The key advantages of staying at a private luxury villa

Private villas have redefined the concept of vacation accommodations ever since it entered the hospitality scene. Seeing that these vacation homes offer luxuries and conveniences that other accommodation options can’t, many travellers have chosen to spend their holiday getaway in these properties. In this article, we’re listing down some of the key advantages of staying in a private villa and why you should consider booking one for your next holiday escape. Perfect for groups While hotels can accommodate those travelling in a group, there is no doubt that private villas can do it better. In hotels, chances are you’ll get separate rooms on different floors, which definitely limits the group’s quality time. Even spending time in common areas such as the restaurant or lobby is not advisable as you’ll be sharing these spaces with other hotel guests. When you book a private villa, everyone is just under one roof. The rooms are close to each other and huge dining areas allow everyone to dine together. It is also likely that the cost of booking one private villa for the whole group is much more practical than having to book several rooms at a hotel or resort. Complete exclusivity Another perk of staying in a private villa is its exclusivity. Many vacation homes are nestled in a secluded area, allowing a sense of luxurious isolation away from the bustling crowd. Booking a private villa also means that you’ll have the property all to yourselves. This lets you and your vacation buddies enjoy the villa’s first-rate amenities such as an infinity pool, a fitness gym, a private spa room, and many more, without having to share them with strangers. A dedicated staff Most private villas also have dedicated staff to cater to the needs of their guests. The staff usually includes a private chef, a villa manager, and a housekeeping team. As the same team will be serving you from day one until the end of your stay, the staff members will be able to know you better and take note of your preferences, allowing them to tailor-fit their services to your needs. It eliminates the hassle of repeating instructions to different people. Personalized experiences Another luxury that vacation villas offer is personalized services for the most memorable experiences. If you’re looking to hold a simple event or an intimate get-together during your holiday vacation, private villas are truly the way to go. Your private chef can prepare meals according to your preferences and the villa staff can help you in setting up the perfect surprise party. Since you and your travel buddies are the only ones staying in the villa, you receive personal attention from all members of the staff, promising an extraordinary holiday experience. Home away from home Many private villas are designed to seamlessly combine luxurious elegance with a homey ambiance. This allows guests to revel in sophistication amidst scenic surroundings, while also enjoying an ultra-comfortable stay. As vacation homes, private villas are complete with state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-designed living area, a well-equipped kitchen, spacious dining areas, and beautifully landscaped garden areas. Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World. The Private World is a villa rentals company offering some the most top-rated luxury vacation home rentals in the world’s top tourist destinations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Silvan Kitma

Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World, a luxury villa rentals company offering an elite collection of holiday homes in Asia’s top tourist destinations. From tropical retreats in Thailand’s Phuket and Koh Samui as well as Bali in Indonesia to lavish holiday chalets in Niseko Japan, these properties offer complete exclusivity and unconventional opulence for travelers. Their offerings include private chefs and top-notch facilities such as gyms, cinemas, spas, and spectacular infinity pools overlooking the beauty of the local region. Though working as a manager, Silvan is also a writer by practice, a musician at heart, a comedian on impulse, and a father of four.

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  1. I can’t think of anything better than a vacay in a private villa for the comfort and simply the blissful peace and quiet. I’d want to spend longer than a week somewhere like this though, it seems too good an opportunity to get settled in and have that home away from home vibe. I also bet it would make for a great alternative for pre-wedding events, when you don’t want to just get smashed but to gather friends and family for quality time together and a party or two. I think I’m getting old with finding places too tacky or too busy lately. More and more I’m appreciating just being able to go somewhere that’s relaxing and convenient, but I’m also starting to prioritise quality over quantity. I think I probably take less trips than I used to so I’m more willing to invest more money into memorable ones that are a little more luxurious.

  2. Although I am going to keep the statistical data highly confidential, next year I will be celebrating quite a significant birthday.

    Amazingly, many of those university students that I first met in the late 1970s, with too much hair and too little concern for regular hygiene rituals, will also be celebrating the same very big birthday.

    Equally amazingly we have stayed friends for many decades and we’ve talked about getting together for a week of nostalgia to celebrate.

    A private villa would definitely be the way to go but it does need to be spacious so that everyone can find their own personal space. Odd to think that the concept of “personal space” probably didn’t even exist when we first met.

    1. Talking off personal space and I’ve done a few of these big group villa trips now, it is inevitable that some people will get on better than others. We’ve done a couple where it’s the “girls” who were the prime organisers and not all the blokes wanted to be in the party spirit the whole time. That’s why the idea of having rooms spread out can give people a bit of freedom. Even though 80% of the girls want to haggle in the local craft markets there are always one or two who just want to find a quiet corner to lose themselves in chicklit for the week. Spend some time selecting a property that will work for your group.

  3. For me the deal clincher is the private chef. We’ve done big villa holidays before. It’s all begun with the tidy democratic idea of each couple taking a night on duty in the kitchen. But with all due respect to my friends the level of their culinary skills is so variable. I feel guilty when one couple spend all day and a lot of money creating a meal worthy of at least two Michelin stars. Then another couple flung together a Spag Bol followed by cheese and biscuits. Do they really think that we want that when it’s 35 Centigrade in Thailand?

    No, it’s far better to have a chef who understands what’s in season and creates local speciality menus.

    1. Hi Diana. Having your own private chef is definitely a treat when staying at a luxury villa – but I have to say, couples taking turns with meal preparations does sound like a lot of fun too. And if anyone wishes to learn a bit of local cooking, many chefs will gladly welcome guests in the kitchen to share some of their culinary know-how.

  4. This piece caught my eye so I thought that I’d have a look at The Private World website, there is a link to it right at the bottom.

    We’ve never been to Thailand but some of our friends have been so many times that they are real Thai experts. They’ve suggested that Koh Samui would be a great introduction to the country for us. I clicked through to Koh Samui and was delighted by the quality of villas available. I love the ones set into the hillside.

  5. Staying in a private villa is a good idea especially when you are on a vacation with your family. Private villas usually offer top-quality amenities and services. The most important thing above all is the privacy it gives to families who want to spend a peaceful and serene vacation. If you want to make the most out of it, make sure to look for villas that offer a wide range of activities to keep you busy during your stay.

  6. My family and I wanted to rent a private villa for my upcoming birthday, although I’m not sure if it’s worth spending for. It’s great to know that most exclusive villas have dedicated staff that will cater to the guests’ needs. Maybe it’s best if we’ll give this a try and start looking for a villa.

  7. I like how you mentioned that everyone dines together and everyone is under the same roof when you stay at a villa. This helps keep the whole group together and help build relationships between everybody. I think that a villa would be perfect for team building activities and exercises. Thank you for explaining some of the benefits of staying at a villa.

  8. I like the idea of having some more space just for our family form renting a vacation villa. I feel like it’s easier to unwind and have a good time when there are fewer people around, so that sounds nice. I should consider renting a place like that next time I take the family on vacation so we could have as much of a relaxing and fun time as possible.

  9. It’s interesting to learn that vacation villas offer private chefs as well as personal attention from the staff. My wife and I want to rent out a villa when we visit Mexico next month and we want to find a place that offers a lot of amenities. I’ll have to keep researching about what is being offered around the place where we are staying.

  10. It’s a great point that the luxurious villas will have private staff to help you. My brother is trying to buy a new luxury property soon and he wants to get a feel for them. He needs to find a good agent in the area that can help him buy a property this year.

  11. It sure was helpful when you said that most private villas have their dedicated staff to cater to the needs of their guests. This is something that I will be sure to consider because I am planning to find a temporary rental house where I can stay with my husband for 5-7 days. We will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary next month, and I thought of spending intimate moments with him.

  12. Oh, great! This article would be really helpful when my brother tries to make a reservation some time soon, after I share it with him of course. He’s going to Australia to spend the weekend with his girlfriend but they still haven’t decide on where to stay. I think you were right by saying that opting for a private villa would allow us to receive full attention from the staff as we would be their main priority.

  13. My birthday is next month, and I’m planning to take time off from work to rest and relax by going on a trip. I’m glad you recommended staying at a private luxury villa since we can stay comfortable at home while being away from home. I’ll be sure to consider this once I find a luxury condo around Bay Colony that I can rent for my trip.

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