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Memories of a luxury getaway to Queenstown, New Zealand

This is certainly an historic time we are living in; none of us have ever experienced anything like a pandemic before and we are all trying to get through this period of uncertainty the best we possibly can. Here in Canada we are completing week six of our state of emergency; it seems everywhere you look there are reminders about COVID 19 and what we must do to #flattenthecurve; how we must #stayhome. So what do we do to keep ourselves occupied during this unprecedented time? I am a big fan of travel and although we are not travelling at the present time; something I have been doing to help pass the time as well as put some of my anxiety at bay is to go over my past trip memories, this has definitely made a difference for me. Another important item on my list is to start planning, even if only mentally. I already have my next destination in mind and I have mentally started the preparation for it; this is part of the excitement of travelling to me, just envisioning it and having it all come together is so exciting! Just in case this is something that you may also like to do, I have put together my most memorable experiences from a recent trip my husband and I went on to New Zealand; specifically I am going to focus on my favourite little town on the South Island; it is called Queenstown and if you are planning to travel to the South Island of New Zealand this is one place you want to include on your itinerary. Without further ado let me present my recommendations to you: Stay at The Rees Hotel and Apartments One of the most important components of any travel plan is where to stay. I recommend The Rees Hotel located in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. This accommodation is a beautiful and luxurious one; with stunning views of Lake Wakitipu and very conveniently located to downtown, the apartment suites have all the comforts of home and you will want for nothing! The Rees Hotel is a sophisticated five star hotel with all the little extras and conveniences you would expect from a luxury hotel including a fine dining restaurant with an award winning chef and a fabulous selection of wine. Be sure to take advantage of the shuttle service in luxury vans to get back in forth from the town centre. Lunch from Ferburger – eaten at Perky’s Floating Bar Speaking of going downtown, this brings me to my next ‘do not miss’ activity. Save room one of the days for lunch and head in to town; it will not be difficult to find this iconic take-out restaurant but be sure to leave yourself ample time to wait in the queue as it tends to be a bit long. The location I am referring to is The Fergburger; a busy joint known for high-end inventive burgers made with beef, chicken & other exotic proteins. Adjacent is the Fergbakery, where the fresh burger buns are baked daily. Now along with your Fergburger I think you deserve a beautiful view; take your to go bag and head on over to the Lake where you will find Perky’s Floating Bar. This unique bar is actually a boat, it only serves beverages so you are welcome to bring your burgers on board, order your drinks and enjoy lunch with an incredible view. A visit to Wild Earth Winery and Restaurant Next up on our itinerary was a visit to the Wild Earth Winery and Restaurant. This is quite possibly one of the most unique places I have been to and I highly recommend you put it on your list. It is located outside of Queenstown so you will need to either drive or arrange transportation, but just the views alone will be worth it; it is located across from a spectacular gorge; cross over a wooden bridge and come upon the beauty that is Wild Earth. Do plan to enjoy a meal, whether it be lunch or dinner; the experience of the unique food presentation is part of its charm and they use ingredients such as wild game meats in their dishes that are very appealing to the palate. Safari of the Scenes – Glenorchy – Nomad Safaris My final recommendation for your Queenstown visit is to book a tour that is named “Safari of the Scenes – Glenorchy – Nomad Safaris”; this tour is phenomenal because of the beautiful scenery that you will experience; while it is tied into the “Lord of the Rings” filming sites, it is not limited to fans. A word of warning: if you do experience motion sickness perhaps take a dose of motion-sickness preventative medicine or, at the very least, try sitting close to the front of the off-road vehicle as you will be going over some very rough terrain on this tour. The views you will experience however will make it completely worth every bump along the way. I share with you one of our photos to give you a glimpse into the beauty that only New Zealand can provide. My hope is that you have at the very least enjoyed my memories of Queenstown. Perhaps one day in the future you will let me know that you took my suggestions and used them to plan your own special escape to Queenstown.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip, Lisa!! What time of year was it that you visited and how long did you go for?

  2. Hi Carla,

    We visited in October of 2018, and that is Spring in New Zealand; we had a fabulous time and definitely fell in love with Queenstown; we actually spent a total of 2 weeks in New Zealand in total, half on the North Island and half on the South Island with about 4 days of which was spent in Queenstown.

    Have a great day!


  3. I just love Queenstown. It is breathtaking and there are amazing things to do. Sadly have not experienced your recommendations. There is always a next time though

    1. Hi Seema, I agree about the next time; who would not want to go back to Queenstown?



  4. I was planning a trip to New Zealand until the pandemic stopped everything. But I agree with you and I want to start planning again. I’ve always wanted to go NZ and Queenstown is high on my list! I can’t wait to go! Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Hi Queenie,

      I am so happy you enjoyed it; I promise you will love Queenstown and all of New Zealand, it is spectacular!


  5. It seems you had a great experience visiting Queenstown in New Zealand. You have nicely presented your experiences. You should also look foreword to visiting Australia..

    1. I did visit Australia! Right after New Zealand, I will include blogs about Australia in the future as well :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Your holiday was truly a memorable one and I plan to replicate bits of your trip after this pandemic. I can’t wait to visit Safari of the Scenes – Glenorchy – Nomad Safaris as you mentioned. I hope my future trip will be as memorable as yours. I am sure New Zealand will be experiencing an uptick in its tourism industry faster than the other countries, even if it’s just local tourism. I’ve heard some good things about neighboring Australia recently as well. It seems tourism is picking up in your neck of the woods. That’s good news and enviable.

    1. Hi Chris!

      So happy I helped with your planning; I’m actually Canadian but visited both New Zealand and Australia in 2018. I agree that these countries will most likely be opening travel sooner, I hope you will be able to experience soon!


  7. The South Island of New Zealand is really great! I visited both islands, luckily, last year. But I was really amazed by Queenstown, flying there from Wellington. I mean, you can’t go wrong anywhere in New Zealand. But Queenstown is vast and remote, it seemed to me. Just a perfect place for a travel getaway. I stayed at Wanaka for a few days right on the lake and it was incredible! I could live there for the rest of my days and be a very happy man.

    1. I could not agree more! Queenstown and New Zealand in general is the most beautiful destination I have discovered thus far, I am so happy you loved it as well.

  8. The last time I was in New Zealand was to visit the Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton set. As a fan that was a priority for me. But as many travelers would attest, one visit to New Zealand is never enough. I fell in love with its beauty straightaway. I’ve been wanting to revisit and possibly go to the capital or in Queenstown as I’ve heard so many great things about it. So many outdoor activities to enjoy especially since it has The Remarkables Mountain Range and Lake Wakatipu. I think it’s the perfect place to de-stress after these horrible times we are having. I would maybe do a side trip again to Hobbiton or maybe Christchurch or Auckland. So many choices and I bet that I can’t go wrong with any of these options.

    1. Oh yes, you must do Queenstown!! I have been to both islands and also to Hobbiton; very beautiful for sure but Queenstown is breathtaking!!

      Enjoy your next trip!


  9. I am planning to visit new Zealand when the pandemic is all gone beautiful country though. Well have a good time Lisa. Thanks to Prime minister Jacinda for making New Zealand Corona free

  10. I long for the day when I can return to New Zealand but I fear it could be some time off still. With Australia’s borders likely to remain closed until at least mid-2022, sadly I can’t see it being much different in NZ.

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