Gourmet food... even at the airport

In a recent article for the Associated Press by Jacob Adelman, it’s been highlighted that, as airlines downsize their menus, luxury hotels are taking dining sky high. Many luxury US hotels are now offering their meals in takeout bags so that you can still enjoy them once outside the confines of the hotel. Here’s an extract from the article, giving an interesting insight.

“I don’t want to be down on the airport, but once you get there, you’re limited to whatever fast food they have,” said Pamela Morris, 32, who travels frequently as special projects director for an economic development council in Colorado.

Morris recently ordered a poached chicken breast pita sandwich with tarragon mayonnaise from the flight food menu of the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City during a business trip to Washington, D.C.

“It was perfect for what we needed it for,” she said. “It was filling and fresh, and it was easy.”

The article also cites the Peninsula Beverly Hills which does a takeout platter of blue fin tuna, poached salmon and Cobb salad, in a nicely presented box for the sum of $20.

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  1. irene says:

    i have to agree i am not always a lover of plane food and don’t always want to risk on a long haul flight having no option other than the often mediocre fayre available. Additionally you can often be quite restricted with what is available at an airport and often it is fast food and not particularly healthy or appetising. invariably i often try and take my own – think this is a great idea and something i will be looking out for.

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