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Photograph of the week: Krka National Park, Croatia

The Krka National Park is located in Southern Croatia along the Krka River. The magnificent area of natural beauty is best known for its series of seven stunning waterfalls. The national park is one of Croatia’s eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beautiful park covers an extensive area of 142sq.km, and is named after the Krka River which runs through it. The park was created to help protect the river. The park is situated about 10km from Sibenik and can be accessed via public transport or with a guided excursion. Krka National Park is an area of exceptional natural beauty, from waterfalls to gorges and miles of greenery. The site also boasts an array of fascinating man-made structures, including the monasteries which were built in the park by monks. Over 800 different species of plants can be found among the Krka National Park, while visitors can also spot a myriad of over 200 different birds flying through the skies, as well as 18 different species of bat. Down by the river, a variety of reptiles and amphibians call this spot their home. To explore the park in full walk the Skradinski Buk Trail, which is around an hour journey in total taking in each of the falls. Pictured here is Roski Slap, one of the smaller of the seven falls, which leads into the main attraction of the park Skradinski Buk. For many, Skradinski Buk, the largest waterfall in the park, is the highlight. Skradinski Buk (buk means cascade in Croatian) is the seventh and final of the park’s falls. It is also the longest waterfall in the Krka National Park and is formed by a series of 17 steps measuring up to an outstanding 800m in total. The falls also boast an impressive width at 200m-400m each. The size of the falls alone make them something to behold. The huge waterfall empties into a large pool of water below which is a popular spot for visitors to take a refreshing swim under the falls. Adrenaline seekers can even jump into the pool from the final step of Skradinski Buk – a height of 12m. While Skradinski Buk is undoubtedly a visitor highlight of Krka National Park this waterfall can be crowded and noisy in peak season. The other smaller falls however offer a quieter respite away from the main crowds of the park, where visitors can marvel at the beauty of the falls and truly enjoy the magic of nature among a quieter setting. The Roski Slap as pictured is stated by many as being the real gem of Krka National Park, and in a large part it remains an undiscovered gem. This area of the park has so much to offer, including a hiking trail around the cascaded waterfalls and a scenic walk to the ethno village from which the main waterfall can be viewed. The ethno villages are very much the heart of the Krka National Park, which give an authentic insight into the lives of the Croatian people who lived along this area for centuries. The village includes a traditional watermill and workshops to learn about the traditional way of life in the area, and also offers a restaurant and coffee shop for refreshments. The restaurant also offers a terrace with stunning views. For ramblers there is a selection of climbing options available to get the best views in the park. For the adventurous and experienced climber, head to the viewpoint overlooking the Krka River in the south direction. This is a challenging walk along rocks, but the view at the end is a reward for the effort. The route is however only recommended for those with adequate experience to make the climb. For those less experienced climbers, head underground to the Ozidana Cave – a fascinating insight in itself. Upon exit from the cave you will be treated to an incredible viewpoint of the falls. From Roski Slap there is also the option to visit the Krka Monastery, which is a 2.5 hour boat ride from the falls. Along the way you will pass the Trošenj and Nečven fortresses. It is also possible to stay among the beauty of Krka National Park with a hotel located right among the Roski Slap. The best time to visit the Krka National Park to see the falls in full flow is in autumn or early winter, though they are beautiful all year round. The summer months provide a better temperature for those wanting to take a swim in the waterfalls’ refreshing pool. Thank you to Graham Carter, Managing Director of Cruise Croatia for permission to share the photograph. If you have a really special photograph you would like to share with A Luxury Travel Blog‘s readers, please contact us.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Never heard of this gem in Croatia. In recent years Croatia has become a trendy place to go but none of my friends has reported back on the Krka National Park, I just think it’s one of the world’s few lesser known beauty spots. The photo makes it look really appealing.

    1. Neither had I, that’s why I always enjoy coming to this blog so much. I like being able to look up some of these new places to learn more about the world. Croatia seems like a dream vacation spot especially along the coastline.

  2. This is some advert for Croatia. Stunningly beautiful waterfalls. You could easily turn this into a poster promoting the region.

  3. If that picture is anywhere near the attractiveness of the rest of the park then it’s a place where I’d like to do more than a quick visit. I would guess that the boat ride is a good way to see the area and all its sights.

    Staying at the Roski Slap Hotel really appeals to me. I know it’s not an ultra busy place for tourists but having the place almost to yourself before the day trippers arrive and after they have gone home is always worth doing. Nothing better than getting up early and enjoying the peace and quiet. The start and end of the day are when you take your best photos too.

  4. What a gorgeous place, look how lush it is. I’ve not been to Croatia but I can’t believe I’ve never even heard of the Krka National Park. This place looks stunning. “Exceptional natural beauty” describes it well. The monasteries sound interesting; I assume you can look around some of those perhaps? I’d definitely want a good camera to go here with the wildlife and the scenery. It’s hard to imagine a place like this and so many waterfalls too. Stunning. I suppose it’s not surprising the main area with the most popular waterfall can become quite busy during peak tourist season. That the one photoed, Roski Slap, is more of a ‘hidden gem’ is quite surprising. It makes me curious what the other one is like if this one isn’t quite as popular! I’d actually really like to go to Croatia now just to come to this park. It’ll go on my bucket list! :)

  5. I have been wanting to visit Croatia for quite a long time. It always appealed to me in the simple beauty of their very European cobblestone streets and interesting architecture with rows of red roofs. Just a pleasant sight. Then you add in the beaches and seafood and I’m pretty convinced that this country would be one of my favorite to visit, crossing my fingers to do that soon.

  6. This is a stunning photograph. I’ve been to Croatia as part of a cruise and course had very limited time to explore anywhere else exept the city of Dubrovnik. It’s lovely and the food is wonderful. I’d like to go back sometime as not part of a cruise, but possibly a separate tour of Europe. If that happens I will be taking not of this National Park. It would probably take a whole day to see and enjoy this place. But with accommodations available it’s a good option to put it down on the itinerary.

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