Brilliant group activity ideas while staying in at your private villa

As the world anticipates post-pandemic realities, we all remain positive that leisure travel, among other things, will once again be an accessible privilege to people. There is certainty, however, that necessary and somewhat radical changes will occur alongside this comeback. Though travelers remain longing for the delights of holiday experiences, there is an understandable inclination to be cautious of crowds, public places and physical contact. Luxury villas are seen as an ideal choice of accommodation with their offering of complete exclusivity where families or groups of friends can stay and enjoy resort-class amenities all to themselves. But with a dedicated concierge who can arrange activities for you and a professional staff ready to assist with your holiday plans, there is just so much that you may not have thought about what you can actually while staying in. Here is a list of amazing group activities to keep everyone occupied and boredom-free during your vacation – all of them without having to leave your villa. Cooking master class with your villa chef One of the most notable perks of staying at a luxury villa is having your own private chef. Though many are happy just to feast on culinary delights, guests who wish to learn a thing or two are also welcome to step inside the kitchen. Chef preparing Thai cuisine at Baan Mika, a luxury 6 bedroom beach front villa located on Plai Laem Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand Pick-up new techniques, discover new ingredients, and add a new dish to your list of know-hows. Many villa chefs even offer cooking classes that come complete with official certificates. Cocktail party with a professional mixologist If you’d rather not go out to a crowded bar, why don’t you just bring the bar right to your villa? Invite your own personal bartender for an afternoon of delightful cocktail creations. Some villa staff are trained mixologists too. Set up your in-house party at the poolside pavilion, rooftop deck, or entertainment area and spice it all up with mood music from the villa’s built-in sound system. For a more intimate experience, some villas feature their own wine cellar where guests can fancy a wine tasting session and kill time with memorable conversations. Yoga session in complete tranquility Providing peaceful seclusion with truly breathtaking views, luxury villas make the perfect venue for yoga. Many of these properties include complimentary yoga mats and yoga blocks. Some even come with a dedicated yoga platform. Guests can also request a private yoga instructor to come to the villa. Play your choice of mediation music in the villa’s sound system or simply listen to ocean waves and let your mind drift into utter bliss. Poolside barbecue fiesta Fancy dining is a given when you are at a private villa, but there is a special enjoyment with the traditional outdoor cooking with friends and family. Whether you go for seafood, meat, or veggies, a barbecue fiesta is a sure winner for groups wanting to compliment fun time outdoors with good food. Many villas come with poolside dining areas with a bar and barbecue grill. Movie night! There is no guilt in binge-watching when your home rental comes with its very own home theater. And with hundreds of movies and shows in store, you can never run out of choices. Make movie nights more exciting by setting a theme or create a watch list with recommendations from each member of the group. Your villa staff will happily prepare the popcorn and snacks for everyone too. All-out gaming bonanza Outdoor sports, indoor sports, board games, or computer games – your private villa has something for the old, the young, and the young at heart. What else could be more fun and challenging at the same time than a friendly competition with your loved ones? Such activity is sure to rekindle bonds and loosen up everyone. Finish the day with a relaxing spa treatment An in-villa spa treatment is a quintessential cherry on top of any villa vacation. A common favorite among guests, private massages can be easily arranged for groups. Some villas have their own spa rooms complete with saunas or hot tubs. They can also be done in the comfort of your bedroom. Capture your vacation memories with a photoshoot It is quite common that villa vacations coincide with celebrations such as anniversaries or reunions. The memories of your stay are surely worth remembering. Schedule a photoshoot with a professional photographer or videographer. Add some creativity by choosing a dress code or explore wonderful angles and poses you can do in the different locations within your villa. Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World. The Private World is a villa rentals company offering some the most top-rated luxury vacation home rentals in the world’s top tourist destinations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Silvan Kitma

Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World, a luxury villa rentals company offering an elite collection of holiday homes in Asia’s top tourist destinations. From tropical retreats in Thailand’s Phuket and Koh Samui as well as Bali in Indonesia to lavish holiday chalets in Niseko Japan, these properties offer complete exclusivity and unconventional opulence for travelers. Their offerings include private chefs and top-notch facilities such as gyms, cinemas, spas, and spectacular infinity pools overlooking the beauty of the local region. Though working as a manager, Silvan is also a writer by practice, a musician at heart, a comedian on impulse, and a father of four.

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  1. It’s not surprising that many people are going to be very cautious once lockdowns are lifted and we ease back into a sense of normality. I don’t think public transport and big groups are going to be attractive notions but at some point, who knows when, the virus will end and we won’t need to be as cautious or worried about that kind of viral transmission possibility. In the interim it’s good to know there are options for safer excursions and things you can do when travelling where you can still enjoy the time and not miss out on the experience, while not having to really mix if you don’t feel comfortable to. I’ve always liked the idea of my own private villa anyway and that was long before coronavirus! I never would have thought you could do so much and have so many activities brought to you like this though, seems pretty luxurious and very convenient too.

  2. Once this pandemic is over and a vaccine is available for all, one of the first things I would do is to visit my favorite hotel for a long stay. Everything changed but the good thing is we can easily adapt to the new normal. I admire the innovation and creative ideas. How I wish I feel safe enough to go out and check in a villa for a change in scenery.

  3. The pandemic has inflicted several health and safety risks that we should consider even after the number of positive cases decline. With that being said, we may have to ditch our usual reunions, friday night outs, parties, and even simple gatherings. These are all helpful especially for someone who likes to invite friends and relatives in grand events like me. I really love the idea of taking cooking class with my friends. Learning something new with other people makes the whole thing extra special and productive. I hope there will be more places that will offer these kinds of things in the future. On the other hand, I think many resorts and other establishments will also impose strict measures if they will be allowed to operate since these are the places that are mostly crowded with people coming from different countries.

  4. Thanks for the good read. These are amazing list of group activities to keep everyone occupied and boredom-free during vacation all of them without having to leave your villa especially during this covid time. Enjoyed, and will be back.

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