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The best private travel experiences in Asia

When luxury travel to Asia soon returns, there are those of us with the budget and the desire for a private travel experience. Whether flying via private jet, chartering a private yacht, or renting a luxury private villa, the demand for seamless and exclusive travel is on the rise. Asia is well suited for this type of tailored travel experience, with exemplary concierge service, stunning hideaways, and luxurious destinations which afford privacy and luxury. Luxury hotel private jet experiences Since launching in 2015, Four Seasons have offered life-changing experiences aboard their private jet. They now have the new, fully customised Four Seasons Private Jet, which offers exceptional journeys for a small number of fortunate travellers. Covering Asia, “Timeless Encounters” is their longest-running journey around the world. Enjoy culturally rich destinations, stunning natural beauty, and iconic wonders of the world along the way. Over 24 days, guests board in Hawaii and travel to Bora Bora for some much-needed rest and relaxation, before heading to Sydney for a thrilling urban experience. Spiritual Bali is next on the map, followed by Northern Thailand, and then a visit to the Taj Mahal and other fascinating sights in India. The bright lights of Dubai await and then a European stop in Prague, before this amazing journey ends in London. Setting guests back USD 168,000, based on double occupancy, it’s not for the light of pocket but well worth the experience! Aman Resorts have taken their famed concierge service to the skies and seas with exclusive experiences. The Aman Private Jet offers all the luxury and superb service enjoyed at their luxury resorts worldwide. Catering for both short and long-haul trips as well as multi-destination itineraries, it is ideal for group, family and corporate travel. The jet can host up to 12 passengers and is available for charter over Aman properties worldwide, return flights home, or flights to other destinations. Aman also own a custom-built Phinisi yacht, the Amandira, which is available for sailing and diving journeys. It has 5 spacious cabins and a welcoming crew of 14. You can travel under sail or by motor and adventures travel across Indonesia’s Flores Sea, including the Unesco-protected Komodo National Park, and the magnificent coral reefs and marine life of Raja Ampat. They have an experienced divemaster onboard, a private chef, waiter, and massage therapist. For on-land privacy, Aman resorts tend to be small and spacious, but if you really want to escape it all, you can create your own private island by booking the camp exclusively at Amanwana on Mojo Island. Enjoy jungle treks to waterfalls, snorkelling, diving, and relaxing spa treatments galore. Asia private villas Asia is unsurpassed when it comes to luxury private villas, complete with private staff. The Villa Manager acts much like a concierge, arranging guests personal wishes onsite, a private chef can tailor to dietary requirements and source the freshest ingredients, and the cleaning team ensure that the villa is always spotless. In Bali, visitors can book a private villa within a hotel complex and enjoy both privacy and all that the resort complex offers. Established Bali resort ‘The Legian’ includes a private ‘Beach House’ with a secluded garden and 16m pool which looks out onto Seminyak beach and beautiful ocean views. The beach house comes with a private butler to attend to all your needs of course. Over in Uluwatu, luxury private villa The Istana re-defined itself in recent years to offer a meditative experience for guests. Formerly recognised as one of Bali’s most exclusive villas for weddings, events, and high life luxury, it now offers yoga and mindfulness retreats and boasts sensory deprivation tanks, infrared and dry heat saunas, and hot and cold plunge pools. Luxury private yacht charters Nothing says luxury like a private yacht charter in the tropics. For a mere USD 110,000 per week, you can rent the Ocean Pure, a 41m super yacht complete with a jacuzzi and water slide. Moored in the Gulf of Thailand, it comes with an experienced crew and hosts up to 12 guests. Imagine taking the kayaks out into the Indian Ocean or enjoying the thrill of water skis and wakeboards. For those who prefer a more traditional yachting experience, Indonesian luxury Phinisi sailing yachts are sublime. Originating from South Sulawesi, these beautiful boats are crafted using wood and sail peacefully to far away destinations. Asia offers so much in terms of cultural experience, natural beauty, and exemplary service, where no request is too small. In an age where air travel requires social distancing, compulsory mask-wearing, and additional check-in requirements, private travel is becoming a more enticing option. In addition to this, the drastic cut in flights results in loss of spontaneity and ease of travel. If budget isn’t an issue, private travel can deliver a seamless, VIP entry and exit, spacious and serene surroundings, and the experience of a lifetime. Joanne McFarlane is the Founder and Managing Director of Soul Sanctuaries. Soul Sanctuaries is a luxury wellness travel company specialising in tailormade healthy holidays and bespoke spiritual retreats across Asia. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Joanne McFarlane

Joanne McFarlane is the Director of Soul Sanctuaries, a leading luxury wellness travel company. Launched in 2012, the company specialises in exclusive healthy holidays and authentic healing journeys across Asia. Formerly an Advertising Director in London, Joanne moved to Asia and spent over a decade on her own wellness journey, before launching Soul Sanctuaries to help others live with more balance, joy, and self-fulfilment.

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  1. I foresee good times ahead for the private jet industry. We are all desperate to travel and escape after the claustrophobia of lockdowns. Though many people are wary of the risks of being crammed into a normal plane. Sat on a plane, with all those germs circulating, must be high risk. Doctors foresee us being very susceptible to colds and flu after the last year’s isolation. When you look at the context, private jet travel is likely to become increasingly popular in the coming years.

  2. Private, private, private – that’s what we all want! If travellers can afford it they are going to keep away from packed boats, planes and trains.

  3. I had such a great holiday in South East Asia in 2018. Somehow it seems easier to relax there and recharge and renew yourself. I vowed that I’d be back soon. Things just didn’t work out that way. But I’m determined to make it number 1 on my list once borders open up.

  4. Some people have financially done very well out of the pandemic. They’ve saved on travel expenses and on clothes too from what I’ve seen at some Zoom meetings. And after a year or two without a major holiday they really are ready to spend, spend, spend. It used to be cosmetics which had the slogan “You’re worth it.” I can see luxury travel borrowing that one of the coming years.

  5. For those who can’t wait to travel but still wary of the new covid variants, splurging on a private travel is the way to go. I wouldn’t mind as all the arm-chair traveling I’ve been doing since last year has left me with spending money.

  6. Soul Sanctuaries really is a great name for a company and anywhere providing a sanctuary for the soul is very welcome in my hectic world.

    Being a wife, mum and PA in 2023 really is quite a stretch. There are times when I need to get away to recover and restore some energy and passion.

    1. Got to agree with you. Soul Sanctuaries must be the perfect name. It sums up exactly what you’re doing.

      Over the last few years some of my friends have tried to start up businesses and I know how difficult they’ve found the naming process.

      We’ve had many a discussion over a bottle of wine as we’ve tried to come up with the company name that says everything.

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