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All of the travel-related news recently in regard to being able to travel and book holidays is all a bit doom and gloom. But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way at all. For many of us, the big fat problem about this pandemic is the fact that we can’t plan ahead and that we have to take every day as it comes. This then results in us putting no dates in the diary and therefore we have nothing to look forward to. Be happy To be happy, people need things to look forward to and that is fact. As when we have something to look forward to, it makes it easier to get through rough, frustrating and annoying times. I am sure you will all agree with me that we are collectively in one of those times right now. As human beings we need things in our future to be excited and optimistic about and I 100% believe that having something to look forward to is the very key to happiness. Create something to look forward to today We have been told not to book any holidays. But this does not mean that you can’t start your travel planning and I urge you to submit your travel enquiry now. With time on our hands, I highly recommend that you begin researching the country or countries that you want to travel to and start contacting a couple of travel companies now. Look at travelling with independent travel companies. Also, why not get your diary out right now and start penciling in dates of planned events and holidays that you would like to materialise. We have to create some optimism for the future and have certain dates to look forward to. My top tips – Get your creative travel juices flowing. – Spend time planning now while you can. – Research and contact the companies your interested in traveling with. – Get your travel itinerary confirmed and priced up now in preparation. – Give yourselves something to look forward to and regain some happiness. – I recommend looking at winter sun destinations to give the vaccine time to be rolled out. – Start dreaming of travelling again. – Make a travel enquiry. Help save the travel industry enquiry by enquiry Doing this will create a stimulus which will greatly help the travel industry get moving again. By making an enquiry and putting a provisional booking on hold will create a much-needed boost to both your happiness and the travel industries wellbeing. The biggest time constraint faced is in regard to getting the itinerary just right and confirmed. This process can often take a few weeks if done properly and If you’re not just booking an off-the-shelf holiday. But once this is done, the travel company just needs to know the details of your flights before confirming your travel plans. Start feeling positive about travel Let’s all start feeling a bit more positive and start to get excited about travelling again. It will happen, it is just a matter of time. I foresee a huge rush once we are told that we can travel again. This will create a strain on the travel industry with companies desperate to take your bookings; this rush could lead to mistakes being made and the connection lost with the client. As rather than being a person, you become a number with a price on your head. Make sure that this does not happen to you and that you are already one step ahead of the game and have everything with regard to your holiday provisionally on hold in advance. So, start creating some happiness and optimism today! And start planning what will most likely be the most important and rewarding holiday you will likely ever have. As after being cooped up for such a long period of time, we all need to get our in to the world and let our hair down. Peter Jones is the Company Founder of See Asia Differently. See Asia Differently is an independent travel company specialising in unique, truer travelling experiences and holidays to South East Asia. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’ve just read a piece in The Times about huge interest (and bookings) for cruises in 2022. They report that after a year of enforced saving cruisers are opting for longer trips and spending more. It looks as if those enquiries are already happening in parts of the travel industry.

    1. Hi Fred, The cruise industry is not really my expertise as we offer the complete opposite in terms of holiday experiences.
      But I am surprised by the point raised, that people are opting for longer cruises and spending more. As I believe the cruise industry with being so confined and having much closer contact with other people will be one of the last to recover within the travel industry.
      However saying this I suspect they will be offering huge discounts which will devalue the cost of cruises for years to come.
      Regards Peter

  2. There are thousands of us desperate for some travel and getting ready to travel as soon as we can. But there are far more who are a little short of confidence. Many don’t know what will happen to their jobs and businesses, they can’t be sure of their income over the coming months. Currently, people are also wary of the cost of quarantine and jabs. Don’t worry they will take a holiday the very first moment they can.

    1. Hi Kenny,
      I agree completely that people are very much short of confidence as no one knows what the future will hold in regards to job security etc….
      But we all need a holiday no mater what. It may mean staying in the UK for the next 2 years or taking a short break as money is tight.
      Also I suggest forgetting about quarantine for now as people will not take a holiday with the current restrictions that are in place.

      My main message is about having the foresight and willingness to travel once we can normally. I would love lots of people to start making enquiries with us, without any monetary commitment; so at least I know there is a willingness to travel.

      Regards Peter

    2. Hi Kenny,
      What your saying is completely true with people having to be carful with their money and job security. However I would not concentrate on quarantine as people will not travel properly until there are no quarantine requirements.

      I like you am sure that people will travel a soon as they can. What I am recommending is avoid the rush and enquire now when you have more time. Then confirm the booking once everything is back to some sort of normality.
      Thanks Peter

  3. I think the phones will be ringing non-stop very soon and the e-mails will be flying in. We didn’t understand how much we needed our luxury breaks until the pandemic hit. All my friends talk about now is where they will be going and what they want to do.

    1. I think travellers will look again at the independent businesses. Some of the big boys in the industry were so slow to give refunds that they didn’t cover themselves in glory. Or they gave vouchers at a time when we all needed cash.

  4. Hi Peter! We’re already seeing lots of demand for travel in third and fourth quarter 2021. Especially festive season. If anyone is thinking about a November/December holiday, you should start planning now! Our hotel and villa partners are already booking up. And to Fred’s point, when Oceania Cruises’ 2023 “Around the World in 180 Days” voyage went on sale last month, it sold out in ONE DAY. People are indeed desperate to travel. Feeling hopeful, Eric

  5. I actually did make a recent inquiry about a travel voucher (cancelled flight due to pandemic) that was given to me by the airline I booked with, and happy to say that the voucher has been extended as travel restrictions in some countries are still up. Plus, I’m still too wary of flying.

  6. While it is easier to look for travel destinations and secure accommodations today for local trips, I think there are still a lot of things to consider before travelling internationally. I’ve been making quite a few plans and considering options for short destination trips. Indeed, it feels good.

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