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5 of Ibiza’s top luxury restaurants that we hope survive the downturn

We are all in testing times and whilst the travel industry is in meltdown with flights cancelled, travel bans in place and people across the globe in lockdown, it’s hard to even imagine when our next holiday will be. When the world does eventually return to normal, we can only hope that businesses will return to normal and life as we knew it will again return. In the meantime I hope that all our readers stay safe and that the restaurants in this article survive the inevitable downturn. I wrote this latest piece before the enormity of the current situation bedded in and hopefully one day, we’ll be able to go back to these magical venues and find them in the great shape we witnessed on our visit. Ibiza In an archipelago of Spain, you will find the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is one of those that find the Mediterranean Sea lapping at its shores. Widely promoted as the night-club capital of the world, this is actually a massive undersell of this fantastic location. It offers so much more than the clubs of Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni. For those who are after a more relaxing getaway, you will also find peaceful villages, restorative yoga retreat and more. Dining out is a must when you are in Ibiza as there are simply so many delicious eateries that offer the best in fine dining you will be thoroughly spoilt for choice. Ibiza Town’s Marina Botafoch area has become the centre of food excellence over the last few years, and you will find stunning dishes from all over the world. With exquisite presentation and amazing flavours, a night on the town is a treat for the palette, and to help you get started here are five of the best to choose from. Nobu In the bay of Talamanca, you will find the Hotel Nobu Ibiza Bay and within its four walls the stunning restaurant that first opened its doors to diners in 2017. The decor is modern, and you can sit at raised tables watching the chefs as they work. It is clean and contemporary with a teak and cream theme that really sets the tone and matches the rest of the hotel. Serving amazing Japanese dishes this luxury venue has gone from unknown to world-renowned in just three short years. It is little wonder when you cast your eyes over the incredible menu. Once your dishes are served, the experience gets even better when you taste the fine flavours from dishes such as Rock Shrimp Tempura and Black Cod Miso. The fish comes straight from the ocean which you can look out over as you eat. Booking is highly advisable but well worth a short wait should the need arise. STK Ibiza For those who may crave something a little more English in influences, there is nothing better than this upmarket steak house which has been described by critics as ‘Soul food with sparkle’. It is more than just a slab of meat on the plate, of course, you do have a stunning range of quality steaks, but you can also enjoy amazing sides that include lobster mac and cheese and parmesan truffle chips. Heading up the team of first-class chefs is a man who once called the seven-star Burj al Arab of Dubai home. This speaks volumes about the quality of the food on offer, and his menu is respected across the globe. The foie gras creme brûlée comes highly recommended as the start of choice, and you can be assured of the finest fresh seafood and highest quality ingredients sourced locally where possible. Sa Punta Ibiza Of course, fine dining is best accompanied by the finest of wines, and for the most extensive cellar, you might want to head to Sa Punta for a Mediterranean dining experience you will simply love. Earning an easy five stars for service and attention this is one laid back, cool venue with so much to offer. The extensive menu is complemented by the chance to dine out on the views of Talamanca Bay as you gaze towards the old town. Your dining choices are carefully constructed by owner Rodolphe who brings the finest seafood locally caught that day, free-range meat and other produce from as close to home as possible. Whether you sit inside or alfresco, you are guaranteed a magical evening, but with such high demand for space, be sure to get your reservation booked in as soon as possible. Heart For a totally unique experience, you do not want to miss the fantastic gastronomy meets entertainment fusion that was the brainchild of the Michelin starred Adria Brothers and Cirque de Soleil’s Guy Laliberte. A truly fantastic night of incredible food complimented by the creativity of the performers this really is a once in a lifetime fusion event that cannot be missed. The menu which was created by world-class chef Rafa Zafra perfectly interprets the vision as he creates a visual, aural and taste sensation that is simply perfection. Unusual and immersive this is one evening you do not want to miss set in a stunning location with attention to detail and a high level of service. Be sure to book in advance, there is unsurprisingly always a waiting list for the venue but do be sure to check it out. Izakaya Last but by no means least we have the delights of Izakaya, which can be found in the Sir Joan hotel. It is an eclectic mix of Japanese meets South American, but it works incredibly well. Although they have not been around for long, they are taking the area by storm and have garnered a strong following sending out waves across the globe and attracting diners from the four corners and beyond. The setting is simply stunning, and you will undoubtedly dine in style, while the food is described as delectable and delicate, which sums it up perfectly. The menu is extensive, but nothing is out of place and it all more than belongs here. The wasabi lobster is out of this world, the corn tempura is legendary, and there is plenty for meat lovers with beef tatakis and tenderloin galore. Again, you would be wise to book a table in advance as they are in demand and always busy. Ibiza is rapidly becoming a culinary capital, and wherever you choose to dine, you will not be disappointed. A taste sensation lurks around every corner, and the luxury dining options are vast and satisfying. With every continent covered and a range of alfresco or undercover dining options, there really is something for everyone here. Once you have planned your trip, it is advisable to make some reservations, so you are not disappointed. Stay safe everyone and hopefully one day we’ll all be able to dine in these wonderful restaurants again.

Kerrie Potts

Kerrie Potts is CEO at Exclusive Private Villas. Exclusive Private Villas offers exquisite, handpicked luxury villas around the world. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Although we are virtually locked down here in Britain it’s so good to be reminded of sunnier days in Ibiza. I think I might have a go at Nobu’s Shrimp Tempura or Black Cod Miso. Sadly, it will only be for two, no large dinner parties allowed here. And I also doubt that there are enough ingredients in the shops anyway to cook for more than 2.

    1. That’s a great idea Ellen. If you can’t travel or eat out then why not try to recreate some of the great tastes of the world in your own home.

      Already I’m tiring of people saying that they are going to get cabin fever. Really they should see this unusual period to escape from their routine and try something new.

  2. It’s nice to have the acknowledgment of what’s going on in the world while reading about how that could impact businesses and local economies. That being said, Izakaya is a pretty cool concept with the combination of Japanese and South American style food. Wasabi lobster really sounds out of this world!

  3. I’’m not usually much of a fan of either foie gras or creme brûlée but my brother found a restaurant in the south of France that did foie gras creme brûlée perfectly. Next time I’m in Ibiza I’ll want to drop into STK for their take on it.

  4. I love this working from home. I’ve just had a full 20 minute coffee break where I had time to read every word of this. Much better than racing through it between tube stations and being bumped up and down. I think I could get into this working from home business.

  5. It wasn’t until more recent years that my view of Ibiza changed. Admittedly I had such a stereotyped view of it being that youthful party, clubbing destination because I hadn’t seen anything to do with the rest of Ibiza or what else there was beside the night life there. I know I’m not alone in that so it’s good to have more awareness around the place now to show the other side to it. The Sa Punta restaurant has a brilliant location overlooking the Talamanca Bay, that’s beautiful and so peaceful.

  6. Is there any news on how these restaurants are getting on? It must be so hard for them right now. Is the Spanish government stepping in to support small businesses?

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