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Why should you visit Switzerland?

Switzerland may appear comparatively small to other European countries and frequently overlooked when deciding where to travel to, but it doesn’t fall low on its offerings. Whether it’s the magnificent mountain landscape, the heart-thrilling activities, or the food that will leave you awe-struck, you’ve got to encounter it at least once. Here are some reasons why Switzerland is a place that you definitely must tour once in your lifetime. Tasty food Ah yes, the Swiss chocolate and cheese. Two of the most desired things by travelers and natives mainly. If you ask a Swiss resident how they get along with each other despite their diversity, their shared love for cheese is the answer. Fondue is one of the simplest things to make. Still, several discussions go into what type of cheese you should apply and other additives to obtain the most favorable result. Swiss Cheese As for chocolate, what makes it so excellent is how the swiss people make it. A fantastic opportunity to get all about the making is The Chocolate Train! However, there are numerous other divine Swiss specialties worth trying. Amazing scenery The great mountains, beautiful lakes, and pretty villages make for the most stunning landscape in Switzerland. These sceneries truly make Switzerland an ideal destination for holidays and exploring new cultures. Davos The high-peak Alps and mountains acquire up to 62 percent of the country’s area. Thus, even though Switzerland is comparatively small geographically, one can feel almost overwhelmed when deciding where to go first. Every city in Switzerland has its unique individuality, with various landscapes and remarkable city life. Thus, cities like Zurich, Geneva, Bern, and Basel provide a distinct prospect of Switzerland and its different cultures. Matterhorn You’ve observed it on wraps of chocolates and calendars (and perhaps in an amusement park, too!), but touring this mountain in person is something absolutely awe-inspiring. Matterhorn The Matterhorn is prized around the world as the noble symbol of Switzerland. Standing at an enormous height of 14,692 feet, it challenges mountaineers globally and greets less energetic tourists as well to experience its peaceful beauty. But this is not the only mountain that will amaze you as Switzerland houses 20 percent of the world’s total Alps, which means that there are still nearly 100 more peaks waiting to be thrilled at. All-round weather Orange Smile states that the nation is distinguished by hot summers in villages and cold winters in mountainous areas. The weather in Swiss has a spirit of its own. Snow in the mountain peaks can stay up to 6 months, and it may also be too cold in summer. Lauterbrunnen What’s to take into account is that a rainy forenoon does not significantly predict the day. It could change entirely to warm weather in the afternoon. Swiss’s climate can be categorized as mild. However, it is greatly affected by the almost nearby Atlantic. In regions like the Rhône valley, and Lake Geneva, the climate in summer is Mediterranean. This versatility of climate significantly contributes to tourism as you have various spots to tour during winter and summertime! Multiple languages Multilingualism is one feature that characterizes Switzerland from other countries. It has four official languages; French, German, Romansh, and Italian. Swiss Flag Even though the nation has multilanguage, the citizens themselves do not speak all four languages. Instead, the maximum number of the people converse in Swiss-German, otherwise known as Schwiizertütsch. Diversity and culture Switzerland is a heart of cultural diversity, inspired by neighbors on each border while staying uniquely Swiss. As English is spoken broadly throughout most traveler areas, you will not feel excluded when touring. Fête des vendanges de Russin With around 600 museums, this nation is an ideal place for enthusiasts of everything art. Rich in culture and skills, the Swiss are primarily known for their expertise in crafts like watch-making. One thing about the Swiss residents is that they keep their old traditions alive with pride. An outdoor playground As specified above, Switzerland has a plethora of natural scenes, which makes it an outdoor playground for adventure buffs. Not only can you go snowboarding and skiing in the winter, but also in summer, you can get the benefit of more than 60,000 kilometers of hiking trails uniformly marked that criss-cross the country. Switzerland Mountain Sports Here is another truth that you can appreciate: There are around as many marked hiking tracks as roads for motorized transportation. There are some other outdoor experiences that you can engage in, like tobogganing, snow-shoe trekking, sleighing. In addition, the country’s widespread gondola and cable car system make it so effortless for tourists to hop from one mountain to the next. Also, the Swiss rail journeys of mountains can take you to the highest summits and the most far-flung points possible in only this pioneering land of rail. Nightlife There’s no more reliable place than Zurich and Lausanne to party. There is a club for all ages and every taste, some with famous DJs that have the grooves down. The kind of cafes, bars, and music clubs are astounding –, and the towns themselves aren’t precisely forgettable. Illuminarium Zurich For the festivals Switzerland has no lack of majestic festivals that you can attend. One such festival is the colorful 9-day International Hot Air Balloon Festival organized every January by the Château-d’Oex in the Vaudois Alps. You will enjoy this festival for its aerial performances, the night show, and balloon trips. Fête des Vignerons Switzerland is also well-known for its wine, particularly in Geneva, where Swiss’s largest and oldest festival takes place, the Fête des Vignerons (Winegrower’s Festival) in Vevey. If you love sport, you can attend countries’ most significant traditional sporting events known as the Federal Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival. These are just some of the numerous festivals occurring every year in this diverse, beautiful country. Conclusion Fondues, scenic Alps train tours, chocolates, exceptional landscapes, and ski trips of a lifetime are just a few of the reasons why you must tour Switzerland. As for everyone’s question, yes, it is costly, but hello, you get what you pay for! Whether it is the magnificent scenery, or the security and safety, Switzerland is a nation that will leave you craving more. Wanhua Qiao is Managing Director of Venez Discover Switzerland. Venez Discover Switzerland by Tourismus Group crafts some of the finest private tours and multi-day journeys throughout Switzerland and has established itself as a leading tour operator in Switzerland. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. You could have had another heading too. Punctuality and reliability. Everything happens on time in Switzerland which makes travel very stress-free.

    1. Hello Bob,

      This is a great idea for one of our next posts; we should definitely have one dedicated to the Swiss railway systems, reliability, and punctuality.

      Thank you!

  2. On the day when British railway companies announced their new flexible tickets I saw an interview with a woman on the news.

    “I’m the wrong person to ask” was her reply to a question about whether British train fares were worth the money, “I’m Swiss,” she replied.

    From my experience of Swiss trains it is not just that they are clean and punctual, they are also a fantastic way of seeing the Swiss countryside in comfort.

    1. Hello Jez,

      I couldn’t agree with you more, the train system in Switzerland is remarkable compared to other countries around the world. That’s also why we use only trains as transportation on our tours; the experience and scenic views are magical.

  3. We think that Swiss chocolate is good but of course they don’t export the best stuff. They keep it for themselves.

    Wherever you are ask the locals where to get chocolate. I remember being told in Lucerne to buy these sticks of chocolate that you melt in milk to make hot chocolate. Amazing stuff. I can’t remember the name of the chocolatiers but if you come out of the Lucerne railway station and cross the bridge over Lake Lucerne you’ll soon find it to the right.

    Well worth a visit.

    1. Hello Beth,

      This could be Läderach or Max Chocolatier; they are a must-go when in Lucerne. However, to discover the beginnings of chocolate, you must visit Lindt Factory in Zurich and Maison Cailler next to Gruyères!

  4. It’s true that you get what you pay for with Switzerland. That’s not always true with travel. I’ve paid a small fortune for some “tropical paradise” trips and been badly let down.

    1. Hello Elaine,

      I am sorry to hear that; when traveling around Switzerland, you’ll certainly not be let down but only spoiled :)

  5. Maybe the winter light shows could have got a mention in the festivals? Usually held at the start of the year it’s a good time to visit. Snow on the ground, cheap hotel rates and light shows at night.

    1. Hello Steve,

      Thank you for your input!

      You are absolutely right; we will be sure to add this in one of our next blog posts. There are just too many reasons why you should visit Switzerland :)

  6. You got me at chocolate and cheese, two of the things I love! And I know very well how tasty the Swiss versions of these food are from friends and relatives that bring some home from their travels. Especially Laderach and Max. And Gruyere for fondue!

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