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Enotourism and wine tastings around Barcelona

Catalonia is a region in Spain brimming with picturesque landscapes, age-old winemaking traditions, and a passion for wine. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply curious to uncover the secrets of Catalan vineyards, wine tourism in Catalonia is an essential experience. In this article, we take you on an enchanting journey to the heart of Catalan vineyards, where you can savor exquisite wines, explore historic wineries, and immerse yourself in the wine culture of the region.

1. Penedès: The epicenter of Cava

The wine region of Penedès is renowned as the epicenter of Cava production in Catalonia, a Spanish sparkling wine made using the traditional method, similar to French champagne. Situated close to Barcelona, it offers an enchanting landscape of rolling vineyards, green hills adorned with vineyards, and century-old wine cellars. During your visit, you can explore family-owned cellars, witness Cava production demonstrations, and taste world-renowned sparkling wines. The Ressons Festival in Penedès is a celebration that mixes cava, music and wine – perfect to add an extra touch to your experience!


2. Priorat: Excellence in red wines

Priorat is a wine region acclaimed for producing exceptional red wines in Catalonia. The vineyards of Priorat are nestled within a mountainous and rugged landscape characterized by soils rich in slate, which impart a unique complexity to the grapes and create ideal conditions for cultivating varieties like Garnacha and Carignan. These indigenous grapes thrive in these conditions, giving rise to robust and deep red wines. During your visit, you can discover renowned and luxurious wineries, explore cave cellars carved into rocks, and taste robust and complex wines that reflect the authenticity and passion of this exceptional wine region. Immerse yourself in the history and passion surrounding wine production in this unique area!


3. Empordà: The fusion of wine and sea

Empordà represents a unique wine region along the Costa Brava. The vineyards spread across stunning scenic landscapes near the seashore, forging a symbiotic relationship between land and sea elements. This sunny region is recognised for producing high-quality red and white wines, which are influenced by the maritime environment and temperate climate. Additionally, the region is known for traditional sweet wines, such as “vi de palla”. While visiting, you can explore vineyards that are encompassed by the beauty of picturesque landscapes, enjoy wines that capture the exceptional variety of the area, visit ancient medieval castles that have been turned into wineries, and soak yourself in the local maritime culture!

empordà catalonia

4. Alella: Refined wines on the Catalan coast

The wine region of Alella, located on the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona, is renowned for producing fresh and aromatic white wines. Nestled between hills and kissed by sea breezes, this region enjoys a unique climate for cultivating grape varieties like Pansa Blanca, also known as Xarel·lo, a local variety. During your visit to Alella, you’ll have the opportunity to explore small vineyard estates, meet passionate winemakers, and taste elegant white wines that reflect the unique character of this coastal region. Don’t forget to explore the charming villages of the area, brimming with charm and history, adding a historical and charming dimension to your experience.

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5. Costers del Segre: Unique and sustainable wines

The wine region of Costers del Segre is a hidden gem of Catalonia, offering a variety of sustainable production wines, ranging from structured reds to fruity whites. The vineyards stretch along the banks of the Segre River, creating a magnificent and picturesque landscape. This region stands out for its diversity of grape varieties and wine styles, as well as its commitment to the environment. During your visit, discover modern and innovative wineries, learn about sustainable viticulture techniques, and taste wines that reflect the harmony between landscape and winemaking expertise.


Wine tourism in Catalonia offers a captivating experience where wine becomes the guiding thread of an exciting journey through Catalan vineyards. Each of these wine regions offers a unique experience for wine enthusiasts, from refreshing sparkling wines to complex reds and aromatic whites. Each region embodies the essence of Catalan wine culture and provides a complete immersion into the fascinating world of wine. Whether you’re a wine lover curious to explore new grape varieties or a connoisseur seeking exceptional wines, Catalonia is sure to captivate you! From immense vineyard landscapes to wine tastings and encounters with passionate winemakers, wine tourism is an enriching experience when visiting Barcelona and immersing yourself in the depths of Catalan territory. Here’s to an unforgettable enological journey that will awaken all your senses. Cheers!

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  1. It’s not long before any wine expert starts talking about the terroir. Would be great to taste the fusion of land and sea.

    1. Dear Kev, thank you very much for your comment! You should definitely try the wines of the Empordà region, you will get to delight your palate with a mixture of sea and land flavours

  2. One of my great pleasures in life is trying different wines, especially on their home territory. I’ve done a lot in France, some in California but very few in Spain. Looking forward to doing some more.

    1. Dear Bob, couldn’t agree more with you! Wine tasting is a great pleasure, and the Catalan territory is a perfect place for that! Don’t miss the opportunity when visiting it :)

  3. It’s probably fair to say that my partner is something of a wine snob. He’s very, very fussy about what he drinks. I’m sure that he can find a few more vintages around Barcelona to boost his cellar.

    1. Dear Grace, your husband should definitely try some wines from the Barcelona surroundings, and moreover, wine tasting is an incredible experience to do as a couple!

  4. We’ve been to Barcelona twice and done most of the big sights. We’d never thought about venturing into wine.

    There are some interesting ideas here for our next visit. I always feel that wine-tasting is a good way to find out some more about the people and their land.

    1. Dear Angela, we are so grateful for your comment! We encourage you to experience enotourism on your next visit to Barcelona. I agree with you that wine tasting is an incredible way to dive into the local culture and gastronomy :)

  5. The epicentre of cava. Now that’s the sort of headline that my friends and I like to read.

    We’re thinking of getting together for a Barcelona weekend in mid-November before all the Christmas mayhem begins.

    It would be great if it was cava lubricated.

    1. Dear Beth, thank you for your comment! We will certainly take your idea for a future blog. We hope to see you and your friends in Barcelona soon :)

  6. Next time I go to Barcelona – and I’ve probably got a business trip there early next year – I’d like to tack on a couple of days to get out of the city and see a little of Catalonia. Having a wine theme would be a good way of doing that.

    1. Dear Craig, we appreciate your comment. Arranging a wine tasting in Catalonia is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the local culture. It’s also an excellent activity for combining business and leisure travel!

  7. We really need to be supporting ecotourism as much as we can now. Yesterday I heard a radio report saying that the planet’s vital signs had never looked so weak and worrying.

    1. Thank you for the comment Anita! You are completely right, it is definitely something we all need to support a lot more!

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