Why private jet hire can maximise your time on the slopes this ski season

From the indulgent cabin get-aways to the freedom of hitting the slopes and coming back to an open fireplace, there is nothing more desirable than visiting a luxury ski resort for your winter holiday destination. Begin the whole experience by arriving in style by private jet. Not only does it add a touch of glamour to your travels but it can drastically reduce your travel time, maximising your time on the slopes. Private jet hire provides a stress free solution for your ski holidays!

Here, we take a look at why private jet hire can maximise your time on the slopes this ski season.

Avoid weather related airport delays

Ski season typically runs from November to mid April. If you are travelling from the UK during this period, the weather can be very tempremental , with snow and ice on the runway causing scheduled flights to be delayed or even cancelled. Private jets are less impacted by heavy snowfall so there is less risk of lengthy delays, cancellations and missed connections. Private jets can use smaller airports where cleaning of the runway and de-icing of the aircraft can be undertaken much quicker than at larger, busier airports. In extreme weather conditions where most commercial flights are grounded, private jets have a remarkable ability to resume normal flights.

Cut down time spent at the airport

With a private jet, there is no more wasted time at the airport. You only need to arrive at your dedicated private terminal 15-minutes prior to your scheduled departure time and beacuse you are pre-cleared prior to the flight, you avoid all the lengthy check-in and security queues in the main terminal. Your bags are loaded directly onto the aircraft and you are in the air within 5 minutes of arriving at the airport. The time saved at the airport can be better spent on the slopes!

Reduce transfer times

Many of the world’s top ski resorts have smaller airports closer to them which are not accessible by scheduled airlines. This alone can save hours on transfer times to/from the resort  with some resorts a 2-3 hour drive from the main international airport. Helicopter transfers can also be arranged, to avoid the sometimes treturous road conditions, ensuring you arrive at your destination stress free, fresh and ready to hit the slopes!

No equipment limitations

Being able to bring your own skiing equipment with you is an important benefit to flying by private jet. There are no extra charges for over-sized luggage and you know your skis are carefully stowed with no fears of them getting lost! There are certain jets that offer much more generous hold space, so be sure to check these details prior to booking your flight. Our recommendation based on cabin, baggage and aircraft performance would be an Embraer Legacy 500, 600 or 650 or a Citation Sovereign – depending on passenger numbers.

Save time

Ultimately the main reason why private jet hire can maximise your time on the slopes this ski season is the time it saves you compared to flying by scheduled airline. Take a look at our comparison below and see for yourself! What would you do with all that spare time?

Private jet vs scheduled flight

Private jet Scheduled flight
Airport wait time 15 minutes 3 hours
Arrival airport Samedan (St Moritz) Zurich
Flight time (from London) 01:20 01:45
Baggage re-claim 1 minute 25 minutes
Transfer to resort 10 minutes 02:45
Total time: 01:50 07:50

Vickie Clark is Client Services Director at The Private Jet Boutique Ltd. The Private Jet Boutique Ltd. is a one-stop shop for private jet charter, helicopter charter, scheduled flights and luxury holidays.

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Comments (8)

  1. Jo Fordham says:

    Wow, that comparison table is very illuminating! I hadn’t quite realised just how quick private jet is compared to a standard flight. Waiting in the airport is one of the most frustrating thins, and of course it’s all even longer if there are extra delays. The last flight I was on was to Spain and we were waiting an hour and a half sat on the plane because for some reason it wasn’t allowed to take off, and then the bags were delayed getting to the reclaim. Private jet would be so, so much quicker and more convenient and far less stressful!

    • Vickie Clark says:

      Thanks for the comment Jo. Private Jet is definitely the way to go for stress free travel. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane, not moving with no idea of what is happening! Don’t get me wrong, delays do sometimes happen on private jets too but being able to relax in the private louunge with a glass of champagne certainly takes the edge of it :)

  2. Kev says:

    Baggage reclaim! Are there any two words that frustrate travellers more? OK, I suppose “Flight delayed” or “Flight cancelled” are worse.

    I never understand why it takes so long to get luggage off of a plane, onto a cart and then onto the carousel. That 25 minutes in the table is optimistic as far as my experience goes.

    • Vickie Clark says:

      Thanks for the comment Kev. “Flight Delayed” or “Flight Cancelled” have to be the worst although lost bags could top it too!! It’s frustrating, the time it takes to unload bags but we have to remember that baggage handlers are dealing with hundreds of flights per day and even if 1 flight is delayed that has a knock on effect for the other flights that day! If I had the choice, I would certainly fly by private jet. Maybe one day :)

  3. Dave says:

    You make a very persuasive case for taking a private jet. I must admit that I’m getting very weary of getting my ski gear from car onto a bus and then checked in and dropped off. The problem is that hundreds of other passengers are doing exactly the same and clogging up the airport too! It would be a much easier transfer onto a private jet.

    • Vickie Clark says:

      It certainly would be easier on a private jet Dave. Not only saving the time at the airport but as private jets have access to more airports than scheduled flights it cuts down greatly on transfer times at the other end, leaving you more time to enjoy your holiday. Who wouldn’t want that?!

  4. Frank Poole says:

    Private jets are getting really trendy nowadays and I always knew it would become a thing. I usually hire private jets when there are sudden getaways with my friends and family to save time and when it’s peak season because it gets me through all the waiting and the ticket buying. They’re a great help when you have a tight schedule and you don’t want to wait for your flight because you can fly as soon as possible and nothing beats a private space where you can be yourself with your loved ones and you aren’t limited to a narrow seat with nothing to do.

    • Vickie Clark says:

      Thanks for your comment Frank. Private jets definitely offer a more convenient, flexible and comfortable way to travel. You are very lucky to have experienced what it is like to fly privately.

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