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Katadyn portable water filter

Katadyn water filterIf you’re travels ever take you places where pure water might not be easy to come by, you might want to consider the handy Katadyn portable water filter. This microfilter pumps water through a porous ceramic filter and will not let anything bigger than 0.2 microns pass through, eliminating bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa, algae, spores and sediment. Each cartridge can filter up to 13,000 gallons and, at 10″ high, it’s not exactly pocket-sized, but it’s certainly portable. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Paul Johnson

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  2. Determining the best system is a simple matter of comparing the product’s performance to other alternatives. The performance of a particular water purification system can be easily verified by reviewing its Performance Data Sheet which lists all the contaminants the system is certified to remove and to what degree. The law in California and several other states requires that this information be included as part of the company’s literature as well as the ongoing replacement cartridge cost and that a copy be enclosed with each product. Typically this information will be available on a manufacturer’s web site unless they are not too proud of it. Some manufacturers do not make this information readily available as it allows an easy comparison with other legitimate products.

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