5 Winter experiences in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a well-known Greek city that will steal your heart once you lay eyes on the impressive beauty and feel the vibrant energy. You will have the chance to walk around the city and enjoy shopping in the beautiful shops, you will most definitely enjoy the deliciousness of seaside cafes, restaurants and bars and you will have the chance to visit the wonderful cultural and religious sites.

However, for the more active and adventurous travelers and for those who are seeking to further discover Greek culture, we have selected the best experiences that you will definitely find interesting to try out with your friends and family.

Sunset biking tour

The ultimate activity to swish through the city’s most iconic landmarks such as the White Tower, the Royal Theater, and the famous umbrella art installation, while learning all about this city’s never-ending charm. This sunset bike tour is perfect for families that are looking for a fun, active activity that everyone can enjoy. This sunset bike tour is a quick, alternative and easy way to witness Thessaloniki’s most well known monuments, alternative cafes, and hidden spots only locals know! Have fun riding an e-bike; enjoy some Greek tapas, and cold refreshment during your relaxing afternoon in Thessaloniki!

Horse riding experience

A mere 30 minutes outside of Thessaloniki, a Western-like ranch has been the go-to horse farm in the area for the past 20 years. Explore the farm, get acquainted with the horses, choose one and enjoy a one-and-a-half hour ride in the beautiful surrounding hills. Besides riding, the farm has beautiful surroundings and other farm animals to check out. Have a relaxing experience; absorb the fresh air, all while enjoying your favorite activity!

Professional photoshoot

Keep your memories of Greece alive forever with a professional photo shoot in Thessaloniki. Choose your background – blue sea, green mountains, rich vegetation or the hustle and bustle of Greece civilization and the photographer will capture high-quality photographs. Whether you want to commemorate a romantic escape, take a family vacation or simply showcase your persona in one of the most beautiful places in the world, this experience has you covered.

Meteora bike tour

Meteora is world-famous for being one of the most important Orthodox monuments and religious sites in Greece. This stunning wonder of nature whose creation was a mystery for a very long time will take your breath away as soon as you land your eyes on it. Experience this one-of-a-kind destination while cycling through the unique landscape on the Meteora. Spend your day learning about history and culture while cycling and have an incredible one-day excursion to Greece’s most impressive scenery.

Dion and Litochoro history tour

This one-day excursion from Thessaloniki is perfect for those who wish to find out more about Greek mythology and Alexander the Great. This Dion to Litchoto history tour from Thessaloniki includes visiting the village of Dion, located at the foot of Mount Olympus, which has become popular over the years since archaeologists found remains of the ancient Macedonian civilization there. You’ll soak up knowledge as you learn about great historical figures and view once-in-a-lifetime historical artifacts on this history tour with a licensed guide.

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Comments (5)

  1. Jen says:

    This is a post that made me think again. I’ve only ever been to Greece in summer and never thought of it as a winter destination. Plenty of interesting suggestions here, far better than sizzling on a sun-lounger in summer.

  2. Steven Ham says:

    Once I started thinking about this and trying to pack it all into a week’s break I realised how much variety there was. Although I’m a very reluctant cyclist and I think any length of time in the saddle might leave me a bit too sore to do anything else for a few days, so I’ll give the cycling a miss. But I’ll would go for everything else. I’ve just got a new camera and I’d like to make more use of it so the photography is a definite one for me.

  3. Deborah Wilkinson says:

    My friend’s son recently got back from two weeks in Greece, lucky boy. Not so lucky perhaps as he broke a bone in his foot when he was out there, fortunately the penultimate day before coming home. I’ve seen his photos of Thessaloniki and I’m a little jealous! I’ve never been so I don’t know a whole lot about what’s there. The Meteora looks very unusual, I’d like to see that. I’d be interested in the history tour too as I always like trying to learn something new when I travel. I haven’t ridden a horse in years so that would probably be at the top of my list, and I guess the weather would be more tolerable but still decent in the winter months too.

  4. Sally A says:

    I vaguely remember going to the foot of Mount Olympus about 30 years ago and it was a waste because I learnt nothing.

    Probably the main lesson that I’ve learnt from my travels is to spend the money and get a proper guide who will put it all into context and bring it to life.

    If I get to Thessaloniki I’d want to do the day’s history tour to make up for what I missed last time.

  5. Jake Cook says:

    I would definitely do the biking and history tours, but if I had limited time, would do the history tour first. I find ancient history very fascinating and the Dion and Litochoro tour would give me the opportunity to know more about ancient Greece. I’ve had the Egyptian version very recently and it was worth all the walking that I did. I would think that it’s time for colder weather and different scenery with a trip to Thessaloniki.

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