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The top 5 clubs in Ibiza for the ‘jet set’

Ibiza is the luxury island of the rich and famous and a popular destination for “top end” villa renters looking for sun, fun and party time. If you are planning a trip to the island, it’s likely that you are hoping to immerse yourself in the legendary world of nightclubs. It is fair to say that the island has a reputation for showcasing some of the best DJ performances ever. Ibiza has been a dance music hotspot since 1970 and was responsible for the launch of many a DJ career. From huge clubs with over 5000 guest capacity to smaller underground venues. The choice is vast and certainly worth checking out so that you can say you have been there. There are literally so many that you don’t stand a chance of visiting them all unless you’re planning to stay for a year. So in the meantime, here are five of the most popular that we recommend you check out during your shorter stay!

1. Amnesia

Starting with one of the biggest, Amnesia can hold 5,000 people and is regularly booked to capacity. There are two separate dance floors, The Terrace, which has an awesome glass roof and creates amazing light when the sun rises, and the Club Room, which is more industrial in look and feel but a totally amazing experience nonetheless. Amnesia has been open for 45 years and pulls some of the biggest-name DJs you can imagine. There is always something going on, and the music varies from house, dubstep, trance, techno, and of course, some awesome live shows. The club room also features the most iconic of clubbing extras, the ice cannons. These go off randomly and shower the room with dry ice, it’s an experience that has to be lived, and it literally drops the temperature from a hot and steamy 40° down to 20°, which, believe us, can take your breath away. It was also the birthplace of the famed Balearic beat, which was created by DJ Alfred.

2. Pacha

First opening its doors in 1973, it is the oldest nightclub on the island and will forever be entombed in history. It is iconic and built from some converted farmhouses. It has an amazing rooftop terrace, and palm tree-lined gardens that you would not initially associate with a nightclub venue, but a part of what makes Pacha so famous. Every big name, you can think of in the DJ world has played here, including Fatboy Slim, David Guetta, Solomun, and Sven Väth. Instead of ice cannons, Pacha has confetti cannons which fire a crazy amount of confetti over the dance floor that you’ll be washing out of your hair for weeks. Just a short 10-minute stroll from Ibiza town, there is literally something going on every day for you to enjoy. Entry varies depending on who is playing; for example, when David Guetta took to the DJ booth ticket, prices were €80, but on a quiet night with less famous names on the deck, you can get in for €40. Certainly, a venue to check out and bathe in the luminous purple lights that you will find on the stunning rooftop terraces.

3. Eden

Eden is one of the new arrivals in the Ibiza, nightclub circuit and first opened its doors in 1999 and is located opposite the harbour on the waterfront at San Antonio. If your hotel is in the bay area, you can hop on the disco bus that shuttles back and forth all night. It’s another large-capacity nightclub with two dance floors and a whopping 13 bars. There are also two private VIP areas, a chillout room and a funky room. The club worked hard to make a name, and it now attracts many of the biggest promoters offering clubbing nights on the island. Regulars on the bill include Judge Jules Judgement Sundays, and Pete Tong’s Wonderland, to name but a few. It goes without saying that it also attracts the most impressive DJs in person keen to take to the decks, including Judge Jules and Pete Tong, as well as Groove Armada, Eddie Halliwell, Timo Maas and many others. The club is loud and ultra-modern, but if it gets too noisy, you can hide out on the golden dome-topped roof, and chill out with a drink for a while while you gaze across the bay.


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4. Space

If you never want the party to end, then space might be the venue for you. No one is quite sure, but the management has managed to convince the authorities to allow them to keep the doors open for 22 hours a day. It may not have the same capacity as Amnesia, but it’s certainly a large nightclub offering a range of different beats. One of the biggest crowd pullers is the ‘We Love Sundays’ party, which starts at 4 pm every Sunday, and you can party right on through till 6 am the next morning. They also have a pretty amazing open-top terrace where you can watch planes flying into the island. If you are lucky enough to bag a VIP ticket, you will be treated like royalty and pampered all night.

5. Es Paradis

Another of the original clubs, Es Paradis was first opened in the mid-1970s and is still one of the best nightclub experiences on the island. It has a unique look and feel, with marble columns, vines creeping across the walls and murals decorating the multi-tiered room layout. The venue is probably most famous for its retractable pyramid roof and iconic water parties. If you look up to the ceiling, you will see the largest disco balls you’ve ever witnessed, and psychedelic lasers bounce off the mirrored surface, creating a myriad of light. First-timers should be aware that the water parties are exactly as you imagine. However, you must meet the dress code to gain entrance to the club; then, you can then grab a locker and change into your swimming cossie. As the water floods the dance floor, the DJ drops dance versions of the classics like ’It’s raining men’ and ‘I’m singing in the rain’ as around 4,000 people take to the dance pool!

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  2. I’ve heard so much about Ibiza and its clubs, 2023 could be the summer when I finally get there. Can’t tell you how excited I am and it’s still only January.

  3. Even though I’ve done Ibiza 3 times I had no idea about how much is going on. I’m not getting into the right places.

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