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A magical glamping experience

There’s something quite magical about a luxury glamping experience at Lady’s Well Shepherd’s Hut. Sometimes a photo, no matter how beautifully taken, doesn’t quite do a place justice… There’s simply nothing like seeing it and experiencing it for yourself. And after spending a weekend at Lady’s Well Shepherd’s Hut, it was easy to see why this place is so special. Set on the oldest working farm in Somerset, and located in the lovely little village of Hutton, Lady’s Well is a real slice of Somerset paradise: peaceful, fascinating and completely dreamy. We set off on a short walk through the field, which was dotted with trees full of apples in various enticing shades of green and red, and a cart is provided for your luggage should you need it. We were delighted to see the many animals that call the farm home, including horses, piglets, a cow and her two calves and plenty of chickens. The hut is set in its own separate field, so you feel like you have plenty of peace and quiet without feeling too secluded. The interior of the hut is simply lovely, well equipped with everything you may need for your time away, with a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen, an extremely comfortable king sized bed and there’s even robes to wrap up in after a toasty dip in the hot tub. Step outside of the hut to find a seating area, a delightful pond fed by a natural spring and a firepit for cosy nights spent enjoying the great outdoors. Just a short walk up the hill is the lookout, the perfect place to grab a blanket, wrap up warm and stargaze, or on a clear day there’s views stretching across the countryside to Wales. You can even spot deer every now and again! There are plenty of opportunities to explore Somerset without having to drive too far from Lady’s Well. Our first stop was the charming village of Wedmore which was previously left to King Alfred’s son, Edward the Elder, and has plenty of lovely local shops and a pub. We then made the short journey to the delightful town of Axbridge, and whilst small, you can easily while away a few hours wandering around the shops and stopping at the teahouse for a leisurely lunch. The nearby village of Cheddar is simply charming, with the beautiful Cheddar Gorge and the lesser known Ebbor Gorge very much worth a visit for their gorgeous scenery. After a delicious dinner at the local pub, we spent the evening relaxing in the hot tub, and as the sun went down and the stars came out, we admired the pretty fairy lights dotted in the trees and tranquility all around. After we made our way inside, we lit up the wood burner and enjoyed the warmth of the under-floor heating before being lulled into a deep sleep by the gentle sound of rain pattering on the rooftop. The next morning, we set off to explore more of Somerset and our first stop was Wells, again just a short drive away. Wells is a lovely little city perfect for a morning of wandering the streets, visiting the beautiful cathedral and paying a visit to the Saturday market for some local goods. A little further away lies Glastonbury, a quirky and colourful town with much to discover, from the historic Glastonbury Abbey to hiking Glastonbury Tor. We found our luxury glamping experience to be perfectly placed for discovering the secrets of Somerset as well as the more well-known areas. We experienced the gorgeous countryside and the magic of nature and returned home feeling rested, with truly fond memories of the peaceful oasis that is Lady’s Well Shepherd’s Hut. Simon Tregoning is the Chairman at Classic Cottages. Classic Cottages have an exclusive portfolio of places to stay, handpicked in the best locations from the tip of far west Cornwall across the south of England and over on the Isle of Wight. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Simon Tregoning

Simon Tregoning is the Chairman for Classic Cottages. Classic Cottages has an exclusive portfolio of places to stay, handpicked in the best locations from the tip of far west Cornwall across the south of England and over on the Isle of Wight. Classic Cottages find holiday cottages that make you say wow. From bijou fishermen’s cottages on a harbour’s edge, to sprawling country pads, we’re picky about what we offer so you can be sure you’re always getting the best. Holidays with hot tubs, properties that welcome four-legged friends and homes set up with babies in mind all feature in our eclectic mix of home-from-homes.

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  1. Just beautiful! I love the idea of relaxing in the hot tub and seeing the stars come out. And then going inside to rest by a fire and hear the rain hitting the top of the hut. Really love the picture with the overview of the whole estate. So much to see! What a relaxing trip.

  2. Nothing against my neighbours but it would be nice for a change to have some chickens, piglets, horses and chickens as our neighbours. Good news that the animals aren’t in the same field though. We both seem to get the worst of all worlds at home, sheep bleating in the neighbouring field and neighbours’ children returning from nights out before their parents head off to work long before dawn has cracked. Some peace and quiet is very tempting.

  3. I’m glad that the Shepherd’s Hut has got a King Size bed. People aren’t getting any smaller and I certainly ain’t.

    A few years ago I stayed in a very luxurious hotel whose marketing blurb in our room said that the bed dated back to the late 1700s and had been slept in by Dukes, Earls etc etc. They must have been quite small Dukes and Earls because it wasn’t anywhere near as large as a modern King Size.

  4. Aah Somerset, some gorgeous areas around there. I checked on the map and it looks like this is only two miles or so out from Weston as well, should anyone fancy a little trip to the seaside and the pier. I really enjoyed my first time glamping, despite having a lot of reservations about it, so I’d definitely do it again. It really does make a difference where you’re set up so somewhere like this, out in the open around such greenery, would be pretty much perfect for a refreshing and relaxing getaway. I’ve not been to Wells or Glastonbury yet so perhaps I should add those to this year’s agenda. Did you manage to check out Glastonbury on your exploration of Somerset? The only slight downside is the kingsize double bed, so it’s great if you’re travelling solo or in a romantic relationship couple, but less so if you’re going with a friend or relative for a short break. Bed aside, I’m impressed by the interior and under floor heating, I wasn’t expecting that, and the hot tub is a tempting extra too.

  5. I bet the shepherds are turning in their graves. I doubt that any shepherd ever enjoyed luxury like that.

  6. I’ve been interested to experience glamping ever since I saw pictures from a colleague who went glamping recently. This hut certainly makes me want to push through and find a similar property where I am. It’s like a tiny house equipped with what you might need during your getaway. I think this just shows you that finding the right one can help ease you into the idea of “camping” outdoors amongst nature. Glamping balances the rural life with the conveniences we’ve come to rely on with modern living. It also gives you something different and relaxing at the same time.

  7. I’m expecting glamping to enjoy a resurgence this Summer. Even though people won’t have as many £s in their pockets as they might normally, there are still going to be people who want to get away but can’t go overseas. They can still enjoy a great deal of luxury by glamping at a fraction of the cost. Plus there won’t be the same social distancing issues that hotels, etc. will no doubt face.

  8. I have not tried camping yet, well if you call a backyard set up camping, then I have! But going on a true campsite, I haven’t. I can be quite picky and icky, so I always want to stay somewhere with a clean bathroom. So I would guess glamping would be a great way to introduce me to camping without going through too much of a “culture” shock.

  9. It seems to me that glamping is going from strength to strength. I’ve seen images of some amazing glamping destinations that are a million miles from old school camping.

  10. I’ve heard so much about glamping that I really feel that the time has come to give it a try.

    Some of my friends only do glamping and it’s taken them to some very different places and some really quirky properties – if properties is the right word.

  11. It may be that I am a little late in joining the glamping bandwagon. After what I’ve heard from some of my friends about their luxurious glamping experiences it’s probably time that I gave it a go. And this looks as if it could be a great place to start my glamping career.

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