20 luxury travel gifts for him this Christmas (2023) – US & Canada edition

As Winter beckons and the passport pages await their next stamp, why not delve into our latest Christmas guide guide? Our carefully curated list promises a world of sophistication, from meticulously crafted leather luggage to timeless travel accessories, each with the well-traveled man in mind. Whether navigating an urban jungle or conquering uncharted territories, these thoughtful gifts for the modern traveler combine both luxury and functionality.

Garment Travel Bag by Von Baer

A fantastic luxury gift for business travel. The luxurious Grand Garment Bag from Von Baer helps you take a suit in your carry-on without creasing it, ideal for those traveling for business or for the daily trip to the gym. It’s made from the finest quality full-grain Italian leather, handmade in Florence, Italy. The Grand can be personalized with a laser engraving, perfect for a special gift for a loved one.

This duffle style bag is fully carry-on size compliant, yet packs plenty of room for your work trip. The built-in garment bag is simple to use, by unzipping the sides of the bag, and using the built-in central hanger, which can handle 2-3 suits and shirts. Von Baer are renowned for providing the highest quality leather possible, ensuring it’s vegetable-tanned, and certified Italian leather. Shop the Grand Leather Garment bag on the Vonbaer.com website.

Skin-cooling Polo from NoNetz

Introducing the NoNetz skin cooling polo, a revolutionary garment that redefines comfort in luxury travel. Crafted with embedded cooling minerals, this polo , available at NoNetz.com, ensures a blissfully cool experience, even under the sun’s relentless gaze. Perfect for jet-setting adventures or leisurely escapes, its moisture-wicking fabric keeps you fresh and dry, allowing you to indulge in luxurious travels without compromising on style or comfort. Embrace sophistication and unparalleled relaxation on your next escapade with this essential piece from NoNetz.

Backpacks, Duffels and Luggage from Saddleback Leather Co.

To truly travel in luxury, you need beautiful luggage. Saddleback Leather Co. makes backpacks, duffels and luggage that will turn heads from the airport to the hotel. Every piece is made with full grain leather, custom stainless steel hardware and marine grade thread. Made with no breakable parts like zippers, magnets, or wheels, Saddleback’s leather designs are built to be passed down for generations. Their slogan is “They’ll Fight Over It When You’re Dead.”

Saddleback Leather makes the longest lasting, over engineered leather goods in the world. Their leather products are so durable that they offer a 100 Year Warranty. They say “we’re a people business cleverly disguised as a leather bag company” because we use our business to transform lives by sharing the greatest message in the world and have fun doing it.

Gramercy Blazer from Bluffworks

When traveling with a blazer, how do you arrive without looking like a wrinkled mess? Meet the Gramercy blazer by Bluffworks. It’s the blazer you can wear on a long haul flight or pack in your bag, and still look great. With hidden security pockets, made of a soft breathable material and 100% machine washable, it’s a great companion for your most important trips.

Apple Watch Band from Form Leather

A great way to elevate the Apple Watch while out to dinner or traveling, the Form Leather watch bands are easy to pack. Stitched by hand using the best French and Italian leathers, each is finished with a custom buckle in either sterling silver (plated and e-coated so that it doesn’t tarnish) or brass. Produced exclusively in Bedford Hills, NY. Choose a color with contrast stitching to illuminate the artistry of the hand-stitching.

LIFT4 from Lift Foils

With the LIFT4, Lift Foils have taken every piece of the eFoil experience and perfected it to their standard: fast charging – 30 minutes to 80% charge on the Gen4 Light Battery, 50 minutes on the Gen4 Full Range Battery, to keep you out on the water; carbon fiber latches – new ergonomic shape and precision tensioning to automatically regulate hatch pressure, making it easier to open and close in all conditions; an updated hand controller – precise throttle and power control, upgraded for ruggedness and extreme-use scenarios, plus new safety features; and battery ergonomics – a new rugged, lab-tested housing, featuring an ergonomic handle and new rubber feet.

MM815 Motorized Drop Down & Swivel TV Mount from MantelMount

Ever stay in an upscale hotel room where the TV is on a movable mount, letting you position the TV any way you want for perfect viewing? Bring that experience home with the motorized MantelMount MM815. The MM815 allows you to mount your TV high on a wall (often the only available space) and with the included remote, automatically bring it down to eye level, the ideal viewing height – no more neck ache from looking up. The MM815 also swivels side to side for even better positioning. It’s the ultimate in convenience and comfort.

Mackenzie 12 Watch Briefcase from Charles Simon

The Mackenzie 12 Watch briefcase from Charles Simon – in all black with vermilion interior – is the refined way of keeping your watch collection. Crafted by hand in Canada, this watch briefcase features a minimalist aesthetic with a vibrant twist and is made from premium materials.

A robust aluminum and carbon fiber frame and a lock with a personalized code keep up to twelve watches safe and secure at home and on the go, while two convenient storage compartments provide extra room for keeping your watch straps, gloves and other accessories. 

United States Vintage Shaded Relief Map (1889) from East of Nowhere

This beautiful vintage style map has been digitally restored and stylized to give the appearance of an illuminated landscape. This premium reproduction from East of Nowhere has been restored for a like-new appearance while preserving vintage character. It is stylized with stunning digital hillshading effects (printed in 2D) and is a perfect fit for any home decor theme.

SanDisk PRO-CINEMA CFexpress™ Type B Memory Card from Western Digital

The SanDisk PRO-CINEMA CFexpress™ cards from Western Digital provide the super-fast minimum sustained write speed performance that professional videographers need to deliver the highest quality cinematic footage. With flawless 8K video capture, blazing-fast burst speeds, and exceptional durability, this is a really handy memory card to have with you when you travel, especially if you shoot a lot of video footage.

Henry from John Lobb

Mounted on the classic Prestige sole, Henry is a whole cut Oxford with curved and supple lines highlighted with a hand woven leather interlace. A double row stitch detail brings even more emphasis on the embroidery by surrounding it. Its new last was developed in collaboration with the bespoke atelier in Paris and its team of seasoned last makers. A perfect pair of shoes for those formal occasions with only 500 pairs produced, each individually numbered.

UrbanGlide E-bike from Vanpowers

Part of luxury travel is spending time in nature to discover an exclusive and unique experience. E-bike has exploded in popularity and become a new way for people to explore the world. Meet UrbanGlide, a new high-end e-bike series from Vanpowers. UrbanGlide is a highly efficient and comfortable e-bike built with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. The bike is capable of traveling up to an impressive 70 miles on a single charge and the battery charges to 90% in just four hours. Equipped with a suspension front fork and seatpost, it ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride even on a bumpy road. UrbanGlide is an excellent choice for people looking to create an immersive travel experience.

3-in-1 snap+ Travel Charger from Zagg

The snap+ multi-device travel charger from Zagg has everything you need to charge on-the-go. Designated wireless charging spots for your phone and AirPods provide a shared output of up to 5W-15W of power. It also has a USB-C port and a USB-A port, so you can plug in two additional devices to charge. The travel charger folds neatly into a bundle that fits easily in your bag.

Esencia Eau de Parfum from LOEWE

Singular and robust, LOEWE Esencia Eau de Parfum is a fragrance composed of over 200 elements including red pepper berries, basil and tarragon. The scent comes in a translucent glass flask in a rustic shade of dark green.

World Travel Journal from Graphic Image

Designed to accommodate the travel records of both the overnight traveler and a full family vacation, Graphic Image‘s travel journal includes summary pages for detailing your adventures and full color maps to help you on your way. Editorial information includes toll-free numbers, world weather, distances and international dialing codes. Whether you wish to remember the practical details of a business trip or recollect your Summer vacation abroad, this is a keepsake for generations to come.

Gregory Peck 1962 Sunglasses from Oliver Peoples

While keeping the identity of the Gregory Peck Sun that has become an Oliver Peoples classic, the Gregory Peck 1962 is designed with a folding mechanism offering a compact version of the original, that’s perfect for when you travel. Featuring the same recognizable keyhole bridge and elongated genuine plaque as the existing style, the Gregory Peck 1962 is offered in an array of tortoise hues and limited edition colors.

Sartorial Phone Pouch from Montblanc

Designed by Montblanc’s creative director Marco Tomasetta, this new phone pouch helps you to keep your mobile close at hand during your working day. Simply attach to a document case or tote for easy access. Its clean-lined silhouette creates a luxurious feel in Saffiano-printed leather.

L.U.C Time Traveler One from Chopard

Impeccable elegance, flawless quality, and state-of-the art technical sophistication make L.U.C watches the perfect timepiece for the modern gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life. Ideal for international travellers, Chopard‘s L.U.C Time Traveler One in Lucent Steel™ boasts a complication that displays all the timezones simultaneously.

L.U.C men’s watches epitomise the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking. The steps involved in making L.U.C watches are all performed at the Maison’s Geneva and Fleurier workshops. These exceptional luxury watches stemming from meticulous workmanship meet the aspirations of the contemporary gentleman.

Enzo Travel Backgammon Set from Aerin

The Enzo Travel Backgammon Set from Aerin is presented in a compact Italian Croc Embossed Leather case with a gold-finished zipper. Elevated with napa leather lining and leather marquetry points, the set includes acrylic tiles, dice, and doubling cube. While perfectly sized to include in a carry-on bag while traveling, it is also a stylish addition to a tabletop or bookshelf at home.

Mavic 3 Pro Drone from DJI

The DJI Mavic 3 Series features next-level imaging performance. Mavic 3 Pro’s triple-camera system ushers in a new era of camera drones by housing three sensors and lenses with different focal lengths. Equipped with a Hasselblad camera and dual tele cameras, Mavic 3 Pro is a triple-camera drone that unlocks new shooting perspectives, allowing you to embrace creative freedom further, capture fascinating scenery, explore photographic storytelling, and make cinematic masterpieces.

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Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. The old man with the white beard is going to be out of a job! Who needs him when you’ve got the A Luxury Travel Blog gift guide?

  2. My man loves a good blazer and sadly the one he’s got now is looking old and tired. The Gramercy blazer from Bluffworks could be a perfect replacement.

  3. Usually I start out clueless about what I’m going to get my husband, then read these posts and suddenly I’ve got ideas. I could kick myself – it’s not that difficult really.

  4. How would Gregory Peck feel about the 1962 sun shades? Is that the moment of his life and career that he would want frozen in time? They certainly look stylish and capture the feel of a lost era.

    1. I really don’t know too much about him to be honest, but I understand he used his influence to contribute positively to society, contributing to a number of humanitarian and social causes. I would imagine this is more the legacy for which he would want to be remembered than necessarily the style of sunglasses that he might have worn… but what do I know? :-)

  5. Now that gift guides are appearing on this blog I feel that Christmas is coming. I can almost hear the sleigh bells already ….

  6. You’ve gotta love that Saddleback’s slogan, “They’ll fight over it when you are dead.” Straight outta the Wild West.

    1. I suppose it is testament to the goods and their durability that they can outlast a generation, and maybe even multiple multiple generations. Some things just get better with time and I think this can be true for leather quite often.

  7. I’m hoping that you’re going to follow up with a selection of gifts for us women that is equally indulgent?

  8. I thought these guides were supposed to help us?!?

    I’ve now got a shortlist of 6!!!

    The only good news is that as his birthday’s early Feb I’ve solved that problem as well. Once I get down to a shortlist of 2!!

    1. Ha ha… I know what you mean, Maggie! But at least you have some ideas, even if it’s maybe a few more than you wanted!!! And it’s better than having none at all…

  9. We played a lot of backgammon on holiday. My husband would love to have his own set, it would bring back some good memories.

  10. We were amazed when our neighbours showed us some photos taken by their drone on their Antigua holiday. The shots were amazing and gave them so much better understanding of where they were on a very rugged and wooded coastline. I could see that my partner is desperate to get his own drone. I don’t know much about drones but I guess that the Mavic 3 Pro would more than do the job.

    1. Hi Caroline – I have a Mavic Pro (an earlier model) and it is a fantastic piece of kit. You won’t go too far wrong with that one – quality at an affordable price, from a reputable manufacturer within the market.

  11. When I was growing up I can remember my mother muttering about people who were “hard to buy for” and of course I didn’t get what she was saying.

    Then I got married to a man who is impossible to buy for. You can imagine how pleased zI am to see these suggestions. I’ve got one that even he will be pleased with.

    1. Hi Alice – I’m glad our list was of help. Buying for people – I think particularly older people who have most items already – is often not that easy. It’s great to hear when we come up with some ideas that genuinely help people out.

  12. It’s probably more of a present to myself than my husband but that USA Vintage relief map would look great in our study.

  13. Since he’s been promoted my husband is spending more time on the road. Plenty of ideas here to help look smarter when he’s meeting clients.

    1. That’s good to hear, Cindy. Whilst there are many items in the list that can be used at home, we do try to come with ideas that will appeal to people who travel frequently. Glad you were able to find something from the suggestions – have a great Christmas!

  14. Technology is racing along at such a rate. I never knew that something like the NoNetz was a thing. The skin cooling polo is a great invention – in the right seasons.

    1. Indeed, Sue – I don’t have this actual shirt, but I’ve had similar products in the past, and been very pleased with them. It’s amazing what can be done nowadays.

  15. Last weekend the queues for parking at the mall were horrendous. I won’t be taking them on again. Most of my shopping’s going to be done online from now. Some nice and helpful suggestions here.

    1. I’ve been almost exclusively online for a number of years now. I find it so much easier, and I hope our guides have helped many of you with your gift hunting this year.

  16. Those stylish black Henry shoes would really look the part for formal occasions. As we’ve got two daughters I can see my husband wearing those at their weddings when he’ll have to look at his sartorial best.

    The 12 watch case could have been a possibility as he already has 5 watches. I’m reluctant to see him expanding his collection. It’s a very expensive hobby.

  17. After retiring and moving out of the city to the country we’ve discovered 2 things.

    Firstly it’s a lot more hilly round here than we thought and secondly we’re nowhere near as fit as we were.

    Which is really frustrating as we’re missing out on exploring some glorious countryside. His and her E bikes for Christmas could solve our problems.

    1. What really impresses me is the distances you can cover on a single charge nowadays. I haven’t yet made the jump to an e-bike myself yet but, because we live in quite a hilly area, it’s certainly tempting.

  18. Phones do get battered over their lifetime and a stylish pouch is a real winner of an idea. If my girlfriend’s reading this! It would make sense to keep my personal phone in the pouch during the working day and then swap for my business phone in the evening. It might help to bring some work/ life balance.

    1. I’m due a new phone myself because it’s suffered a few minor incidents. The screen is cracked near the forward-facing camera which is particularly annoying, especially for my online banking account that requires me to show my face when I do a transaction. I’ve looked into getting a replacement screen but the cost of a new phone isn’t all that much of a step up from the screen replacement cost…

  19. I’m probably being very naive but can anyone give me any more info on LIFT4.
    I sort of sense that my partner might like it but is there anywhere he could give it a try???

    1. I would contact them directly and ask. They’re sure to have supplied some watersports centres with them, so your partner can try one out for a few hours. I know of a similar product in the UK which you can test at a watersports centre in Wales, so I’m sure the same will be possible in the US…

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