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Top 10 luxury hotel destinations in Argentina

Argentina. The name evokes a chilling spirit of mystery and romance. Argentina is not only the home of the gaucho cowboys, Eva Perón, and the birthplace of Che Guevara, it is also a land known for its luxuries and taste in the finer things. From elegant tango dancing to world-renowned beef, Argentina is constantly raising the bar for Latin America, and their thriving luxury hotel business is no different. 1. Alevar Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires With rooms starting at under $400 USD, Alevar is one of the premier spots to stay in Buenos Aires, which is the capital and the largest city in Argentina. The hotel contains ten magnificent halls with a capacity from 10 to 800 people for seminars, business meetings, company launches, or important social events. Suites range in size from their “Palace Classic” single bed hotel rooms all the way up to grand luxury suites. The hotel is also renowned for its spa featuring both relaxation and beauty programs, pools, solariums, and a staffed fitness center. For dining in, there is contemporary Argentinian food at the Alvear Grill or a full-service classical dining lounge at L’Orangerie. After a five-star meal, head down to the Lobby Bar, or up top for a nightcap at the famous outdoor Alvear Roof Bar. 2. Faena Luxury Hotel, Buenos Aires Just a few blocks from Alevar, lies a hotel that has several locations around the world and that have built their reputation on their incredible service and fantastic accommodations. The Faena brags incredible food, professional tango dancers, and a beautiful theatrical design that will make you feel like you’re getting the red-carpet treatment, period. Rooms vary in size from singles and duplexes to lofty studios and top-of-the-line signature suites. The hotel features two full-service restaurants, several bars, and a highly acclaimed spa. Bistro Sur provides guests with classic Spanish “haut” food, while the El Mercado caters to alfresco dining cooked in a traditional terracotta oven. There are three bars which include the electic Library Lounge, the 1920’s tango inspired Cabaret Club Bar, and the Pool bar. The spa is a great place to kick back for treatment or enjoy a relaxing steam session. 3. Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt, Buenos Aires Situated on the Avenida Alvear, the Hotel Palacio Duhau, the Park Hyatt of Buenos Aires, is located in the city’s most fashionable residential shopping district. With a name like Park Hyatt, this chateau styled luxury hotel lives up to its name with rooms starting at $450 USD. It is surrounded by area attractions that are within walking distance at times, as well as several five-star restaurants and bars available for your pleasure. Spa treatments are scheduled daily at your request with some of the finest massage therapists in the world. 4. House of Jasmines, Salta, Argentina If you are looking for a more intimate experience in your travels, the House of Jasmines is a beautiful, remote location that is reminiscent of a classic “Bed and Breakfast” in their laid-back approach. But don’t let that fool you, the Fenestraz family has styled all their rooms and suites to be the very definition of “comfort” and “refinement”. These luxury rooms start at only $110 USD and the surrounding grounds have various packages and sites to see, including one of the largest wineries in Argentina, horseback riding through the Andes, cooking classes, and full-blown honeymoon packages. With its large fireplace and clay oven, the house restaurant, La Table, specializes in local farm-to-table Argentinean cuisine. 5. Los Cauquenes Resort, Ushuaia Located on the shores of the Beagle Channel, Los Cauquenes Resort offers both active adventure and tourism, dining experiences, spa and wellness treatments, poolside service, and a visage of some of nature’s finest views. This is the resort for you if you’re looking for excursions you can come back to your room from and enjoy a proper pampering. You can experience fantastic cuisine both in town or at Gourmet Patagonia in the hotel itself. Schedule a spa treatment or take a personal day and wander the beautiful scenic area. Rooms here start at around $250 USD. 6. Park Hyatt Mendoza, Mendoza With a five-star name comes a five-star expectation, and the Park Hyatt is no exception. Their Mendoza hotel here in Argentina features both rooms and suites, rooms starting off at around $200 USD. Restaurants in the hotel include renowned names such as Bistro M. Restaurant & Terraces, Grill Q, and the classy Uvas Lounge or Ambar Living Bar. The perk to booking a stay at the Park Hyatt is its location, right in the heart of the Andes nearby some of the country’s best wineries. These wineries include the Maipú Winery and Luján de Cuyo Winery, both of which are under a fifteen-minute drive. 7. The Vines Resort and Spa, Mendoza Also in the heart of Argentina’s wine country, this aptly named resort and spa is a small section of one of the largest wineries in the country. With over 21 villas, traditional open-flame cooking, and some award-winning vintages, a stay in this paradise starts at around $900 USD. In addition to good food and great wine, the resort also offers your standard spa treatments, a brand new state-of-the-art pool, Blend-Your-Own-Wine excursions, and several hiking/horseback riding options into the Andes. There is also a fantastic gym and outdoor fitness sessions, yoga classes, and other health-oriented treatments for you to choose from. 8. Casa de Uco Vineyards and Wine Resort, Mendoza Another fabulous place to visit, Casa de Uco is a beautiful modern building built to harmonize with the natural landscape around it. The hotel staff are friendly and take their traditional code of hospitality very seriously, resulting in a very high satisfaction rate among customers, many of whom become repeat clients. Starting at $390 USD, Uco has a full-service spa and very beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. They boast in farm-to-table sustainability in their restaurants and even have their own private wineries and vineyards available for touring. 9. Arakur, Ushuaia This castle in the Andes lies in the heart of Reserva Natural Cerro Alarkén but still offers first-class services like their breathtaking view from a glass-walled lobby, a buffet breakfast, a disturbance-free business center. guided hiking tours, a city center shuttle. heated pool, gymnasium, and even skiing shuttles and services. Rooms start at around $300 USD and give you access to the Reserve, all their amenities, and even full-scale production musicals featured within the resort itself. 10. Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Bariloche When luxury goes to look rugged, it becomes the cypress and hemlock giant known as Llao Llao. This gaucho-inspired Hacienda resort has a park, 18 holes of golf, five restaurants, and rooms starting as low as $300 USD for a stay. This frontier-styled hunting lodge of a resort has several hundred rooms, on-site concierge and in-house medical staff, loads of activities both in and out of doors, and sit’s right on several beautiful lakes just waiting to be explored or lounged near. Argentina has a thriving tourism culture, and part of that culture is a dedication to luxury hospitality. This makes travel to Argentina an absolute joy, and you can expect only the best when your plane touches down here, be it for leisure or for business. So, what are you waiting for? Vamanos! Guido Graf is Founder of Privateupgrades. Privateupgrades is a global luxury travel club with over 20 years of experience in luxury hotels, ensuring exclusive VIP privileges like upgrades, free breakfast, free nights, rate discounts, free airport transfers, free massages and much more. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Guido Graf

Guido Graf, born in Vienna, is a respected businessman and pioneer in the European luxury travel industry. After studying in Switzerland, he founded Deluxetargets in 2001, one of the most esteemed companies for luxury travel in Europe. In 2017, he recognized the growing importance of the digital market and launched PrivateUpgrades, an online platform providing access to over 2000 luxury hotels with exclusive VIP benefits. Graf is widely acknowledged as an expert in luxury hotels and continually sets new standards for exceptional travel experiences. Moreover, since 2008, he is the exclusive representative for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic in Switzerland. Graf also sits on advisory boards of several renowned luxury hotel brands and has held a consulting role in several significant hotel openings such as the Royal Atlantis in Dubai. His innovative spirit and entrepreneurial foresight make him a leading figure in the luxury travel industry.

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  1. I went to Argentina about 10 years ago but it was a very brief visit for business while in America. There were a lot of European languages spoken as you may expect but what surprised me was that it felt fresher there, not as busy or crowded. I wonder it is less populated on the whole? It had quite a nice vibe, so I wouldn’t mind going back but as a tourist to spend a few days exploring. Somewhere like the House of Jasmines would be spot on for unplugging and getting some peace and quiet while enjoying nature little more as it is nice to see some greenery rather than concrete jungles. I’m also quite tempted by the Los Cauquenes and Vines Resorts as both of these look quite contemporary with a little more to do, along with some pampering which I’ll never say no to on holiday.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sarah. After 10 years you should definitely consider going there again. In regards to the languages – the offical language is spanish, however 1.5 millioon people speak Italian due to the Italian immigration in the 19th century. In total you can hear more than 30 different languages in Argentina.

  2. That first paragraph is an introduction that reminds us that Argentina is a great destination for a visit with so much to see, do and enjoy. Personally, I wasn’t aware of how much top quality accommodation is available.

  3. Thanks for your comment Steven. Indeed Argentinia is a amazing country with many cultural hightlights and a beautiful nature. I am glad you like the article and I hope you put Argentina on your bucket list.

  4. What an amazing collection of pictures you have incorporated in the article!!! I am absolutely drooling over each of them. Deep down, I feel like booking a night in each of these grand destinations- very unpractical though, to pack and unpack like a nomad. By the way, what’s there in the first image?? It indeed looks chilling!

    1. Hello Brian. I am happy you like the article and you feel the wanderlust. On the first picture you can see the Perito Mereno Glacier in Calafate. This glacier has a lenght of 30 Kilometers and is the world´s third largest reserve of fresh water.

  5. I am considering a trip to Argentina anytime soon. And the list really helped me narrow down my accomodation options.
    For a strict vegetarian, don’t you think that Casa de Uco is like the ideal choice- considering that the resort boasts farm to table sustainable food. I am assuming that they must also be offering a classic collection of some vegan-friendly wines.
    (And of course, the infinity pool is also a major plus!)

    1. Argentinan life is very close to the nature with strong agriculture. You are absolutely right that Casa de Uco has a biological approach with many vegetarian and vegan option. Also House of Jasmine and Lao Lao go in this direction. However in all the presented hotels you will enjoy their non-meat options – important is to let it know us or the hotel upfront in order to prepare it perfectly.

  6. Something for everyone here. Colonial grandeur, rural beauty, infinity pools to die for and spectacular mountain scenery.

    1. You bring it to the point, Jane! – Each region and each hotel is different and you need at least 2 weeks to cover and enjoy the different parts of the country. An amazing experience is waiting for each traveller there.

  7. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping fact pertaining to Perito Mereno is that it is the only glacier in the world that is increasing in size rather than shrinking or retreating. This is quite rare of a phenomenon in itself.

  8. During my business trip to Argentina last summer, I had several conferences and meetings scheduled at the famous Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. This ultimately gave me the chance to try food at all the four restaurants of the hotel. And to be honest, they simply win hands-down amongst all my fine-dining experiences in the town. The best part was each restaurant boasted an ambience and setting different from the other and had their own wonderful selection of dishes and delectable specialities prepared by internationally recognized chefs. For instance, the Duhau Restaurante & Vinoteca is considered one of the best in town for its local Argentinian cuisine whereas the Gioia Restaurante & Terrazas presents guests with the best of Italian and other international food (the Sunday Buffet is a must try and regarded No.1 in whole of Argentina). Similarly, the Los Salones del Piano Nobile offers scrumptious snacks and pastries to satisfy your sudden hunger pangs or sweet cravings with a refreshing juice or evening tea and finally the Oak Bar gives a sneak peak into Argentina’s nightlife with a club-type atmosphere for the guests to enjoy a round of exquisite author cocktails or wines.

    1. Hello Fei. I totally agree on your comment. The dining options in the Park Hyatt are fantastic and they understand how to get the local flavour combined with the international style. For each booking we add 100 USD F&B Credit with is good to have a dinner and even we offer free breakfast to all bookings. Also the rooms and the hotel in general is amazing – here we always offer a upgrade in order to enjoy the stay even more.

  9. When I visited Argentina, I didn’t get the chance to discover all of its gems and beautiful spots because I was on a business trip and it was very sudden so I stayed in a hotel near the company’s office. I didn’t have the time to find a place to stay because everything was booked for me, and I must say, I missed on a lot. These hotels are amazing! And the views on some on them are just wow! I remember the first one being very similar to the hotel in the movie ‘John Wick’. The others are a pleasing mix of rustic and modern architecture with a welcoming vibe in them. I am really looking forward to visiting some of these hotels in the future, hoping to visit Argentina real soon.

    1. You had your first impressions of Argentina already – the country offers a variety of cultures and hotspots. Seeing Buenos Aires gives you a good introduction but for sure you have to plan a trip and visit all this amazing regions outside the city. In my article I missed to tell about Estancia La Bamba De Areco which is a typical Hacienda about 2 hours outside of Buenos Aires. Even if you have to go their next time for business – try to extend 2 nights and make a visit.

  10. Some of these are very impressive from the outside. Park Hyatt properties seem to be cropping up everywhere now in places I never knew they were. It’s good if you want continuity and to know roughly what you’re getting, and they have a loyalty program too I think. The House of Jasmines property is like the odd one out and yet I find that one the most charming. I’d love to be out in the middle of nowhere in somewhere comfortable like that right now, sounds pretty blissful.

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