The world's most expensive marmalade

Duerr'sA jam-maker in Manchester, England, has celebrated its 125th anniversary with a marmalade that will set you back £5,000 a jar. F. Duerr & Sons Ltd. has combined the finest Seville fruit with vintage Dalmore 62 whisky from Whyte & Mackay, valued at £32,000 per bottle, Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 1996 vintage Champagne and flakes of 24-carat gold leaf to produce the special marmalade. It is being sold in custom-made crystal jars valued at £1,100.

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  1. Trev says:

    I see they don’t take themselves too seriously as they also offer a special cologne make from selected Spanish Oranges and water from the River Irwell – although at £24.99 it’s not quite as expensive…

    As for the marmalade, I wonder how many they’ve pre-produced when the whiskey is £32K a bottle. Bet that’s not going to be available at the office Christmas party!


  2. […] I’ve documented quite a few expensive foods on A Luxury Travel Blog before, whether it be a £5,000 jar of marmalade, a $5,000 burger, a $1,500 cocktail, a $1,000 sundae, a $90,000 bottle of wine, or a comparatively modestly-priced £85 sandwich. Well, today it’s the turn of the chocolate brownie.  It’s available at Brûlée in Atlantic City’s tropicana quarter and is a very rich chocolate hazelnut brownie topped with genuine gold dust, and served with a $275 shot of rare vintage port wine that is sprayed onto your tongue with a misting atomizer after you take each bite. Click here for a video report. Possibly related posts: […]

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