Hidden Valley Inn – a Belizean paradise


Hidden Valley Inn is what I imagine a resort in Heaven is like. There’s a reason that celebrities and other people who desire privacy find their way to Hidden Valley. Many of the other properties in the area are in the triple-digit range of acreage. Hidden Valley sits on 7,200 acres. They have the tallest waterfall in Central America, some of the world’s rarest birds, a world-class menu (which is generally only available to guests), and are so sustainability-minded that the whole caboodle is managed by the Hidden Valley Institute and labelled as a Category 6 “Managed Resource” protected area by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Guests at Hidden Valley can use the complimentary 21 speed bikes to go around the over 90 miles of hiking and biking trails (make sure to bring one of the two-way radios that is offered, in case you need a ride back or some landmarks to find your way). 1,000 Foot Falls, the highest waterfall in Central America, is one of the property’s many cascades. Couples on honeymoon might be interested in renting their own waterfall, an amenity I’d never even considered. Guided property tours should also be taken advantage of. My guide, Fredy, was patient and informative. The yoga-inclined have three 25×25 platforms around the property to engage in their practice. The Awat Balam platform is over Tiger Creek Falls.

Within the suites, you’ll find your own patio, complete with a hammock, and self-service tea and coffee. I wish every temperature-reasonable nature resort had outdoor waterfall showers, as they add so much to the experience. At the end of your stay, you can bring coffee home that’s grown on the property. I cannot rave enough about Hidden Valley Inn, as they’ve completed the marriage of nature and luxury. As is obvious from the acreage, no guest will ever be able to be able to experience it all, but to have been there even for a bit is life-changing. I sincerely hope to step foot again there someday.

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