly camp”. A few safari lodges around the continent offer this experience, where you leave main camp one night with your own private chef and butler to spent the night sleeping under a thin mosquito net in the middle of the wilderness. Guards watch the area so you are not left to your own devices, but this experience completely immerses you into nature and offers a truly magical perspective of the African bush. In my view, it is the most romantic wildlife and wilderness experience on the continent. The best night under the stars can be found in the watery and wild Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania at the luxurious Sand Rivers on the banks of the Rufiji River. Sunset dinner on the Zambezi From the beautiful Tongabezi Lodge you can enjoy a candlelit dinner, not only in the secluded Zambian wilderness, but also in the middle of the mighty Zambezi river… there is nothing quite like seeing the blood red sunset shimmering across the Zambezi, and there is nothing quite like tucking into a delicious three course moon and candlelit dinner – marry these two together and you have one of the most memorable and romantic evenings in safari Africa. Hot-air balloon ride over the Masai Mara Wake up at 4am to the early morning stir of the African bush and venture off on an experience like no other. Time a hot air-balloon ride well in between July and September and you may catch the epic Great Wildebeest Migration. There is surely no better a way to appreciate the sheer enormity of the greatest show on earth than from a bird’s eye view. The thousands of galloping big grazers below are like flies in the distance. After an hour of soaking up tiny elephants drinking, stampeding wildebeest, eagles soaring and the beautiful undulating Masai Mara landscape, you are greeted back down to safari reality with a glass of bubbly to round off the morning. Definitely something to get up early for, and scenes which you will remember for years to come. Helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls The Victoria Falls attract visitors from all over the world. It is spectacularly dramatic. Seeing the mighty Zambezi crash and fall to the ground is an amazing thing to witness, and seeing this from the air offers one of the most impressive views in Africa. You can enjoy a 15 minute helicopter ride, which is the best way to see it. The longer you do, the more expensive it gets and you can get the full experience from this short amount of time in the air. Helicopter rides are always special, but buzzing around the Victoria Falls is something quite different! Dine on a private beach off the coast of Tanzania Tanzania’s coastline is full of barefoot luxury beach paradises. Fanjove Private Island is the most reasonably priced beach experience in Africa, and also happens to be one of the most romantic. The beaches are wide, white and powdery, the water is warm and bright turquoise – it is safe to say Fanjove is encapsulates the romance of Indian Ocean ship-wreck chic. It is an exceptional option for honeymooners seeking a secluded private island experience without breaking the bank. Owned by a safari company, Fanjove knows how to look after their guests, and nothing showcases this more than when the sun goes down and the sparkling wine comes out in your private slice of paradise… Marc Harris is Managing Director of Africa Odyssey. Africa Oydssey is run by a team of award-winning experts offering tailor-made African safari holidays. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Marc Harris

Marc Harris is the Founder and Managing Director of Tanzania Odyssey and Africa Odyssey. Marc founded the companies in 1999 after a 2 year stint exploring and guiding all over Africa and still enjoys regular visits to this amazing continent. We are safari experts, long-established specialists in all aspects of African safari itinerary planning and ground management across sub-Saharan Africa. Therefore, whether you are dreaming of the ultimate walking safari through the heart of Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park or a champagne breakfast in the Masai Mara, whether you wish to encounter wild gorillas or enjoy the ultimate Indian Ocean island beach break, we will design the perfect itinerary for you.

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  1. Africa is the only continent left for us to explore. And this article soo makes me want to visit the place ASAP. But, in my case there are 2 kids in the picture; a toddler and a new-born (and they can’t be left behind at the mercy of someone else). So, do you think it’s feasible for me to travel to Africa and enjoy all these spots as a family instead as a couple? Or shall I wait some time?
    Would love to get some advice!

    1. Yeah Geeta, it is extremely manageable to visit Africa with kids. Just that you need to keep in mind the weather conditions as the continent is extremely hot during November to February and relatively cold from April to August. These summer vacations we embarked for a fun-filled family adventure. And it was absolutely amazing. Besides my own family, my two elderly uncle and aunt also tagged along and even they enjoyed to the core as there were all sorts of activities, adventures and amenities for everyone.
      Would definitely encourage you to visit and explore the continent.

    2. Yes Absolutely. Africa has plenty of activities in stored for tourists of all age groups be it tots, teenagers, grown-ups or old-age. I will put it very briefly for you:
      So, with toddlers Mauritius is an ideal destination since it’s free from malaria, is exceptionally safe and abounds in children’s clubs, malls, gardens and parks. Most of the resorts also offer Kid-friendly entertainment so that the parents can take a relaxing break.
      Next, adults can have the unforgettable time of their life at Namibia, Victoria Falls, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana or Kenya as these are loaded with thrilling adventures like rafting, safaris, wildebeest migration, hiking, hot-air ballooning, bungee jumping and so on.
      Finally, the elderly are certainly going to fall in love with the relatively modern South Africa, Mauritius or Mozambique for their rich scenery and calm surroundings.
      I hope I have got my point across!

    3. Geeta – of course you can travel as a family. Africa is certainly not just a place for honeymooners! The only thing I would be wary of is that most of Africa is malarial, and I would recommend taking the preventative medication, which can be difficult to make a new-born swallow. I would advise you wait for some time, when the kids will remember it and when you can relax into the holiday and all enjoy it together… Safaris are superb for kids from around 7 upwards! A lot of the best intimate camps won’t accommodate kids under 6, so I think waiting a few years would definitely be a good idea.

      Of course, as Moonis rightly says, Mauritius is an exceptional family destination so if you love beach time then this is a fantastic option. Madikwe in South Africa is also malaria free if you really want to go soon.

      As Lucy says, safaris are such a bonding experience for the whole family. Getting away from screens, and into the bush with the kids is a truly one of a kind holiday. Everyone from 8 to 80 can enjoy seeing the exceptional African wildlife.

      Hope this helps !

  2. Don’t know why, but this article is missing out Mozambique. Right after our wedding, we escaped to Mozambique and trust me when I say, there couldn’t be a better honeymoon destination in Africa. Every moment, every penny spent was totally worth it. Perhaps, what made our trip a fairy-tale one was our luxurious chalet right above the calm, turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Every morning we were greeted with spectacular views of sunrise and bidden good-night with equally mesmerizing sun sets. And of course, there were a lot of other couple activities one could indulge in like cruise tours, snorkelling, horse-riding, strolls along the beach (we used to take them between twilight to dusk), nature walks and kayaking.
    So a big, big YES to Mozambique to celebrate an unforgettable honeymoon!

    1. Hi Jackie. I completely agree! Mozambique is a very romantic destination. Unfortunately, I only has space for 5 !!

  3. I hope that these romantic experiences are not just for honeymooners! We’ve been married many years but you need some shared treats every now and again to help keep the magic of your relationship alive.

    I like the idea of sleeping under the stars. The Southern Sky just has so much more to see, especially without light-pollution, and every hour, it’s a very different spectacle.

    1. Hi Karen – not at all! Of course everyone can enjoy the romance of these experiences. Yes, sleeping under the stars is really something special. Nothing quite like snoozing asleep with nothing but a mosquito net between you and the buzz of the African bush. The stars never fail to amaze me every time I am in Africa.

  4. I’m trying to get my head round the idea of a three course dinner in the middle of the Zambezi River. My imagination is running riot.

    Do the waiters row out with each course? How often does the wine waiter row round? The process could bring a whole new meaning to the concept of silver service.

    Or is it a cold meal? A sort of picnic out of a hamper? I suppose you could also just have the wine on board in an ice bucket. If anybody has experienced that amazing meal I would be fascinated to know how it works.

    1. Hi Rose. I actually saw a couple dining on the Zambezi, but I am not entirely sure how it works beyond what I saw. It is essentially a big float which is stable enough to have a table for two, and two chairs. I believe the waiter stayed on the float with them (it is pretty big) and served up the courses and topped up the wine as and when, then once it was over, they has a short boat ride back to shore… Very romantic !

  5. Geeta dear it’s a famous saying that “Age is just a Number”. So, I believe that anyone can travel any where at any point in time- no matter the circumstances. Kids, no kids, parents or even grand parents. All you need is a bit of courage and commitment to do so.

  6. Surely a hot-air balloon has got to be the best way of watching the Great Migration? Looking down across the Masai Mara you must get a real sense of how many wildebeest are on the move.

    My only worry is that the shadow of the balloon or the sound of the burner might be intrusive, though I expect that if you are high enough most of the wildlife wouldn’t even know that you were there.

    1. The hot-air balloons are fairly unobtrusive as you say, when they are high up.. It is amazing to see the migration from above as you can appreciate the full scale of the spectacle. From a vehicle though, it is also fascinating to see the dots of wildebeest spreading well into the horizon. Also, on the ground, you can get a better view of the predator action, and also of the details – calving season is amazing to see close up. The calves are running along side their mothers at 5 minutes old… Extraordinary.

  7. A hot air balloon over the expansive Masai Mara area, that’s certainly one way to get a different view of the Wildebeest migration! Birds eye view at its best I imagine. It must be loud taking a chopper over the Victoria Falls with both the sound of the helicopter & the waterfall to contend with, that has got to be one heck of a thing to experience.

    1. All of the above are certainly up there with the coolest experiences on the continent, honeymoon or not and with someone or alone!

  8. I’d like to keep both feet on the ground for anything related to travel, so I find The Selous the most appealing. Just think of the expansive wildlife sanctuary where you can have an amazing adventure by day and unforgettable night under the stars. Plus, I think just having a private, quiet moment together is the most romantic thing ever.

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