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Budget friendly but brilliant staycations

Reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment has never been more important. Aviation alone accounts for at least 2% of global carbon emissions. Although ruling out flying altogether may be inconceivable, you can reduce your air miles and carbon footprint in 2020 by opting for a luxury staycation. Not only can staycation by luxurious, but they can also be budget friendly – especially when travelling in groups. So jump in your electric car or on-board your private coach (which will help reduce your impact on the environment even further) and enjoy a brilliant, planet and purse friendly staycation. Take a look at our top 3 destinations. Cotswolds  The Cotswolds are the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales. Spanning over 800 square miles across five counties, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds are decorated in pretty limestone villages, historic castles and lavish country houses. Cotswolds Stroll through glorious gardens, cycle through magnificent meadows or take to the lakes to get the catch of the day. The Cotswolds are full of fantastic activities that will keep you busy. It’s also home to the largest inland paddling beach in the UK as well as a whole host of activities including; kayaking, pedaloes, Aquaventure and Vertigo Adventures. If you visit late May, you can watch the world-famous Gloucestershire Cheese-Rolling competition on one of the steepest slopes in the Cotswolds, Coopers Hill! Staying on a budget: 18th Century Cottage, complete with a shallow stream and AGA. Sleeps 6 guests plus you will have the whole cottage to yourself.  A luxury stay: Whatley Manor, a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux. A luxury hotel featuring a dining experience from 2x Michelin Star chef Niall Keating. Cairngorms National Park Situated in the Scottish Highlands is the magnificent Cairngorms National Park, the largest national park in the United Kingdom. The breath-taking scenery and abundance of wildlife attracts many tourists each year. Come rain or shine, there is something for everyone to do at the Cairngorms National Park. During the summer months, you can take a tour of Balmoral Castle, Her Majesty The Queen’s preferred summer residence. Taste some of Scotland’s finest Whiskey at the Glenlivet Distillery. For a family day out, why not head to the RZSS Highland Wildlife Park to see the first polar bear born in the UK in 25 years! Don’t let the winter months keep you away, Cairngorms Mountain is the perfect place to take to the slopes for some skiing and snowboarding. The winter season normally runs from December through to April. The mountain is suitable for first day beginners to seasoned mountain experts, making it fun for everyone. Staying on a budget: Mar Lodge, a Highland estate protected by the National Trust for Scotland. Sleeps 17 guests plus you will have the apartment to yourself. A luxury stay: The Old School Carrbridge, an old school converted into three luxury holiday homes, each sleeping up to 4 adults. Bath The City of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for having Britain’s only natural hot spring waters. The ancient Roman Baths are well preserved and a major tourist attraction, however you cannot take a dip in the thermal waters here. Instead there is a modern Thermae Bath Spa which uses the same natural hot spring water that is safe to bathe in. The wonders of Bath doesn’t just stop at its hot springs, the Royal Crescent is one of the Heritage City’s most iconic landmarks. The crescent features 30 gorgeous Grade I listed townhouses and is among the greatest display of Georgian architecture in the UK. Staying on a budget: Dukes Bath, a boutique guesthouse on Great Pulteney Street, one of the finest boulevards in the Heritage City.  The Gainsborough Bath Spa, part of The Leading Hotels of the World collection and the only hotel in Britain to have direct access to a natural thermal spa. Carl O’Neill is the Sales and Marketing Director at The Kings Ferry Group. The Kings Ferry Group offers a VIP travel service, specialising in luxury coach and executive car hire. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Sounds good to me. I’d love to visit the baths and then maybe try some of that Scottish whiskey! It might be difficult to get a small group together for traveling. But I’m sure staying in Wales at a nice cottage will be a good selling point for some people who really could use a getaway.

    1. We are sure you could tempt a group with Scottish Whiskey! The Baths are sublime, nothing quite like it so please do visit and let us know how you what you think!

  2. There is more to Bath than just the classic UNESCO recognised sights. It’s got a lot of interesting independent shops, even a bookshop that gives you a welcoming tea or coffee as you walk through the door and an amazing interior design shop too that I guarantee will inspire you to start thinking about decorating in your own home.

    1. Love a book and cup of tea! What’s the bookshop called? Might need to pop in next time I visit.

  3. Eco concerns are only going to become increasingly important I think. Staycations aren’t just good for reducing your carbon footprint though, they’re often just easier than travelling abroad. Not necessarily cheaper though sadly, not if you’re having to factor in train travel (which is insanely expensive these days) and hotels prices can add up if you’re staying longer than 2 or 3 days. But you’re skipping the stress of airports and visas and such, and I think more are holidaying in the UK now because of Brexit as well.

    I’m from the Cotswolds so that would definitely get my vote. Some people seem to think it’s one place, like a Cotswold town but it’s not. There are lots of places to visit and plenty of quaint villages worth seeing, even if you’re driving through and just spending a few hours there. Lots of greenery to explore and walking trails if you’re a fan of walking or cycling. I’m yet to go to Scotland but I’ve got a friend up there who highly rates it. I’ll have to ask her if she’s been to Cairngorms Park but I imagine she will have. Good tip on the skiing and snowboarding, I wouldn’t have thought of those up there.

    Bath is gorgeous. Only been a handful of times but I’ve loved each visit. I went last before Christmas when the festive markets were on and it had a lovely atmosphere so I’d like to go back maybe in the summer to explore a little more, maybe do the Roman baths and Thermae Bath Spa you mentioned.

    1. I’ve driven through the Cotswolds a lot and only ever stopped a few times so I’m no expert. I’ve stopped at some wonderful Olde Worlde Cotswold stone pubs to try some of the local ales. ( Is Hook Norton? ) in the Cotswolds? Also enjoying some great local food too. It’s lovely gentle countryside with some picturesque villages dotted about. Burford is definitely one of my favourites though it’s a bit of a step hill, great shops and a very quirky museum too. The Cotswolds is one of those places that I keep promising to myself that I’ll get to know better.

    2. Oh yes, Hook Norton, I actually visited there the other week to see someone! Small with a very peaceful vibe. There are lots of cosy pubs around the Cotswolds, so even though pubs have been disappearing by the hundred-load every year at least there are still plenty of good ones around here. I keep promising myself the same thing, John. I’m from around the Cotswolds but there’s so much I’m yet to explore. Bring on the summer, that would be the perfect time to start visiting some of the yet un-explored areas!

    3. Sometimes the costs can rack up if you are a lone traveller. But group travel normally offers some type of discount or money saving opportunities.

      Glad to hear you are planning to explore some of our brilliant staycations. Do you have anymore that you think we or our readers should consider?

  4. One of the many things that annoys me about the British is that as soon as we have some time to take a holiday or even a weekend break we start thinking about flying somewhere. This post is a reminder that we’ve got plenty of things to do on our doorsteps without even having to get our passports out.

    1. We fully agree Lorraine. Don’t get us wrong, we do love to chase the sun and head away somewhere. But the UK have so many incredible places to visit and lots of beautiful hidden gems that must be explored!

  5. Bath is beautiful and worth the 90-mile plus trip from London. I recommend the Little Theatre Cinema if you’re into historic buildings. Inside is all plush velvel and is very reminiscent of old opera houses. This one is reputedly built on top of catacombs, so it’s quite amazing. You can watch mainstream and vintage films and even live screenings on this. It’s an experience worth trying when in Bath.

  6. So this pandemic cost me my main job so I am living on my freelance work at the moment. Having said that, I have the luxury of time to travel but on a budget. Thanks to this post, my travel plans won’t have to be expensive. I really need a quick escape after this pandemic. Losing my main job is a big blow but I will work hard to get back on the saddle again.

  7. Budget will be the buzz word for this year’s holidays / well, staycations for many of us. Fuel, energy, food and in fact everything going up is putting a squeeze on. There’s going to be a lot of Google searches for budget breaks.

    1. And it’s not going to get any better any time soon. I’ve heard some predictions of 10% inflation.

  8. It’s going to be a difficult year for travel. After all the pressures of the cost of living crisis so many of us really need a break and a getaway.

    Though of course it’s a double whammy with travel prices going up. All suggestions for budget travel gratefully received.

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