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My name is Jack Evans – a college student, journalist and blogger from Brighton, England. Ever since a young age, I have been fortunate enough to have inherited an insatiable appetite to travel the sensational planet we call home. I specialise in exploring the hidden beauty within the people and their homelands by using emotion to showcase their vibrancy. In the early months of 2020, I have started the Jack Evans Travel Blog, however I would love to write for others too!

Why Kraków is Eastern Europe's new go-to destination

Why Kraków is Eastern Europe’s new go-to destination

Eastern Europe has seen vast abundances of new tourism in the last decade, with the region stepping out of its ex-Soviet shadow to announce itself to the world. With both vivid colour and vibrancy, Europe’s cultured east is the globe’s new extravagant phoenix rising out of the ashes. Eastern Europe is seasoned with brilliance, with […]