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The luxury villa dining experience

Food is an inseparable accompaniment to any travel or holiday experience. In luxury villa accommodations, dining is taken to a whole new level of exclusivity and personal touch. While some diners make reservations, drive themselves to 5-star restaurants, and wait for a table, villa vacationers instead have the restaurant experience brought right to the very place where they are staying – along with other delightful perks. Villa Chef carefully prepares a signature dish Your own private chef An iconic service feature of a luxury villa stay is having your own private chef. These experienced talents provide full services for guests, from grocery shopping to the actual food serving. They combine local expertise with high-class culinary training, knowing where to find the freshest ingredients and crafting star-quality dishes with finesse. Personalised menu Every single meal is customizable. You are free to make requests or ask the chef for recommendations. To add some excitement, some assign a theme for their meals – be it seafood feasts, vegan or meat lover’s choice, Asian or Western cuisine. The chef can also customize the food based on budget and other preferences. For those who want it easy, an in-villa menu is also readily available for quick choosing. Your choice of dining location and setting Luxury villas usually have several designated areas where guests can dine with options for both indoor and outdoor. You are also free to choose your kind of setup – whether you wish for a classy dinner or barbecue parties by the pool or at the beach, whether you want a sit-down full-course meal or a buffet style luncheon. You can go for more intimate, romantic dinners for two or all-out family feasts to celebrate special occasions. Some villas even feature signature floating breakfasts in the pool, a usual favorite among guests. Private cooking lessons on local cuisine Though not known to many, some villa chefs also offer in-house cooking lessons for guests. This is certainly one of the most unique villa experiences, whether you are looking for a fun and engaging activity for your group or you wish to add exciting local dishes to your list of know-hows. It is a chance to learn new techniques and ingredients, as well as the fascinating food culture of the region. Some cooking lessons even come complete with actual certificates and your very own apron. Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World. The Private World is a villa rentals company offering some the most top-rated luxury vacation home rentals in the world’s top tourist destinations. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Silvan Kitma

Silvan Kitma is General Manager of The Private World, a luxury villa rentals company offering an elite collection of holiday homes in Asia’s top tourist destinations. From tropical retreats in Thailand’s Phuket and Koh Samui as well as Bali in Indonesia to lavish holiday chalets in Niseko Japan, these properties offer complete exclusivity and unconventional opulence for travelers. Their offerings include private chefs and top-notch facilities such as gyms, cinemas, spas, and spectacular infinity pools overlooking the beauty of the local region. Though working as a manager, Silvan is also a writer by practice, a musician at heart, a comedian on impulse, and a father of four.

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  1. The idea of choosing where you can dine is very appealing indeed. It’s a very good way of appreciating the local landscape and seeing the subtle changes in light as the evening develops.

  2. When it’s snowing and minus 2 C outside it’s definitely time to forget the real world and dream of luxury villas in warmer places. Of course we are not allowed to travel in the U.K. but we can still read the pages of A Luxury Travel Blog and dream of better days.

  3. I can see private dining being a major attraction for so many of my foodie friends. Going to a restaurant only takes you so far, designing a menu with a chef, making most of local and seasonal goods – and that chef’s specialist skills – is taking things to another level. More and more I think that food really helps you to get to know a place.

  4. Having the luxury of a private chef while on a holiday helps you avoid possibly crowded restaurants and waiting in line. Also, I like the convenience of eliminating the need to get dressed to go out, allowing for more relaxing time.

  5. Catering for yourself is OK up to a point. Although shopping in local markets is an adventure for a day or two, you don’t really know how the locals prepare all those exciting new ingredients. If you have a chatty private chef, and the ones we’ve had, have always been keen to talk, you can learn a lot about the ways of the locals with food. At the same time as enjoying some great meals.

  6. I know you wrote this a couple of years ago but it’s as if you spotted the trend. More and more my friends are investing in a visiting chef. It’s all far more relaxed than getting ready to go out to a restaurant and having all the hassle of booking, driving, parking and worst of all not being able to enjoy a drink.

  7. A friend invited me over for a week to the Greek islands Villa that he had booked last summer. It really opened my eyes to all the benefits of private dining. I feel that I ought to reciprocate his invitation and will definitely be going for private fining when I book the villa.

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