Top 5 luxury hotels in Vienna

Luxury, finery, and class. These are the three words that most describe the beautiful city of Vienna, the Crown Jewel of Europes Imperial Age. Located along the Danube in eastern Austria, Vienna has set itself apart in Europe as being a city whose very history is written in opulence. From towering cathedrals and churches to ornate palaces standing testament to forgotten empires, the city offers a grandiose glimpse into both the rich cultural heritage and the sleek modern pace of life in Austria. The same is true for its luxury hotels.

These five hotels are each curated to provide the height of modern amenities while each have their own unique flavor to add to your stay. Perfect for a European luxury retreat or for conducting business that’s meant to impress.

Andaz am Belvedere

A hotel concept built by Hyatt, the Andaz am Belvedere is a beautiful modern hotel that is designed to take your breath away with every step you take. With 303 urban guestrooms, including 44 suites, the hotel blends creative interior designs, furnishings, and artwork, with service, attention to detail, and immersion into the surrounding locale. With rooms starting as low as € 150, you can treat yourself to Eugen21, the hotel’s incredible restaurant featuring a mixture of seasonal dishes and urban Viennese cuisine. If you desire an exotic nightcap, the Arora offer’s a fantastic view to sip your favorite drink as you enjoy the rooftop bar. Amenities include a fantastic concierge service, a business center, as well as a fitness center and a five-star room service.

Palais Hansen Kempinski

This aptly named “palace” is a hotel designed to cater to the discerning client seeking to bask in all the luxury Vienna has to offer. With courtyard views, penthouse suites, and dominating scenes of historic Vienna only a window glance away, the fantastic staff at the Palais Hansen Kempinski wait eagerly to serve you. Featuring several five-star restaurants and bars, this establishment also features a beautiful cigar lounge. The in-house spa features not only pampering and cleansing treatments of any magnitude but also a fully staffed fitness center and indoor pool.

Hotel Imperial

One of the more historic hotels on our list, the Hotel Imperial is named so because it was originally built as a town residence for royalty in 1863. In 1873 the palace was converted into a hotel for the Vienna World’s Fair and for the last century and a half it has become a Vienna institution.

The Hotel Imperial has over 130 rooms and suites, many of which offer a fantastic view of old Vienna. The luggage liaison promises stress-free travel to the hotel’s guests as they enjoy amenities such as wifi throughout the building, a fantastic fitness center, and 24 Hr. Room Service. While there are no restaurants located in this hotel, the hotel offers local dinner delivery from esteemed restaurants such as the Café Imperial Wien, Restaurant OPUS, and other local luxurious eateries.

Hotel Bristol Wien

A member of the Marriott family of hotels, the Bristol, as it’s called, sit’s just across the way from the Vienna State Opera and has stood as an art-deco gem in Vienna’s crown since 1892.  With over 150 exclusive rooms and 24 unique suites, the decore of this turn-of-the-century style offers spectacular views of the old city. Enjoy exquisite meals all day at the hotel’s restaurant, Bristol Lounge, a dining experience set before an elegant hearth and a crackling fire. In addition to the restaurant, The Bristol Bar is the first American style bar in Vienna filled with exquisite cocktails and cognacs.

Hotel Bristol also houses several salons are the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the five-star service as well as a personalized fitness center open 24-hours. This hotel is also known for being a great business venue and wedding destination, thanks to the six magnificent rooms that can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 200 people.

Palais Coburg

Another historic hotel is the Palais Coburg, originally settled as early as the 1500’s and built into the magnificent manor it is today in the 19th Century. In the 1970s renovations were made and the palace was transformed into this luxury five-star boutique hotel. The palatial hotel has 33 suites all immaculately decked in the grandest finery while keeping all your expected modern amenities. Through the hotel you can book a dining extravaganza at acclaimed Viennese chef Silvio Nickol’s Gourmet Restaurant, a fine dining experience not to be missed. While one of the pricier hotels in the city, the Plais will offer you unmatched service and lavish you in the decadence you’d expect from a home fit for a Baron.

Whether you’re taking a business trip to impress, looking for a relaxing vacation stay, or just passing through in style, Vienna and her fine hotels are beautifully suited to bring joy to even those with the most refined tastes. Her old palaces are a wonderful place for modern business and leisure to take place, making sure that no matter what your purpose in this grand city, you feel like royalty. Be sure to enjoy the sites, the smells, the sounds, and overall grandeur that makes Vienna the city it is, and be sure to do so in a style fit for a king or queen. From her fountains to her restaurants, Vienna is at your beck and call, so take advantage of her beauty and book the perfect room today.

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Comments (12)

  1. Liz says:

    For me the place to stay would be the Imperial. I always like to stay somewhere that is going to give you a sense of history. Dating from the 19th century when the Hapsburg empire, ruled from Vienna, was its grandest, the hotel and the decor would give a taste of those great days.

  2. Guido Graf says:

    Hello Liz – that is a great choice with a lot of history – you also need to taste their Imperial cake which is just delicious (will also be served on breakfast)

  3. Karen Morris says:

    If there’s any one of the world’s great cities where it’s worth pushing the boat out and paying for top class hotel accommodation it’s got to be Vienna. It’s a city of such grandeur it just wouldn’t feel right to economise and stay in a standard box at a branded hotel. You’ve got to live the dream in Vienna!

  4. Jane says:

    I’d almost forgotten about Vienna, haven’t been there for maybe 20 years, until I read this. I’ve got great memories of a night at the opera, very grand, and visiting huge palaces and the cafe society too. The Viennese definitely take their coffee and cake very seriously. It would be good to go back and stay in one of these fantastic hotels.

  5. Elizabeth Knowling says:

    Anyway heading to Vienna with an interest in understanding how the city developed such a grandiose lifestyle should read Simon Wilder’s “Danubia”. It’s a very unorthodox history and entertaining read on how the Habsburg dynasty ran a vast empire from Vienna. Later on in the book it reveals how during the Cold War, Vienna close to the Iron Curtain became something of a quiet cul-de-sac. Fortunately, those days are long gone and Vienna once again is joyfully waltzing away to the sounds of Strauss.

    • Guido Graf says:

      Hello Elizabeth. There is a lot of history in Vienna – even the city had also hard times in the past – what was never lost was (and is) the unique charme of Vienna.

  6. Danielle Leonard says:

    Vienna sounds interesting reading the post and the comments. I certainly love history and whenever I travel I always make sure to learn about my destination’s history. I believe no place has a boring history, some places are just unlucky enough to have lost historic structures due to war or neglect. And that makes me sad. However, Vienna has a lot to show for its history. The beautiful architecture of even their hotels is amazing.

    • Wendy Ritter says:

      My thoughts exactly Danielle. I like to learn when I go somewhere and history in itself is never boring. The architecture shows a lot too. I love old fashioned buildings, so interesting.

  7. Wendy Ritter says:

    When I think of Vienna I do tend to think of a little luxury and sophistication. I’d happily stay in any of these. If I could afford to, that is! The Palais Hansen Kempinski is huuuuge. That’s the kind of regal building I’d expect in some places in the US and London. Very fancy and classic. The same can be said for the inside of many of these, like the Palais Coburg. Looks gorgeous. More like a place for royals than me though I think. As a treat it would be amaaaaaazing to stay in any of these.

    • Guido Graf says:

      Hello Wendy. The Palais Hansen looks hugh from outside but has “only” has 152 rooms. They offer an amazing brunch on Sundays – not to be missed when in town. Let me know when you plan travelling to Vienna, I am happy to suggest the perfect hotel for your needs.

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