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Open in Siem Reap – Part 2

As the tourism industry in Siem Reap battles to survive it’s now the perfect time to visit for a long weekend or staycation. OK, that’s only possible if you’re in Cambodia right now but for those of us that live in ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’ we are blessed with some excellent rates at some of the finest hotels and resorts. Combine that with the fact that your money will go some way to help these hotels survive and the fact that Angkor Wat and the magnificent temples are currently deserted, there’s never been a better time to visit Siem Reap. Whilst in town be sure to visit the simply fantastic, Phare Circus where you will be entertained and left with an extra special feel good factor. Check out these 3 luxury hotels that are currently ‘Open in Siem Reap’ where you will be welcomed with open arms and treated to only the best of Cambodian hospitality. Jaya House River Park It’s impossible to argue with their #1 ranking out of nearly 600 Siem Reap hotels on Tripadvisor. At the time of writing, 2609 of the 2630 reviews are ranked as ‘Excellent’ which is the highest possible rating. That truly is some feat, and the team at Jaya House River Park have worked tirelessly since opening in 2016, to lead from the front with supreme customer service and attention to detail at this luxury hotel that offers a ‘home from home’ for visiting guests. Having recently re-opened, this riverside property now boasts a swanky new entrance where all arrivals have the chance to catch a glimpse of the stunning silver pool before being whisked away to their room or suite for a contactless check in experience. During your stay, don’t miss out on the magnificent sunsets from the roooftop bar, which is surely the coolest sunset spot in Siem Reap, whilst swimming in the silver pool is a unique and memorable experience that also shouldn’t be missed. From check in until check out at the #1 hotel in Siem Reap, we are sure that the Jaya House team will welcome you as part of their family meaning you will never want to leave. Park Hyatt Siem Reap You can be sure to enjoy the style and aesthetic that you would expect from a Park Hyatt hotel when you choose to stay at Park Hyatt Siem Reap. Located in the heart of the city, this luxury hotel was designed by Bangkok based, Bill Bensley and his team of creative designers and imaginative architects. The blend of art deco with Khmer influences and open, flowing spaces that fuse the interior and exterior make for a unique feel in a unique location. With 2 swimming pools to choose from and an excellent spa, your staycation at Park Hyatt Siem Reap will be both relaxing and rejuvenating. Start your evening with a glass of your favourite wine in The Living Room before enjoying a meal prepared by the excellent Cambodian executive chef, Pisith Theam who has a long history at this luxury property. He worked with his father who was executive chef at Hotel de la Paix, and when this historical hotel was reborn as Park Hyatt Siem Reap the legacy of his family lived on as he continued to impress international and local diners with his culinary talents. FCC Angkor by Avani Enjoying an enviable riverside location in central Siem Reap, FCC Angkor by Avani offers their guests a selection of rooms and suites throughout their two buildings. The original hotel was recently and extensively refurbished prior to re opening, which coincided with the much awaited completion and opening of their brand new wing. The hotel is set amongst the towering riverside trees, overlooking the river, and just a few hundred metres from the Royal Residence and the Royal Independance Parks making it the perfect option for those who enjoy an early morning or evening stroll, escaping the intense heat of the day. After your evening riverside wanderings, head back to ‘Scribe’ for your favourite cocktail or a glass of wine before heading upstairs to dine at ‘The Mansion’ which boasts unique garden, treetop and riverside views. Phare Circus A visit to Phare Circus will make you smile. Guaranteed. You are sure to be amazed by the team of talented human beings who have truly mastered their art. Combining music, drama, art, dance and circus skills, this really is entertainment at it’s finest. Any visit to Siem Reap should include a visit to this highly entertaining and socially responsible circus which is located in their own big top on the edge of the city. The enforced shutdowns due to COVID restrictions have impacted Phare massively and they really need our support right now, check out the excellent ticket promotions on their website and please help however you can. The purchasing of your ticket will go some way to providing free education, professional arts training and social support programs that are all part of Phare Ponleu Selpak (meaning ‘The Brightness of the Arts’), a Cambodian non-profit art school located in Battambang. Phare Circus Cambodia 1 You can only imagine what Siem Reap must have been like before tourism arrived. The tropical trees and jungle vibe would have been well and truly, alive and kicking. In recent years, an exponential growth in tourist numbers has seen many of these magnificent trees removed to make way for development. As Siem Reap moves into 2021, there is a 150 million dollar programme of new and planned development which will help create Siem Reap 2.0 which is very exciting indeed. In the meantime, let’s do all we can to support those businesses that are #openinsiemreap so we can all still be around to enjoy what the future holds. Paul Eyers is Founder of Vegan Food Quest. Vegan Food Quest have become luxury vegan travel specialists as they continue to find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Paul Eyers

Paul Eyers is co-founder of Vegan Food Quest who write about luxury hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia with a focus on sustainable travel, eco travel and vegan travel. Currently based in Malaysia, Paul also writes about sporting events and some of the finest golf courses throughout the region.

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  1. It’s nice to hear that Siem Reap is planning to expand their tourism without damaging more of those emblematic strangler trees. I live in Asia and still having a hard time traveling out of my country to other Asian countries like Cambodia. I’ve been required to submit a number of different health certifications before I can fly.

    1. Hi Regina, the restrictions are likely to stay for some time in my opinion which is mighty tough for those of us that like to travel. We are trying to make the most of ‘in country’ travel options and explore Cambodia which has been lots of fun. We also hope that not too many trees are lost during the current development and also that lots of new trees are planted!

  2. I am very fortunate to live in Siem Reap and it’s good to see some of my favourite places fighting back!
    My favourite sunset spot for a nice glass of red has long been Jaya House and I was so happy to be able to revisit it only a couple of weeks ago.

    Also I can’t recommend Phara Circus enough, memorable to say the least.

    1. thank you for your comment Terry, sunset at Treeline and a visit to Phare is the perfect event in Siem Reap! We’re off to the circus again tomorrow, trying to support however we can during these challenging times…

  3. Didn’t stay at any of these hotels when I visited Siem Reap but they all look good. Especially Jaya House which looks amazing. We did go to Phare Circus though and loved it. Hope to return one day…

    1. we hope you can come back soon too! your choice of Jaya House is a very wise one, it’s a wonderful hotel and the staff team are fantastic…

  4. How I would love to revisit Siem Reap.
    For those who live in Cambodia and are able to have a few days away, staying at any one of the three hotels you feature, would be a fabulous experience. While they each have unique features which would appeal to me, eg, the decor at the Park Hyatt, the location of FCC Angkor, the sunset bar at Jaya House, my favourite has to be be Jaya House, I can see exactly why it has received so many positive reviews, sounds like the perfect spot. Maybe one day…
    All of our visits to Siem Reap have included at least one trip to Phare Circus, just reading about it brings a feeling of joy. They are amazingly talented and deserve as much support as possible to enable them to continue during these difficult times.
    I hope your feature will encourage people to visit and enjoy all the city has to offer.

    1. thanks for commenting, it’s always appreciated! we went to Phare Circus again last night and it was excellent as always.

  5. When I reflect on my experiences of the hotels so evocatively encapsulated in your blog, they are truly world class leaders in terms of customer service and personal attention to detail. This gold standard is a result not only of creative management but also of the commitment of the wonderful staff. Jaya House River Park must be commended for its investment in the local environment. The Park Hyatt oozes luxury. Their afternoon tea is an indulgence!

    Phare Circus carries you out of yourself into a mesmerizing zone filled with mix of sheer artistry, skill, incredible human agility, culture and music – all creating a story to be remembered for the rest of your life. It is a privilege to be able to enjoy this unique spectacle. Art at its very best! We need Phare Circus to remind us that the new Siem Reap is more than new roads and airports, important though they may be in the future.

    1. thanks for commenting Cecil, it is very much appreciated. it makes it easy to write about hotels like Jaya and entertainment such as Phare becuase they are both so amazing and we love what they do! we are blessed in Siem Reap to have so many amazing hotels and organisations…

  6. Another great and insightful read! I am very glad Phare circus is still open and I will be attending tonight! Looking forward to the buzz I always feel during and after watching their shows – true talent inside that tent.
    I’m also happy that the hotels mentioned above are still open because I am planning some staycations very soon and they are definitely on the list. Thanks for the information as always.

    1. thanks for commenting Jodie, we hope you enjoyed Phare! we are blessed to be living in Siem Reap right now and should certainly make the most of it…

  7. Visited Jaya House for sunset and a glass of wine on their rooftop bar. Will definitely be back. Really has that five star vibe from the moment you set foot inside the building.
    I’m tempted to try the Circus after reading this too.

    1. Jaya is the bst sunset spot in Siem Reap, a long time favourite of ours…you should check out th circus for sure, it’s great fun and supports an excellent inititive!

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